Part One:BeginningsEdit

The Pre-Federation Era (Circa 2142-2557 A.D)Edit

The First ColonyEdit

Before it's transformation into the Colonial Federation, (Known more widely as the Colonial Authority) the United Nations Space Force,or UNSF stood for more than 400 years before being transformed into the Colonial Federation to suit the widely growing colonies on the fringe of known space. to lighten the load on Earth's over-population,the first colonies on the Moon were created. Within 100 years,the Moon's once bleak and desolate surface was covered with cities.

Due to attacks on the Moon's colonies due to a rebellion on Earth,thus justified a need for a military conquest of nearby space to defend and keep the Moon's colonies safe from enemy raids. In 2342,the United Nation's agreed in a vote of 50 to 13 to allow such a measure to be taken.

The Age of RebellionEdit

Due to the measures taken by the UNSF,some disliked the move to force citizens to settle the Moon,thus rebelled. On October 21st 2142,the first skirmish of the rebellion began.

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