A legendary warrior, Eoea is the toughest to crack in the entire story. Born in 189 BGC, Eoea is the first to ever talk to the gods in his own time. He lived a childhood in the elfin empire with a family of Erèon Elves. Eoea was raised to understand the elfin religion and to understand the elfin way of life. He attended the Elven Academy of the Gifted. As soon as they found out he was a mortal, he was taken in by a man named Helos VII. Being taken in by the heir of the Damodar kingdom, he became his lifelong friend and served for him from 152 - 109 BGC. He became his most loyal servant after serving in the Elven war and brought the downfall of the Serin rebellion. He became famous, but soon he would lose his wife and family to ionly be forgotten by the people. He finally went away and disappeared for 300 years. It was founded that he imprisoned himself in a spell keeping him under youth for many years, but didn't expect 300 years. After waking up, he heard that his old friend, Helos died 200 years back. Eoea was heartbroken to find that a corrupt heir came into being. He then found out that Terina's brother is still alive and is about the be let free. He then cracks the saddle and rides for Kaet to receive the sword of Eria.

Main weapon: Damodar Broadsword/Sword of Eria

Secondary weapon(s): Daggers, Hammer, Spear

Horse type: Kyren Thunderback horse

Profession: Damodarian Knight



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