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Original contributor: Simsilikesims
Minor additions: David

Once upon a time, there was a very average middle-aged woman. She was laid off of one call center, and found another job in a call center. Unfortunately, she then was not able to meet her sales quota and was fired after 6 months. Then, her beloved cat died. To console herself, she immersed herself in the game world of Sims and ate ice cream until she grew fat. She downloaded more and more objects for this game until her computer crashed. That's when things started to get funky. She restored all her files for the game that she had cleverly backed up on CDs and DVDs. As she played, she began to notice a green glow above her head. She began watching cooking shows to increase her cooking skill, and swimming to increase her body skill.

The green glow increased and coalesced into a diamond shape. She began reading books on computers to increase her mechanical skill, and books on organization to increase her cleaning skill. Then, one day she woke up and noticed it looked different outside her window, her carpet was clean and spotless, her rice cooker and crockpot had disappeared, and her washer and dryer didn't work. Then the doorbell rang. "Hello, I'm Mortimer Goth, and this is my daughter Cassandra, and my good friend Nina Caliente. Welcome to Pleasantview." In alarm, she looked around and noticed that her Toyota in the driveway had been replaced with a Ford. She looked where she usually kept her keys and was even more surprised to find a Ford key instead of a Toyota key. But it was all good, because the missing Toyota was 10 years old, and the Ford was spanking new and shiny. "Don't worry", said Mortimer, "in this town, cars are self-cleaning, and automatically vacuum themselves out every week. All the rugs are self-cleaning too. Every morning, all your clothes automatically clean themselves - thats why you won't find any drycleaners in the phone book. Just do a full 360 turn in front of your dresser to change clothes." That's when she realized she had really become a Sim. THE END?

But how was this new life different from her own, the real one? Well, everything was more "controlled", non free. But who cares? A Sim's life could be as good as a human's life. No? Every little thing was clean and she did not have to do boring stuff. Of course her brain could melt a little, because all she had to do in life was to consume, to buy things and "learn" new skills... with little effort. It arose many questions, after the initial panic and depression: "Why me?" she thought. And "Why was this possible?". She even thought that the real world could have been a simulation too, she had seen Thirteenth floor and The Matrix movies, but she always thought it was just fiction. But now she knew the whole concept was possible.

The most strange thing about her new "life" was that, after a small depression she had during a week, she was happy with that. She had lost almost all interest in real things back in her world; that was why she became addicted to that game. Now she could live doing what she always wanted to do: play Sims. But there was a problem... she could die too. Plus, every Sim was controlled by a player, who was controlling her? Did she still have some free will? It seemed like it, but nobody can know for certain, she thought, maybe free will is just apparent to a Sim... like it can be apparent for a human. But no, she would forget all that stuff about being controlled in real life or in the game. If her actions were not intended by her... No, definitely, she should believe her actions were hers. And now she was hungry and felt a compelling feeling to forget about it and watch some TV. And she did.

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