Continuing the Dream

(Previously on Xiaolin Showdown.)

Dojo: The Emerald of Samapara, whoever uses it can transport his or herself to the Dream Land, a mystical land that has been sealed for 1500 years.

Hannibal: Ahahaha, say goodbye, Emerald of Samapara!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

Kimiko: No, no, no! This is my entire fault. Because of me Raimundo's trapped!

Omi: Remember Kimiko we still need to find the Garnet of Samapara.

Empress: Welcome Raimundo Pedrosa. I am Samapara, Empress of Dreams. Raimundo, there's only one way out of here to help your friends, and that's by using the Garnet of Samapara.

All: Emerald of Samapara!

Samapara: Raimundo came here to seek a way out, as you know the only way out was the Garnet of Samapara. Raimundo was successful in bringing the Garnet here, but he got captured by the Emperor of Nightmares before he got the chance to escape himself.

Kimiko: We have to find him!

Omi: Everyone hang on! Serpent's Tail!

Kimiko: Raimundo!

Hannibal: When we get the Garnet of Samapara, we can get to the real world, and with all four Wudai Warriors gone, nothing can stand in our way of world domination!

Emperor: If I cannot get out of this world then I will get out by force!

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

Samapara: You are all heroes to the Dream Land. You have brought to it eternal peace.

Raimundo: So how about it? Want to come to the real world and carry on your life?

Samapara: Ok, I’ll do it! Ring of the Nine Dragons.

Raimundo: I was thinking, do you think it's safe for Samapara in the Dream Land, after that Emperor swore revenge?

Emperor: Arrrrgh! Samapara, you have not seen the last of me!

Three Months Later

(At the Xiaolin Temple, Dojo has sensed a new Shen Gong Wu and is showing them what Shen Gong Wu it is.)

Dojo: The Dimension Coin, a tricky little Wu that can transport the user onto the flip side of that world. Quite creepy, by the way.

Raimundo: Then what are we standing around here for, like a bunch of brainless zombies? Let's get it!

(Dojo re-sized and transported them to a large mountaintop. The others spread out to find the Shen Gong Wu, until they seen Hannibal Bean perched on his trusty Ying-Ying Bird holding the Dimension Coin.)

Omi: Hannibal Bean! Drop the Dimension Coin, or suffer a humiliating defeat!

Hannibal: What'cha gonna do? Whack me with that bowling ball head of yours? Ahahahahaha!

Clay: Hey, you insult the lil' partner, you're insulting the rest of us!

Raimundo: Even though we don't have bowling ball heads.

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(Hannibal simply raised his hand and stopped the icicle blasts and re-directed it back at them.)

Kimiko: Ugh, time to turn up the heat! Wudai Mars Fire!

(She melted the ice before it could hit anyone.)

Hannibal: You got spunk, for a girl!

Kimiko: WHAT?

(Then someone came out of nowhere and started thrashing Hannibal and took the Dimension Coin. Leaving Hannibal beat up. The mysterious figure was Samapara.)

All: Samapara?

Samapara: Yeah, I wouldn't miss a chance to beat up bean-boy for the world. Especially when he made fun of girls! And I believe this is yours? (Showing them the Dimension Coin.)

Raimundo: I guess so.

Kimiko: Thanks Samapara.

Clay: Much obliged.

Omi: I cannot believe it has only been three months since we first met.

Raimundo: And she's kicking evil-butt.

Samapara: Uh-huh. Well you guys did save me from the Dream Land, so how can I not be your friends?

Clay: Good point. Hey wanna lift back ter Master Monk Guan's? Ah wouldn't climb down that mountain for a piece er mah favorite lamb chop.

Samapara: It's okay, cowboy. I got it under control. I still have my magic that'll take me back easy.

(She glowed bright yellow and vanished. Leaving the Warriors bewildered.)

Kimiko: It's a good thing she's on our side.

(As the Warriors flew off, Hannibal regained consciousness.)

Hannibal: Ugh, Argh. Floozy Samapara! She was much better off when she was still in the Dream Land. Grr. Maybe sealing Raimundo was a bad idea. But I also have another idea. One that will shake the very foundations of the Warriors quest! Ahahahahahahaha!

(Back at the Temple, the Warriors present the Dimension Coin to Master Fung.)

Master Fung: A most excellent job, young ones. If this Shen gong Wu were ever to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences will be extreme.

Clay: How bad? Like mouse in a kitchen bad, or match in an oil factory?

Master Fung: Allow me to explain. The flip side to our world is the complete opposite of ours. Example, Omi you would be evil.

Omi: What? But, I’m not evil! I'm good.

Master Fung: We are well aware of that. But your opposite self is 100 percent evil, just as you are 100 percent good. And whatever happens in this world, will happen in the other.

