Diagram of the teleportation chamber.

Welcome to the Wikinovel Conformity. This is a novel about, "...a Universe in which some people have a genetic predisposition towards nonconformity. What if there were a simple genetic test that could identify people who are biologically predisposed to nonconformity? What will Dana Brooks do when she is told that she is genetically predisposed to be a nonconformist?"

Feel free to read, and contribute to, this novel. This having been said, there are a few conditions which we wish that you observe while making any contributions:

  • Please do not delete other people's additions unless they are obviously vandalism, or irretrievably do not fit in with the continuity of this story, and/or other stories in the Collectiverse. That being said, however, you may proofread other people's work, or correct sections so that they better fit the continuity of the story.
  • Reasonable name changes are allowed, just please edit the entire work to make them consistent. And please, no joke names (e.g. Hugh Jass).
  • Try to keep the cast of characters as diverse as possible--it is okay to have a fat or physically disabled main character.
  • It is okay to have more than two main characters--a story involving a large group of people can be fascinating.

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