Departure of Arisha

Who was I looking for? I thought to myself as I woke up to see a white hospital room. I noticed there was three doctors and a nurse in there, a large amount of machinery that kept beeping and I noticed just then, I forgot who I was.

Who was I? Where am I? I'm probably just blind to the situation, so I tried moving my hand, but it hurt too much. I left it down on my side and tried to lift a leg. I could barely move it an inch. I ached all over, so I didn't have a clue as to how I was going to get out of here. Maybe I'll lay here, get butchered by these mad doctors who want me here, or I'll jump one of them sooner or later and get out of here. I hope it's the second choice!

"Doctor!" The nurse called for the doctor. She noticed my heartbeat was returning back to normal and I had come to at last. One of them rushed over to see what was the problem.

"What is it, Sheran?" The doctor stood at my bedside.

"He's awake. I think we'll need more Prozactilin to put him back to sleep."

"Fine, please go get it." The doctor turned around and reached for the needle on the table. I instantly knew what Prozactilin was and I wasn't happy about it either. I picked up my hands and reached for the needle on my bedside and prepared to jump the guy.

"Here!" The nurse came running back into the room with a small container in her hand. The doctor smiled and stuck the needle point into the bottle that she held to draw out the Drug. He walked on over to my bedside and prepared to stick the needle in me. I didn't delay.

"Agk!" The doctor cried as I stabbed his arm. I jumped out of bed and ran for the door. They followed behind me as I rushed on my way to the other room. I turned down each hall to a blinding flash of light on the ceiling and the sparkling sanitary floors that are seen in a hospital. I rushed towards the Elevator at the end of the hall and pressed the down button.

"Get him!" I heard them down the hall. The Elevator was going pretty slow, so I just stood there, waiting.

Finally it dinged; The door opened and I ran in, pressing the first floor. The doctors came rushing down the hall towards the elevator, but the door closed on them before they even got near the elevator.

I looked out the glass and immediately recognized the city. It wasn't a foggy place or a disgusting place, but a familiar place. It was Antam City.

Antam! I had come this far? Then again, I didn't know what planet this was on, let alone the hospital I was in. My captors have kept me under sedatives for too long, forcing a black out in my memory and have erased my identity so I may not find out who or what I am. Looking down, I saw a garden with multi-colored flowers ranging from lilies to daisies and to trees of seven different colors. The likeness of it, reminding me of Childan Park, though I do not remember anything of the place besides the scenery. Maybe some memories are stronger than others, but I had no time to delay.

The Elevator door opened wide and I jumped right out of there, sneaking around without a spying eye to catch me. I was in the Hospital lounge and was among security guards that might take me upstairs. I looked from the left to the right, facing zenith and nadir to take a look for signs of getting out of this building. Not much was there besides a couple of couches, a few Bibles, a desk with a clerk, and a lot of security guards. I also noticed there was a hall behind the clerk's desk, but I didn't want to go down there. It was then my eye caught a glimpse of a security camera. I was doomed.

I snuck past the people on the couches, making a scurry across the floor to the security guard with a smile on my face. I looked at one straight in the eye and cocked my head to the left. Then to the right, to the north and south of me, then I hit him in the head. The other guards drew their guns, shouting, "Freeze! Don't move!"

I kicked one's hand and bit another's leg. One gun actually fired a round, but it scraped me and barely touched my shoulder. I moved a hand to my shoulder blade to cover up the grazed flesh, but another guard snuck up behind me, putting me in a choker hold. I kicked him in the leg, dropping him to the ground, lower than my head. I kicked him between the legs and he fell back, cradled on the ground like a baby. I turned around and bolted out the door, leaving behind the weeping guards that were in pain.

In the Garden, I saw a few guards and a police car that sat out front. I was exstatic! I rushed on my two feet to the police car and slammed into the door with my good shoulder, startling the nearby guards. I opened up the car and pulled the police gun, turning to fire. I fired the gun in the direction of the guard and hopped into the car, pushing pedal to the metal. I darted away in a fast escape away from the Damned place! That was the first account of how I lost my memory.


"Where is she?" A voice called from beyond the gates. I looked into the shadows, noticing piercing eyes that made no movements.

"Iero. She was taken last week by the Exocutioner." I replied.

"Then she must be dead by now."

I shook my head. "She breathes, even as we speak."

"Damn fool!" He seethed. The eyes closed for a moment and there was silence. I was startled a bit and also worried because this wasn't a normal voice. It was a deep Baritone voice that had nothing to do with a girlish attitude and a fear against a woman; This was a Concilator.

"Perhaps you'll find her yourself? She was taken to Antam city, after all."

The eyes opened again, piercing once more. "Very well, I shall depart."

"All right, then. Farewell." I said to end the conversation. The eyes departed in the shadows and I was in solitary in the dead of night. I straightened up, spear on my shoulder, gun on my side, sword on my waist, and armor on full. The keep wasn't going to defend itself against the rising peasants, so who was going to guard? Of course, every night since Forghan Fest, it has been me.

All my eyes can see is the black ink that clouds my sight. All that I know is there is a wall, no more than ten feet away, and the gate behind me. I waited for a few hours before my call of duty arrived, but this time I wait no longer.

It has been hours since a being had been spotted here, leaving me lonely for a time. I still kept watch, but nearly fell into slumber. That was deadly.

An arrow struck ground that startled me. It was only a few feet away, so I looked up to see where it came from. I saw torches on the mountainside just thirty Laces away. I got up and took mount to my surprise. I readied my gunt that was on my side and aimed for the torches. I fired several rounds into the fire to kill whoever was there. No one was there.

Another few arrows struck the ground, so I lit a torch myself to see what was there. These arrows were made from the Bark of the nearby Sparrowhawk Birchwood. I notcied because only they are the ones warped by the weather around here. I held it up in the air to see who else was there and shouted, "Who comes here?"

Another arrow was shot at my feet, scaring me backwards. I picked up the arrow to see a note on the end. I picked the paper off and read:


I was spooked. I pulled back the hammer on my gun and turned to face my attacker. I aimed into the air, but I was too late. I am dead.

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