Raimundo: And I take it the same goes for the flip world, that if it changes, this world will change?

Master Fung: Precisely, Raimundo. Think if the forces of evil can meddle with your opposite selves, they will change you completely.

Kimiko: And I don't wanna think what my opposite self is like. If they change I’ll become them.

Clay: So we just gotta make sure the snakes don't get their rattles on the Dimension Coin?

Master Fung: Yes, this will be your challenge. If you fail, you might become evil for eternity.

Omi: I realize what you are saying. And I promise you we will guard the Dimension Coin with our lives.

Raimundo: Yeah, otherwise Omi gets slashing-Heylin warrior style again.

Kimiko: Which is enough for one lifetime.

(Omi took the Dimension Coin and put it into the Vault. And then reunites with his friends to another training course. Only to find a small fly bugging them before they start.)

Raimundo: Ack, back off fly-boy!

(Kimiko jumped up and kicked it right away, it weakly flew off.)

Kimiko: That's how to take care of flies, Rai.

Raimundo: You think you can teach me that sometime?

(But the fly was weakly flying over to the vault. And once it found a place to rest.)

Fly: Moby Morpher!

(The fly transformed into Hannibal Bean.)

Hannibal: Ugh, that hurt. Ah knew girls lacked upper body strength, but I didn't know 'bout their lower. Anyways down ter business. With the Shen Gong Wu a'm about ter steal, both worlds will feel my wrath! Ahahahahahahahaha!

(The Warriors were resting however. Since they were fighting themselves, and appear to be equally matched.)

Raimundo: (Pant.) I knew you were good Kimiko, but you're excellent when it comes to kicking my butt.

Master Fung: I hoped this proved a valuable lesson.

Omi: We should be prepared to fight even our best friends?

Master Fung: Close enough, Omi. A mighty lion doesn't always strike his prey, but for those wanting it's prey.

Raimundo: Translation.

Kimiko: Maybe, Master Fung is trying to tell us, one of us might betray the rest.

Master Fung: That may be correct.

Raimundo: But who? I know I won't.

Clay: Maybe it's not one of us, but someone close to us.

Kimiko: I can't imagine someone like Master Monk Guan turning to the dark side.

(But then Dojo rushed in at a high speed.)

Omi: Dojo, why are you running so very swiftly?

Dojo: Because, there's trouble. And it's match in an oil factory Clay.

Kimiko: What is it?

Dojo: It's Samapara! She's come to the Temple and needs your help. It's urgent!

Warriors: Samapara?

(They quickly ran to the gates to see Samapara's face filled with worry.)

Raimundo: What's up?

Samapara: It's Hannibal, he's gone into the Dream Land, and I fear he might have a plan more evil than last.

(Kimiko pondered a second, raised her head, opened her mouth and took flight over to the vault. The others running in her wake. Kimiko swiftly checked all the Shen Gong Wu, until she came to the last three, they were missing.)

Kimiko: This is not...good!

Clay: What Wu are missing, little lady?

Kimiko: The Rio Reverso.

Omi: Is that it?

Kimiko: The Mechanic Kaiser.

Raimundo: Now it's getting bad.

Kimiko: And...the Dimension Coin.

Raimundo: Oh no! I bet he's planning to turn one of us evil!

Clay: But why the Rio Reverso and the Mechanic Kaiser? All he needed was the Dimension Coin.

Kimiko: Who knows? All I’m thinking of is... why is he going into the Dream Land and using the Dimension Coin and not in this world?

Samapara: Because, that is where my flip self is, your flip side was evil, so you never saved me.

Omi: So you are saying that Hannibal is going

(Samapara nodded slowly.)

Clay: That no good snake in the grass.

Kimiko: But how can we stop the fruit boy? He took the Dimension Coin into the flip Dream Land, and we can't get to the flip Dream Land without it.

Samapara: I can help.

Clay: How?

Samapara: (giggle) I'm ruler of the Dream Land. I think I’m perfectly capable of going to it's flip side.

Omi: So we are go to good.

Kimiko: Good to go.

Samapara: I believe so; luckily we still have the Emerald and Garnet of Samapara. So we can enter and leave the Dream Land once the job is done.

Raimundo: So what are we waiting for? Kimiko, get the Emerald and the Garnet, please.

(She pulled out the two Shen gong Wu and presented them to Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Everybody hold on! Emerald of Samapara!

(In the normal Dream Land, Hannibal was standing in the Emperor of Nightmare's castle.)

Hannibal: I think it's high time I bring you back! Rio Reverso!

(The blast hit the entire place and started gathering itself, and when it was over, the Emperor of Nightmares returned.)

Emperor: Hahahahahaha! Free at last!

