Zeign and Friends

Something was there, beyond the brick wall. My mind couldn't place it; It was almost like Gelatin that sat there beyond the wall. It was a black form, always changing and never constant in volume. It was an entity from another plane or dimension.

"Who wallows in misery across this wall?" It called from beyond, feeling my presence in its circles. I smiled and was happy to answer.

"Jahan Delai VI, who about you?"

"I speak not an Idle tongue as you do, knave! Speak for I speak, answer as I answer. Word for word, breath for breath."

"I take it you're an ancient? What plane did you descend from?" I asked a tension-filled question as I wonder from where he came from. It troubled me that he could talk and that he was Gelatin.

"I come from shadows beyond, from a new existence formed. I came from what is known as 'Chaos', Far beyond what this world can go forth." I heard a sigh and he then said, "But alas, the world has been closed for decades, no return is necessary."

"Then what is the name of your world?"

"No world," he replied. "Only darkness. The pitiful existance of my plane is a disgrace to the beauty of life. Chaos lies with death in heart, while Your existence lies in Life."

"Then you know of Dain?"

"Dain?" He replied, surprised from the mention of the name. "The Witch-man who wrecked the Gate of the Seven Keepers?"

"And Destroyed the Altar of Zion."

"The Fiend!" He cried in anger. The Gelatin changed into a form of a monster, trying to break down the wall. The floor rumbled and the wall shook, but he couldn't break it down. "How can such a monstrous being live in this realm and live? He seeks death!"

"And I seek to destroy him. Have any clue to his location?" The beast calmed down and relaxed while the rumbling stopped.

"He vanished from my realm before I could see the damage, but he destroyed the Temple of Atagah, the God of Evils to appease his own desires. Such evil is derivative of Dain! A Destroyer, a falsifier! A Damned Soul who seeks death!"

"Then maybe you'll clarify where he is?" There was silence for a while, but he finally responded.

"He seeks Homeworld."

"Homeworld?" I was puzzled. I had no clue as to what Homeworld was or where it was. Maybe it was in his existence? I did not know. "Where is Homeworld?"

"I know no further of the world, but I know that he seeks it. Maybe this will help." I heard a rumble that came from the other side, the ground shaking violently. It wasn't until a few moments later when it transferred to my side. As it did, a Hole formed in the flesh of the earth, awakening something powerful. I watched the hole, hoping for something joyous to come out, but instead there was the Gelatin.

"I give you my soul." He held out the palm of his hand. It was a formless light that shined in a circle, but also in a triangle and a square. The light was a brilliance that near blinded me, but the sight was not yet gone. I reached out and picked up the light from his hands, him watching carefully as I took the very life of him away. As it lifted from his hand, he began to melt.

"I thank you!" I exclaimed.

"Remember this: Death walks in the shadow of Man and Beast. Unchanging, Unwilling. Follow death and you follow man and beast. Go forth and shine with this brilliance of life, erase death."

I rushed on away from him to the end of the room, holding the light still in hand. I looked upwards, seeing nothing there besides the rubble of what was a roof. I saw no exit, so I had to make one. I put the light in my pocket and placed my hands on the wall in a circular form. I began moving it in a circular motion for a while and finally, I pushed it inward. I began chanting an ancient language, one I didn't even understand completely, but I chanted for the hope of opening an exit.

I kept pushing as i chanted louder and louder, hoping to open a tunnel in this stone wall. After a long while, I was able to actually push the stone and the chant formed the magic circle in my hands that I had hoped to form. I saw the tree of Heaven reaching for the exit and I followed, crushing the wall in the process. further and further I went as I passed four rooms of the house. I finally broke free and into the streets the stone wall poured me out.

I was excited and jumped for joy as I sprinted to my car on the street. I was prepared to get out of this dump anytime soon, but it wouldn't be long before the Exocutioner finds me here and takes me to Antem City. I was both frightened and excited!

It was nighttime when I finally made my way to Darshuve, castle Zeign. Home of the Duel Lords and the Three Maidens of Death. It was here I found my home, among the endless bloodshed and the tyranny brought by Tannis and Roghen. Who about them? I knew all of them, but they did not know me.

From Distant light I watched Castle Zeign as it glimmered in the moonlight. Bathing in Luminescent glory, the Obsidian castle still was brilliant as ever; breaking light and shadow through rules of men. I smiled as fortune did for me, reaching as far as I have.

