Cthulhu is weird. Cthulhu is evil, he’s like an octopus the size of a mountain. They say Cthulhu is dead. Perhaps Cthulhu is alive and dreaming. Cthulhu can’t live now because the stars aren’t right. The giant Cthulhu sleeps. Cthulhu has something to do with Hastur and isn’t quite safe. Even when Cthulhu is inert and sleeping somehow he does things to our earth, or perhaps he doesn’t, or perhaps his followers do, or perhaps a parallel world affects us.

British Druids await King Arthur and the Wizard Merlin. Jews await Elijah and Christians expect the second coming of Jesus which will bring good things for some and terrible judgement for others. Later Cthulhu will come back and Cthulhu will do powerful things. The followers of Cthulhu are waiting for him and hoping or fearing. When Cthulhu returns there could be terror and destruction.

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