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Corilynn "Cori" Rose Woods (born: October 30, 1989, Coon Rapids, Minnesota) is an American actress, film producer, film director, film writer, book writer, and musician living in Minnesota currently and has a pretty successful career. She the best friend of Erik Frillery. She is the daughter of Chris Woods of Defying Your Masters.

She was raised as a Catholic, but became a Christian and knows a lot of things about Catholicism and Lutheranism. She has studied Christianity and became best-known for her book series, The Life Knowledge series.

She began acting when she was fourteen. She became a musician when she was fifteen. She became a director, book writer, and film producer when she was seventeen and became a film writer at eighteen and she has will be writing and staring in an upcoming horror film with Erik Frillery, 8 Dead, 9 If You Count the Fetus the sequel to Paraphilia (2007) and See You Next Tuesday (2006). She started up films in 2005 with the 2005 horror film, Broken Bones, in 2006, the action-thriller, Bring On the Blood, in 2007, the action epic film, The Courageous Man, in 2008, the horror sequel to Hell-bent (1973), Hell-bent II (1978), Hell-bent III (1985), and Hell-bent IV (1989), Hell-bent V, which was the most successful film in the series.

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Spellbreakers series Edit

  1. Spellbreakers (2006, film adaptation in 2010)
  2. Spellbreakers II: Harboring the Darkness (2006)
  3. Spellbreakers III: The Fallen One (2007)
  4. Spellbreakers IV: Son of the Fallen One (2007)
  5. Spellbreakers V: Bring the Demons (2008)
  6. Spellbreakers VI: Your Dark Side (2008)
  7. Spellbreakers VII: The Evil Returned (2009)
  8. Spellbreakers VIII: The Occult (2010)

Minds of Knowledge trilogy Edit

The Life of Knowledge series Edit

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