Rushing down the hill, I cut the small talk and made way through the dark fog that blinded me. The clouds sank low tonight, meaning cold weather ahead. I hated these conditions as it made my sinuses swell up. It's a terrible condition and I have to open my mouth to breath. From there I made way through some thick brush and finally to the foot of the castle. A tall steep cliff lingered above me as I stared endlessly at the rocks that showed bare.

I suddenly heard a voice in my musing as to how to climb the rocks. "Who fares the land of Darshuve?"

"None but friends! I seek Tannis and Roghen!" I responded kindly to the voice. I thought it was a familiar voice, but I did not know completely. I wondered as I waited for the guard to respond back, about all the things told to me by the gelatin.

Death Unchanging, Unwilling. What could it mean, to go forth and shine with the brilliance of life, erase death? my mind endlessly pondered, unhearing of the world around me. I finally caught a whisper of reality once again as I wandered back to the real world.

"They'll see you now!" The voice called above. I smiled and kneeled down as I readied my symbol. I expected to climb, but invitation seems nice once every while. The symbol set, I laid down my hand on the symbol and chanted. From my chant, I prayed to God to let me understand what's going on. To help me be more knowledgeable.

The stones began to rumble as the spell worked its wonders. I smiled in happiness, feeling joy for my gift. I still remember what my master used to say about the gift of Sorcery: "Like Flowers in Spring, Sorcery is Beautiful in use."

I began to ascend higher and higher until I reached the cliff's edge and saw full view of the enormous size of Castle Zeign. The Obsidian Castle in view, I saw a vast brilliance of Darkness before me. I walked in blindness as I continued on to the castle gates. There I caught a glimpse of two guards at post, watching for strangers. Darshuveans are known for their natural eyesight that can see in the most brilliant light, but they're also known for being ruthless.

"Entrance Permitted?" I asked of them. One guard took a look at my face and instantly I recognized him. It was the same man who called to me off the cliff. My old friend, Taibold.

"Still sharp as ever, Borwyn. How many years?" He extended his hand for a handshake. I reached out to shake his hand, but he pulled me in for a hug. I smiled and hugged as well, seeing how long it's been since we've last seen each other. Borwyn, he called me. My father's name for me.

"Taibold, 13 years! It's been 13 years since my return to the Castle." The Marsh Smell lingered behind us as it became more familiar to me now. I motioned inside, so we departed into the castle to sneak away from the smell.

We finally made it inside when we saw the Dark hallways, seeing how strange brilliance outside can dull the colors inside. He looked at me and said, "Arisha's been kidnapped."

"What? When?"

"A Fortnight ago, but it was by the hands of the Ironclads."

"So the Exocutioner's behind this? What have the priests to say?"

"They warned us," he said spookily. He lynched towards me as he walked slowly, ever so creepy. "That if she did not return, everything would be destroyed."

"Is it Dain's doings? Is he ordering the Exocutioner to do so?"

"I fear not. Dain hasn't been contacted in over Two Months now with any of them. Almost as if he vanished into thin air."

"Know where he might be?"

He shrugged his shoulders and responded, "The priests keep saying he went to a world beyond this one, a world called-"

"Homeworld?" I finished for him. He looked surprised at my reaction. I grinned as he tried to figure out how I knew.

"You knew already?"

I nodded. "I was revealed where he is, but I know only so little about Homeworld."

"Is this what you need to talk to them about?"

"Yes." I nodded.

He pointed to the door at the end of the hall and said, "They're in there."

"Thanks." I was grateful for him. I walked on down the hall in a hurry to meet with the Two Lords. I rushed right into the room and ignored the customs of Darshuve just to confront them. They rose from their thrones to look over their black room as it turned from static to moving.

"My Lords! I bring news of Dain!" They looked at me with suspicion. Tannis Spoke.

"That he resides on Homeworld? We know. What we don't know is where is Homeworld."

"I believe the priests may know."

"How so?"

"They have secrets sworn to their brotherhood, they certainly can know about Homeworld." He was interested by my knowledge of the Priesthood, seeing how I am a sorcerer in the Courts of Zeign. He smiled and whispered faintly in his brother's Ear. Roghen was interested in what he had to say and smiled as well, which rose my suspicion.

Tannis turned back to face me again. He spoke in a soft commanding voice that echoed so slowly in the hall forcing the words into my ears that form as, "Massacre."


The sky was bright when we boarded the 6:00 train that departed for Antem, carrying the Witch in the bag. End and I were both happy with the fact that we're going home again. We had gone all the way to Hell and back just to find this girl and it sort of spooked us too much that the Exocutioner ordered for her to be captured.

I had to be content with this anyways. The mountainside passed by in a flash as the dry rocks showed sign of the desert, home of Antem.

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