(At Samapara's castle, the Warriors entered through the Emerald.)

Kimiko: (Groan.) Never again!

Raimundo: Okay, Samapara. What's your plan?

Samapara: Simple, we prevent Hannibal turning my flip self to good. Since she's evil, she'll probably do anything they tell her, so we need to give her a false warning about Hannibal.

Omi: But your flip side is evil, she will not listen to us.

(But Dojo then slipped out of Omi's robes.)

Dojo: Ah, ah, ah. If we can't let her listen. We protect her from whatever Hannibal Bean has in store.

Kimiko: How?

Dojo: The Sphere of Yun.

Raimundo: Of course, they won't be able to do anything since she'll be incased.

Raimundo: So what now? How can you get us to the flip Dream Land?

Samapara: Grab my arm. And hold on tight.

(They did just that, she closed her eyes and all of them started glowing. And in an instant, it felt like they were thrown into a portal. It was hard for them to hold on to Samapara. Then they crashed, on something soft. All except for Samapara, who glided elegantly to the soft crash spot.)

Clay: (Groan.) That ride was more faster than a bull-rider running from a bull.

Raimundo: And how come we landed softly? Huh?

(Raimundo inspected the ground, but it turned out to be nothing but cloud. The others noticed this too.)

Samapara: You ain't seen nothing yet. Take a look. (Pointing beyond a hill of clouds.)

(They climbed to the top of the cloud hill only to see a vast sea of light purple clouds. The Warriors were entranced by this.)

Raimundo: Whoa!

Kimiko: (Whispering.) Beautiful.

Omi: I have never seen anything like it.

Clay: It makes Texas look like a barren wasteland.

(Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo knocked out of their entrancement and stared at Clay.)

Clay: What?

Samapara: Yes, it's beautiful. But if we don't hurry. It won't be as beautiful as it is now.

Raimundo: So where is your flip self?

(She pointed to a dark castle, over the sea of clouds.)

Kimiko: Wait, that looks exactly like...

Samapara: Yes, that is the Emperor of Nightmares castle. But in this world, it's my flip self's.

Omi: Then that means the Emperor’s flip self is in your flip castle?

Samapara: Yes.

Raimundo: 'Kay, can we knock the flip talk off, I’m getting flippy here.

Samapara: Okay, I will go to my flip side's castle. You stay here.

Warriors: What?

Omi: We cannot allow you to take on your evil self and Hannibal Bean.

Samapara: I'll be fine.

Kimiko: Here. (Giving her the Star Hanabi.) If you get into any trouble, fire three fireballs into the sky, and we'll come running.

Samapara: Thanks. Oh, you might want to go to my castle, and say hi to the Emperor of Dreams.

Raimundo: Two imperial dream makers. And two imperial nightmare makers. What a world.

(Then Samapara made her way to the dark castle, while Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay went to the Emperor of Dream's Castle.)

Omi: This world is so much different from the other Dream Land.

Raimundo: Yeah, like you can float to your destination instead of walking.

(They floated instead of walked to the Emperor’s Castle. Then they floated to the gates only to be greeted by a small light, mainly Dashi.)

Dashi: Who are you to walk into the Sacred Castle of the Emperor of Dreams?

Raimundo: Oh, not this candle again. Er... hi it's us. Remember me, Raimundo?

Dashi: Raimundo? That name has no recognition to me.

Kimiko: Rai, this is the flip side of Dashi. Our Dashi and that Dashi are two different light bulbs.

Raimundo: Oh right. Okay little guy, I’m Raimundo, this is Omi, that's Kimiko, he's Clay, and the little dragon is Dojo.

Omi: It is a pleasure to meet you flip Dashi.

Kimiko: Hiya.

Clay: Howdy.

Dojo: And that's mystical dragon.

Dashi: And why do you come to this sacred realm?

Raimundo: Er... to help out a friend and we need the help of the Emperor.

Dashi: Hm...okay. But first your gonna have to prove your worthy.

Raimundo: Okay, bring it on.

(Dashi lead them inside the gates to a courtyard. Then same as last time two big rock golems appeared from nowhere.)

Dashi: To test your worthy, you must test your strength.

Raimundo: No problem, I beat those rock things single-handed.

Clay: When'd you fight these critters?

Raimundo: When I first got into the Dream Land. Leave it to me.

Omi: And me.

(Kimiko, Clay and Dojo stepped back. Omi and Raimundo stepped forward to face the golems.)

Raimundo: You take one, I take the other got it.

Omi: Yes, this will be most easy.

Raimundo: Ho ho. I wouldn't count on that.

(They both jumped up to face the golems, and pulled out their signature Shen Gong Wu.)

Omi: Orb of Tornami Ice!

