Welcome to the Complete'em place at Fiction Wikia! This is a place to complete stories. There are some resources to help writers, like the Names page and the Ideas for stories, linked from here.


Inside Complete'emEdit

  • Story starters: this page will be for very short stories. Authors can write directly in there, a new section per work. The intention of this page is to encourage collaboration and enlarging of those very short stories, for them to become short stories or even novels!
  • Complete the stories: similar to the latter, this kind of "training" is usually done in Literature creation courses. People are given a paragraph or two of an existing story. Users should complete it until it becomes a full story, even if short. It is a nice experiment to see how the same paragraph is converted into different stories. Something like sneaking into the multiverse...
  • Names: names to be used in stories, along with their meaning.

Related pagesEdit

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