Welcome to the Contests in Fiction Wikia. Everybody is welcome to suggest a story and users will try to read a story based on those ideas. If there are several stories, users may vote for the best. The most important here is to give the authors feedback on their stories.

You might write:

  • A time travel story.
    By 1985 computer networks suitable for exchanging email and newsgroup posts were growing. The World Wide Web launched in 1992 and by 1995 the wiki age had begun, but fiction wikia did not start until 2005. It is a little known fact that the man known as Ross Perot was, in fact, a time traveler. He was sent back in time (to 1965) in order to speed up the use of computer technology by the U.S. government. The original plan was that an attempt be made to start an open government wiki project before 1990. Help write West Wing Wiki.
  • A story where dinosaurs had become smart and developed technology. Thus, they could save themselves from destruction.
  • A vampire story that does not use clichés.
  • A story about simulated worlds.
  • A story about superhero animals
  • add your idea

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