Like Midnight Walker, it is a monologue of a night. A cold night proves to have a cold heartUser:Serprex 18:23, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

Four years ago, I called someone up and said Hello

They called back a couple weeks later and offered to meet

Last night, I looked them up again and left around 2130 to meet them finally

Babbling along the road, I passed by some white blacks who were like "sup mah nigga". Thankfully they were biking, so they were gone pretty fast. Didn't really talk to anyone until some other guy on a bike asked me for a light. "Fraid not" "Aw fuuuuuck man I really want a light damnit" "Yeh, fraid not" (They were loud and crude, was glad when they turned off the road)

My monologue went over a variety of unimportant things. The most prominent was of why I had chosen some random destination at this random time. It was of my going somewhere to experience a generic something

So, I took a wrong turn, sat in front of the wrong apartment, and wasted a lot of time walking in circles trading smiles with some random lady until I found the place, 357.

It was probably around 11 or so, so I figured I'd best not intrude upon sleeping people. Nowhere to sleep, it was still pretty warm. I walked around the apartment, skipped behind another to drain myself and curled up on some grass in the corner.

I couldn't sleep.

Sat around watching people come and go, played with some abandoned flowers and wondered why I was wasting my time to meet some random person.

It kept getting colder.

So I went behind the place into the staircase and found a little cubby under the stairs. Took a dimebag as a souvenir and got freaked out by the spiders and left. Maybe this story wouldn't be null if I wasn't an arachnephobe.

I awoke cold from a nap (After talking in monologue to an open window) and decided to go inside the apartment. Looked at the random tile that repeated itself on the floor before sitting down to take rest. (Just to note, the other apartment had a carpet. Smelled vile) Dead bugs around, but at least it wasn't mouse turd. Got uncomfortable so I took a nap on the dirty carpetted area. Was going well until the lady came by and was like Hi and I was like Hello and the guy with her was like Fuck you what the fuck get the fuck out fuck this what you think this some squat shit get the fuck out. Ya, I left.

So it kept getting colder and I kept trying to sleep and the phone booth wasn't that comfortable and nobody would tell me what time it was and I was too afraid of the crazy cusser to sneak in and take a nap with spiders under the stairs.

I walked back home, 0430. The something that I had experienced was, as expected, unexpected. I had hoped I'd see the person I had not seen for four years. I had thought it might not happen. I had not thought I'd be sent out to shiver in the cold summer air.

That something turned out to be nothing. But nothing is something, a great contradiction of existence.