There is a whole barrage of characters that serve in the story and very few are main characters. You may have heard of Iscar, but have you heard of Tyanor or Faeru?

Main CharactersEdit

Eoea - The legendary kngiht who served under Helos Damodar VII for 43 years and fought in mythical battles such as The Battle of four swords and participated in terrible events such as the Sarin Massacre.

Iscar - Lord of Iscar village, Iscar is a trained mercenary turned royal. Iscar is most revered for his vast fortune, but hated for his fort Tewanar. He served the king in the assassination of the Elven high royal.

Terina - The Magus for Helos Damodar VII, Terina was sealed up in the gardens of Kaet by Derin, her twin brother. She served by Helos for seventeen years after turning 14. She is high thought of amongst the people.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Magarin - Iscar's youngest brother. Magarin is a blacksmith who worked in the village of Simarin for three years.

Dhestaros - Iscar's eldest brother. He is a Fire magician in the city of Sarin and has been for seventeen years.

Maester Galos - Eoea's mentor and comrade in arms. Galos is what is considered an angel among many religions.

Aluora Highgard V - Terina's cell mate and friend. Aluora is a royal who was given as a sacrifice to Derin, Terina's twin brother.

Neutral CharactersEdit

Farmers - The group encounters five farmers along the way.

Blacksmiths - The group encounters seven along the way.

Innkeepers - The group encounters only two on the way.

Guards - The group encounters 1,900 soldiers throughout the journey.


Derin - An evil sorcerer bent on greed and lust for power. Derin is feared for his awesome power to only be compared to the demon Daroga.

High Prince Reduras Damodar - Next in the line for the throne of Damodar, Reduras is a criminal to his own name. He has commited many acts of tyranny against his country. He is feared throughout the land and is called "Teoa Melos" or black tyrant for his armor.

Daroga - Scourged demon of the gods, Daroga is the most feared of all demons besides Ugara. He is known for killing the god Feros in his sleep.

Supporting AntagonistsEdit

Uile - Demon servant who is the expert at man hunting. He is thought of as a curse to all who dare cross him.

Faeru - A Fallen angel who wants vendetta against Maester Galos. Terrible to his name, Faeru is a ruler of seven armies of Demi-Souls.

Tyanor - A terrible demkon in the service of Derin. Tyanor has no history whatsoever except for the Fulgarian Massacre.

Relas VI - Lord of Relaria, the small city state and is an evil assassin who wishes the fall of Damodar. He has slain the emperor of the holy empire three times.

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