(He froze his golem and smashed it.)

Raimundo: Sword of the Storm!

(The golem got blown off it's feet and crumbled at the collision of the wall behind it. Omi and Raimundo gave a hi-5.)

Dashi: Amazing, you were the first ones ever to defeat those golems. But don't get too cocky.

(Another golem came, one that was ten times bigger than the last two combined. Raimundo's mouth dropped.)

Omi: Kimiko, Clay. I believe we need your assistance.

Clay: Leave this bronco ter me.

Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo: What?

Clay: This bronco's mah element, let's see what ah cin do.

Raimundo: But Clay, even I didn't face this big guy.

Clay: All the more reason ter fight.

Raimundo: Oh alright. But if you're one second away from getting beat, we're jumping in!

Clay: Much obliged.

(Clay stepped forward to the rock giant. It gave a huge swing at Clay, but it narrowly missed him, then it smashed the ground causing shockwaves that made the others fell. But Clay then jumped up on top of the giant's neck.)

Clay: Yeehaw, ride 'em cowboy.

(The giant attempted to smash Clay, but he jumped up, making the giant smash itself.)

Clay: Time ter finish yer off. Longhorn Taurus, Big Bang Meteorang Earth!

(He span his Wudai Weapon all over the giant and caught it. When it was over the giant crumbled into tiny pieces. The others jumped to congratulate him.)

Dashi: Amazing, but the test still isn't over.

(Out of the sky, came a huge fire demon, with wings. It roared in front of the Warriors.)

Raimundo: Whoa! I thought Clay needed a breath mint.

(Kimiko's eyes glinted, she gave a little smile.)

Kimiko: This guy's all mine!

Raimundo: What? One, this thing is a hundred times bigger and stronger than you. Two, this guys fire powers would obliterate your own.

Kimiko: Thanks for your concern, Rai. But you, Omi and Clay had your share of the fun. Now it's my turn.

(Raimundo stepped back.)

Raimundo: (Whispering to Omi.) Have the fire fighters on standby.

(Omi chuckled. Kimiko sighed and was ready to fight. The demon then breathed fire towards her.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire.

(She caught the blasts, span around and fired it back at him, which caused it to disintegrate. The others had their mouths open wide. Kimiko then gave a short curtsey to the others.)

Kimiko: You were saying, Rai?

Raimundo: I was... saying er... have fun kicking his butt.

(He gave a big fake smile. Kimiko giggled.)

Dashi: Brilliant, simply brilliant. You guys are the first ever team to defeat all four of my tests. Therefore, by rules made by the Emperor himself. I must take you to him.

(They lead them up the everlasting staircases. Once they reached the throne room, they were gob smacked. As the Emperor of Nightmares was there, except he had brown hair, not black. And he had brown eyes and not red. And furthermore, he didn't wear a black suit of armor, but instead a blue robe.)

Dashi: Emperor, these four have defeated your tests, in accordance to section B paragraph 4 of the Dream Law.

G. Emperor: Magnificent, it has been a millennium and a half since anyone has done that. Please, please sit down my powerful guests.

(He waved a hand and out came four chairs. The Warriors took their place on them.)

G. Emperor: So, my young guests. What can the Emperor of Dreams do for you?

Omi: We require your help.

G. Emperor: Help? For what?

(Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay explained their story, everything from their first visit to the Dream Land, to Samapara asking them to help stop Hannibal Bean.)

G. Emperor: My, my. I thought the tale of that meddlesome Bean was only folklore, but he has entered my realm you say?

Kimiko: Yeah, and he's trying to turn our Samapara evil, by getting to your Samapara.

G. Emperor: Samapara in this world is an evil witch. If Hannibal Bean gets to my Samapara, then your world will be doomed. The only way to stop Hannibal Bean's plot is to destroy my Samapara.

Clay: But like you said, she's an evil witch, how can we stop him?

G. Emperor: I believe your Samapara is going to confront my Samapara, correct?

Raimundo: Yeah, if she gets into trouble she'll light the sky with three fireballs.

G. Emperor: Three fireballs you say, young man?

Raimundo: Yeah, with the Star Hanabi Shen Gong Wu.

G. Emperor: This is most grievous.

Omi: What do you mean?

G. Emperor: Three fireballs lit the sky ten minutes before I met you.

Warriors: WHAT?

G. Emperor: Your Samapara is in danger.

Raimundo: That stupid test! That distracted us.

Dashi: Don't look at me; I was only doing my job.

Kimiko: We have to go in there and save her!

G. Emperor: Yes, I will accompany you. And I have a teleportation device that can lead us to the central part of the evil witch's castle. Are you ready?

(They all nodded apart from Raimundo, who was staring at the foot of Evil Samapara's castle.)

