Please do not edit this work. 2024, Cyberwarfare has gone out of hand. Iran's electrical grid has completely shut down. Japan and Russia have formed alliances and are working to destroy China's electrical grid. Twice calls have been intercepted on their way to Spain calling for help from China. We've lost two entire teams of flashers and detected millions of bugs in the Pentagons system. Nowhere is safe anymore. I've decided to shut down the Pentagon.


The President.

Chapter 1Edit

"Good Morning Anthony! Are you ready for another exciting day at the Pentagon research facility," beeped the alarm clock. Anthony gets up and stretches his arms.

"Mornin'," he mumbles. He slouches off of his bed in his apartment at 1709 Highstreet blvd. He walks downstairs and turns on the Radio. The news wasn't that interesting any more. With the constant fear of bugs spying out too much information, the senate shut down all news stations that told news on government. All you could hear on the news now was gossip and gameshows and even some of the gameshows were cancelled.

"Good morning America!" said the cheery lady on the radio, "First we have Phil to Fill us up on last nights lottery numbers."

"Thank you Melanie," said the deep voice of Philip Smith, "For the Mega Million numbers we have five, six, two, twelve, forty..."

Anthony tuned out on what Philip was saying. He saw his room-mate Ezekiel walk over, "Uhh, how can you stand listening to this guy drone on and on about so many unimportant ideas." says Ezekiel.

"I can't," replies Anthony.

"News is so boring these days. I miss NPR," sighs Ezekiel. Then, Anthony's secret phone rings. RING!

"Hello," asks Anthony.

"This is the President. Mr.McGonahan, We would like to inform you that we are shutting down the pentagon organisation and all of it's bureaus," says the President nonchalantly.

Anthony reels back in panic and begins to respond, "But, Mr.President that would put hundreds of people out of jobs."

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