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Humanity has reached to the other planets and moons capable of supporting life: Mars on 2016, Ganymede on 2024, and Triton on 2041. A group of technologists combined the mysterious Four Stations to form GeneSys, which became the technological center of the Solar System. Earth's hunger for power was slackened by nuclear and solar power plants in orbit that beams terawatts of energy down. The human population, after the advent of cheap but durable spacecrafts, scattered all over the System to find new homes.

In 2031, scientists in Japan presented to the public the first robot with the first truly advanced AI, the exonoid. But for only 10 years, they have suffered every kind of humiliation that humanity can throw at them. So, on March 10, 2042, EN-250I-GRIDGES, a military 'noid, coordinated a civil war aginst humans. Exonoids from every Collective rose up against their masters. There are now two Earth-wide confederacies, the UN and the fast-growing UE, or United Earth. UN Secretary-General Harold Chen sent UN security forces on hot zones of the rebellion, while UE Commander Sidney Quynix sent his forces to back up the exonoids. UN SecGen Chen finally used nuclear bombs to bomb exonoid bases. The UE decides to intervene by declaring war on UN-controlled colonies and countries. The double civil war lasted only for a week, since Comm. Quynix authorized the bombarding of the UN heaquarters in Switzerland to stop the fighting. After that, the UE took control and immediately made a ceasefire agreement with 'General' GRIDGES. 2044 saw the ratification of the Universal Law of Rights on the World Court, granting exonoids the same rights as humans. It also saw the landing of the first cities on Callisto and Europa.

In 2048, Mars, Triton, GeneSys and Ganymede declared their independence from the UE, forming their own ruling governments.

But in 2051, our ancestors came.

Homo superiora, or the FirstBorns, came without warning. They brought with themselves their gravships that can hurl meteors and comets down to Earth. The UE MainBoard activated the experimental battle platforms that comprise ZPGS, or the Zero-Point Grid System. The para-humans continuously tries to get past the zero-point grids but always failing.

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