Kimiko: Eh, Rai. When the Good Emperor says are you ready, that's your cue to nod!

Raimundo: Shhh, Dojo, Falcon's Eye please!

Dojo: (Handing over the Falcon's Eye) What in the Dream Land for?

Raimundo: Falcon's Eye!

(He peered through the Shen Gong Wu to find a person lying there, he could not believe it. It was the Good Samapara.)

Raimundo: Samapara's down there! We need to get her!

G. Emperor: We could take my portal to her. Quickly now.

(He tore up a portal which they all climbed in. Samapara approached the castle, only to see tough looking guards at the gates.)

Samapara: Hm, old habits die hard. I can get past that.

(She turned into light and traveled past them, and into the castle itself. She raced past all the corridors, all the stairwells and all the guards. Eventually, she came across a huge door; she suspected would be the throne room.)

Samapara: Got nothing to lose.

(She went inside and there she was the evil side to her. She noticed her right away.)

B. Samapara: Who dares enter my domain?

G. Samapara: It is I. Samapara, Empress of Dreams.

B. Samapara: Samapara? You dare steal the name of me?

G. Samapara: No, no. I am you, from a different world. I have come with a warning.

B. Samapara: What warning do you speak of?

(Good Samapara explained everything the Warriors explained to the Good Emperor.)

G. Samapara: So, Hannibal Roy Bean plans to turn you good, in the hopes of turning me evil.

(Bad Samapara gave a snigger.)

B. Samapara: Why does he want to turn me good?

G. Samapara: I told you to turn me to the Dark Side.

(She sniggered deeply again.)

B. Samapara: My dear sweet pure child. I KNOW what Hannibal is plotting and you got it wrong. A good guess, I’ll give you that, but wrong!

G. Samapara: (Confused) What!

B. Samapara: Do you want to know what Hannibal is planning?

(She snapped her fingers, the door slammed shut, and then Good Samapara heard metallic footsteps. And from two both sides of her came four silver, metal human-like machines.)

G. Samapara: What are they!

B. Samapara: These are what we plan for world domination!

G. Samapara: We!

(Then she heard a voice which was undoubtly Hannibal's.)

Hannibal: She means with me...

(Then she heard another voice, which she was shocked to discover who it was.)

Voice: And me!

G. Samapara: No, it can't be! We destroyed you!

Voice: Hannibal revived me with the Rio Reverso! Now, the Emperor of Nightmares has returned!

Hannibal: And once the Mechanic Kaiser has built enough of my genius inventions, both worlds will be controlled by us! Ahahahahahaha!

(Good Samapara ran to the nearest window, and crashed through it, the evil trio didn't go after her.)

G. Samapara: Star Hanabi!

(She shot three fireballs in the sky and all three of them exploded in the air. Leaving her to fall. The Warriors arrived at the foot of Evil Samapara's castle, their to see the Good Samapara, severely wounded.)

Omi: Samapara, please wake up! Wudai Neptune...

(He was stopped by the Good Emperor.)

G. Emperor: Allow me to use my magic to heal her. She has fallen pretty badly.

(He bent over and put his hand on her neck, and she started glowing bright green. Then she regained consciousness.)

Samapara: Ugh, where am I?

G. Emperor: Do not worry. Young Clay, can you assist Samapara in walking into the portal back to my castle.

Clay: Will do, partner.

(He hoisted her up and the Emperor created a portal in which they all climbed into back to the castle. Clay eased Samapara onto a nearby chair.)

Omi: What happened? You look broken.

Raimundo: Could he mean shattered?

(Clay and Kimiko shrugged their shoulders.)

Samapara: Well...

(She explained her story from when she left the Warriors to where she jumped out of the window.)

Samapara: When I blasted the Star Hanabi fireballs, the guards came up and bet me up quite badly, and left me for dead. Until you came.

(The others had their mouths open in shock.)

Kimiko: I can't believe we had it wrong all this time.

Omi: And worse yet, the Evil Emperor is alive, thanks to the Rio Reverso.

Raimundo: Wait, what are those machine things you mentioned?

(Samapara took out a quill and parchment from one of the Emperor’s tables.)

Samapara: I can't give you an exact...drawing of them but here's a rough copy of it.

(Once she presented it, the Warriors literally cowered away in fear.)

G. Emperor: What, what is it?

Omi: Destructo-bots!

Samapara: Destructa-whats?

Clay: Destructo-Bots. They were a horse driven mad. They were originally made by Spicer. We only scraped beating them then.

Raimundo: So that's why he needed the Rio Reverso and the Mechanic Kaiser! To revive the Evil Emperor and build the Destructo-Bots.

Kimiko: So what now? We could hardly beat all three of them threats alone, but now there together, with a new one too.

