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Crazy Dude franchise
Crazy Dude
Gross Revenue: Crazy Dude films:

Last Breath series:
907,930,810,931 USD

The Crazy Dude franchise is a not popular series, but has two films and a upcoming Crazy Dude film.

Films Edit

Beasts Edit

Bat Beast Edit

  1. Bat Beast (1980)
  2. Bat Beast 2 (1990)
  3. Bat Beast 3 (1999)
  4. Bat Beast IV (2002)
  5. Bat Beast V (2009)
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Films: Crazy Dude (1991)Crazy Dude 2 (1996)Crazy Dude III (2010)
Video games: Crazy Dude The Video Game (1992)Crazy Dude Mortal Kombat Style (1995)Crazy Dude Fight for Survival (1998)Crazy Dude 2 The Video Game (2001)Crazy Dude Alive and Well(2004)Crazy Dude Lives on (2007)
Versus trilogy: Crazy Dude Vs. Death (1992)Crazy Dude Vs. MechaGoliath (1993)Crazy Dude Vs. The 300 (1994)
MechaGoliath series: MechaGoliath (1985)MechaGoliath (1990)Crazy Dude Vs. MechaGoliath (1993)MechaGoliath 3 (1997)MechaGoliath IV (2000)
Mortal Kombat style: Crazy Dude Mortal Kombat Style (1995)Crazy Dude (1999)Crazy Dude (2000)
Last Breath series:
Other: Crazy Dude(Novel; 2000)Crazy Dude (Novel; 2003)

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