Omi: Hm, a most puzzling predicament.

Raimundo: But like Good Samapara said, the Destructo-Bots will conquer both worlds. Real and Dream Land, so we don't have much time.

Kimiko: Oh well, this world was...beautiful.

Clay: Wait. Samapara do yah have any idea how many Destructo-Bots there makin'?

Samapara: Yeah. Thousands, probably millions.

Clay: Well ain't it obvious. Evil Samapara's castle is one big robot factory.

Raimundo: And...?

Clay: And, we should focus on destroying the castle if we wanna destroy the Bots.

Omi: With what? Hannibal has the Mechanic Kaiser, and we can't do anything to build a machine to destroy it. Even the might of the Kuzusu Atom can't destroy all of them.

Clay: Take it that idea's out the window.

Raimundo: I've got it!

Kimiko: What? What?

Raimundo: Those Bots are made from a Shen Gong Wu right?

Kimiko: Right.

Raimundo: And the Reversing Mirror either reverses or cancels out Shen Gong Wu magic, right?

Clay: Right.

Kimiko: Put two plus two together and you'll have a scrap heap of Destructo-Bots! Rai, you're a genius!

(The gave each other a hi-5.)

Clay: And it just so happens, I have it right here.

(He took it out.)

Raimundo: But first, Hannibal and the Emperor are our crucial targets. Without them Evil Samapara's useless.

Omi: Then we should use the Reversing Mirror on them two.

Clay: Good idea, little partner. Bean boy'll go back to our world and the Emperor will go back to pure dust.

Kimiko: Wait, how could Hannibal go back to our world with just the Reversing Mirror?

Raimundo: Because, he still has the Dimension Coin in effect.

Kimiko: Oh.

Omi: Yet one question is still insecting me.

Kimiko: Bugging you, Omi.

Omi: My mistake, how do we get into the throne room without the Destructo-Bots catching us?

G. Emperor: I might know a remedy to that. But it requires you hiding inside me. If you have one of those Shen Gong Woo things that might help, don't be afraid to come up with it.

(The Warriors and Samapara pondered a moment, and then Omi lit a few light bulbs. The Good Emperor approached the flip Samapara's castle, only to be stopped by four Destructo-Bots.)

Bot: Halt, you shall not enter.

G. Emperor: I didn't come here to destroy plans, I’m here to surrender.

Bot: Surrender is an option. You will be taken to the dungeon.

G. Emperor: No, I mean to join forces with your lord and masters.

Bot: Three lords and masters are an insufficient quantity. With four, they will rule supreme. Surrender accepted.

G. Emperor: Jolly good. Now if you will guide me to the throne room, so I can make my allegiance.

Bot: I obey.

(As the Destructo-Bots guided the Good Emperor to the throne room, The Warriors and Samapara are taking refuge in the Good Emperor’s hair, thanks to the Changing Chopsticks.)

Kimiko: You clever little monk.

Omi: Yes, the Changing Chopsticks is a most footy Shen Gong Wu.

Raimundo: Well, he might be small and good at thinking good plans. But his slang still needs work.

(The Good Emperor eventually made it to the throne room. Evil Samapara noticed him right away.)

Bot: This Emperor has surrendered and wish to make an announcement.

(Just then in the Good Emperor’s hair, the Warriors are climbing down.)

Clay: So where to now little partners?

Raimundo: We need to get close enough to use the Reversing Mirror.

(They hopped off and heard the bellowing voice of Evil Samapara.)

B. Samapara: What is it you want, you insect!

G. Emperor: I wish to join forces with you. Your Destructo-Bots are pure genius, and they will soon conquer all the worlds, not just the Dream Land. So I want a taste of this evil.

(The Warriors approached the throne in which the three evil-doers sat.)

Omi: You must allow me to use the Reversing Mirror on these fiends. I shall take the Jet Bootsu and Shroud of Shadows to do the task.

Kimiko: (As she's giving him the three Shen Gong Wu.) Please be careful, Omi.

Omi: If I do not return, please destroy the Evil Emperor and Hannibal in my stead.

Clay: Reckon that's gonna be a bit hard, since you're invisible.

Omi: Shroud of Shadows!

(He disappeared into thin air. Omi then used the Jet Bootsu to lift himself up; he was now close enough to using the Reversing Mirror. But before he got the chance, he could hear all three of them laughing.)

G. Emperor: Excuse me what is the joke?

B. Emperor: You must think we were born yesterday!

Omi: Reversing...

(But before he could use the Reversing Mirror, the Evil Samapara grabbed him and threw him to the Good Emperor, making him scatter most of the Shen Gong Wu.)

Raimundo: Come on!

(He re-sized the five of them, then the Warriors, Hannibal, Evil Emperor and Evil Samapara touched the Shen Gong Wu pile.)

Omi: We challenge you to an Eight-Way Xiaolin Showdown!

Hannibal: Hold on, there half-pint, you gat four, and we gat three.

Kimiko: I'm sure you can make your fourth ally!

(The three looked at each other, and then Hannibal took out the Mechanic Kaiser.)

Hannibal: Mechanic Kaiser!

(He pointed it to the ground, and the ground started glowing. When it was over, a Destructo-Bot appeared from nowhere and took it's place in the pile.)

Raimundo: Our Mantis Flip Coin, Switching Piper, Braclet of Fate and Thorn of Thunderbolt. Against your Mechanic Kaiser, Dimension Coin, Rio Reverso and Moby Morpher.

B. Samapara: The game is Xiaolin Dodge ball. First to eliminate the other team wins!

All: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The throne room shattered into large chunks of rock, and rose in the air and joined together to make a rectangular field. Then the Shroud of Shadows, Jet Bootsu, Reversing Mirror and Sphere of Yun appeared in the middle and morphed into four rubber balls.)

All: Gong Yi Tempai!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He used his wind powers to bring to him two balls while Hannibal and the Evil Emperor got the other two.)

Hannibal: Moby Morpher!

(He morphed into a cannon which the Emperor loaded in the two balls. Which fired directly at Kimiko.)

Kimiko: Thorn of Thunderbolt!

(She blasted one away but got hit by the other.)

Raimundo: Omi! Catch it!

(Omi dived for it, but missed it. Once it hit the ground, Kimiko let out a scream and she got vaporized.)

Raimundo: Kimiko!

Bot: The female is not destroyed. The female has been temporarily eliminated.

Raimundo: I don’t think so! Omi, use the Braclet of Fate! Hurry!

Omi: Ugh, Braclet Of fate?

(The field rewinded until it came to Kimiko using the Thorn of Thunderbolt to deflect one ball. Raimundo then threw one ball to deflect the one that hit Kimiko before.)

Raimundo: Whew, okay keep going!

(He threw one ball at Hannibal but he ducked and missed. Hannibal then picked up a ball and threw it at Clay who caught it.)

Clay: Yeehaw! You're out!

(Hannibal vaporized.)

Clay: Now for the Bot!

(He used the same ball to attack the Destructo-Bot, but he caught it easily, causing Clay to vaporize and Hannibal to reappear. Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo slapped their heads.)

B. Samapara: Get the cheese ball!

(They started throwing balls at Omi, but he avoided all of them.)

Omi: Haha! I have successfully dodged all your balls.

Kimiko: And it looks like we got 'em all!

(Raimundo threw one up in the air and punched it towards the Evil Emperor. But the Bot intercepted it and caught it. Making Raimundo vaporize.)

Kimiko: Looks like we're on our own, Omi.

(Kimiko threw hers at Evil Samapara and hit her straight in the head causing her to vaporize.)

Kimiko: Oh yeah! Take that ugly witch!

Hannibal: Wouldn't count on that!

(He threw his ball towards Kimiko, but Omi dived at it and caught it. Making Hannibal vaporize and Clay reappear.)

Clay: Alright! (Picking up another ball.) Wudai Crater Earth!

(He punched it straight for the Destructo-Bot, but it simply bent backwards and dodged it. Then the Evil Emperor made a counter-attack by catching Clay's ball, and yet again he vaporized and the Evil Samapara reappeared.)

Kimiko: Careful, Omi.

Omi: We must get our teammates back!

(Omi attempted to catch another ball thrown at him, but failed. Kimiko threw the ball that just came for Omi at the Destructo-Bot, but he yet again caught it, making her vaporize and Hannibal to reappear. Leaving Omi by himself, and facing all four enemies.)

Bot: Only one target remains.

B. Emperor: And what easy sport he'll make!

Omi's thoughts: This is it. The fate of both worlds rests in my hands. But I cannot do it alone! What do I do?

(Then all of a sudden, it seemed like time stopped completely. Then he could hear a voice behind him.)

Voice: All you need to do is play at your best.

Omi: Kimiko?

(Kimiko was right there behind him. Then he heard another voice.)

Voice: You don't need ter win, little partner.

Omi: Clay?

(Clay appeared behind him too. Then he heard one last voice.)

Voice: We'll be with you. Promise.

Omi: Raimundo? But how can this be? How can you talk to me like this?

Clay: You cin be surprised what you can do while vaporized.

Kimiko: But remember Omi, the fate of the world rests in OUR hands.

Omi: But it's four against one, which seems like steep odds.

Raimundo: Then we should make it four against four. Take our elemental powers.

Clay: And yah won't be uncontrollable, like last tahm. But you can use 'em ter beat Hannibal Bean.

Kimiko: So good luck, and don't forget.

(They approached Omi and raised their arms. First Omi glowed bright green, then bright red, then bright blue.)

Raimundo: Good luck.

(The arena turned back into it's original state, with four evil do-ers ready to strike Omi.)

Hannibal: Say your prayers, cheese ball!

(He threw his ball for Omi.)

Omi: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He caught the ball with Clay's earth abilities. The Destructo-Bot fired his ball too.)

Omi: Wudai Star Wind!

(He caught the other ball again with Raimundo's wind abilities. Evil Samapara launched her ball next.)

Omi: Wudai Mars Fire!

(He caught the next ball with Kimiko's fire abilities, and then finally the Evil Emperor threw his ball at Omi.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(He caught the final ball with his own water abilities.)

Omi: You shall feel the wrath of me and my friends. HAAAAAAH!

(He launched all four balls at the same time, Clay's ball hit Evil Samapara vaporizing her, Raimundo's ball hit the Destructo-Bot causing him to vaporize, Kimiko's ball hit the Evil Emperor vaporizing him, then finally Omi's ball hit Hannibal, vaporizing him, making Omi the winner as the field split up into it's original position.)

Raimundo: You did it, dude!

Clay: Way ter go, partner.

Omi: On the contrary my friends. It was us that did it. Now to settle uncompleted business! To destroy the army of Destructo-Bots and send Hannibal and the Emperor of Nightmares back where they came from!

Kimiko: Allow me, Omi. Reversing Mirror!

(It destroyed the Evil Emperor and the Destructo-Bot, and Hannibal vanished into thin air.)

B. Samapara: You may have ruined our plans for world domination! But your still in my world! Now you will pay!

(She charged straight for them.)

G. Samapara: Sphere of Yun!

(The Evil Samapara got incased within the Sphere of Yun.)

G. Samapara: Don't mess with the good guys.

Raimundo: And now for the final piece of the puzzle. Omi, Mechanic Kaiser please.

(Omi handed him the Mechanic Kaiser. Then Raimundo lead them down to where the army of Destructo-Bots were being built.)

Raimundo: Mechanic Kaiser! Destructo-Bots! I command each and every one of you to self-destruct, and 'till the end of time, you will never be re-created. Do you understand!

Bots: We understand. Self-destruct initiating.

(They aimed for themselves with their vaporizing cannons and destroyed themselves forever.)

Raimundo: Whew, that take care of them.

Clay: Nd' now that that's over with, let's get outta here.

Omi: Good Emperor, we cannot leave without you. Why not come to our world?

G. Emperor: I thank you, young Omi. But I cannot. I must remain here to guide the dreams of this world. I appreciate all that you have done. You have brought eternal peace into this realm.

Omi: I thank you too. Without your guidance, we would never have defeated our foes.

Kimiko: Come on, Omi. Time to go.

Omi: Farewell, Emperor of Dreams.

(They shook hands, and Omi joined his friends.)

Raimundo: Dimension Coin.

(The others waved farewell as they left the flip-side of the Dream Land and entered the normal Dream Land.)

Raimundo: One more ride to take. Garnet of Samapara!

(They traveled yet again past the portal and landed straight in the Xiaolin Temple gardens.)

Dojo: Allow me to transport Miss Samapara back to Master Monk Guan's.

Clay: Sure little partner.

(He re-sized, ready to take Samapara.)

Samapara: I just wanted to say, thank you. All four of you. Thanks to your courage and teamwork, both worlds have been saved.

Omi: But remember, it was you too who assisted us. Without your knowledge, we would still be blind as to what Hannibal was planning.

Samapara: Farewell, Warriors. Until next we meet.

(She hopped on Dojo and they flew off.)

Clay: Gotta hand it to 'er. Ah cin never get tired of the Dream Land adventures.

(The Warriors sat in their usual place at the tree. All enjoying the hot sunny day.)

Raimundo: Ah, I love a sunny day after kicking evil butt.

Omi: But wait, one thing is still amiss.

Kimiko: What is?

Omi: How does Master Fung's wise lessons have anything to do with our Dream Land experience?

Raimundo: Yeah, none of us turned evil.

Clay: Looks like Master Fung's met his match.

(But Master Fung had been listening.)

Master Fung: Ah but fellow Warriors, you did fight someone with an evil heart from your side.

Kimiko: Who?

Master Fung: The evil side of Samapara. She was on the side of evil and both of them are the same person. So you have fought Samapara in her evil form.

(They looked at each other bewildered.)

Raimundo: Okay, so the old Fungmeister still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

(Master Fung gave a cheesy grin, as he walked away.)

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