Alex calmly walked around the enclosed area, only now noticing the open tunnels that stretched up, providing ventilation for the now-vacant underground labyrinth in which they stood. Kate was now looking at Alex, wondering if the Fox was hearing things, of if he had sharper ears than he was letting on, “How do you know they're already here? I don't see anyone.”

Alex, meanwhile, only tilted his muzzle up, looking at the ducts, using a paw with a finger pointed up, to illustrate his instinct. Brantaka approached John, and handed him a small PDA, “This is the information we've gathered from the Feline's territory, with the help of the Otters. Naturally, it's low-security, most of their forces are concentrated on the Canid and Dragon borders, they don't even perceive the Otters as a credible threat. In fact, there is just one guard stationed within the first mile from the end of the No-Mans Land for that border. Ripe for the picking... almost. Once in, it is imperative that we do not raise the alarm, and we neutralize all enemy forces we come across. If the alarm is sounded, reinforcements will arrive quickly. Very quickly. Therefore, it is of the highest priority, we finish this mission as quickly as poss...”
He was interrupted by the sound of movement above them, followed by what remarkably sounded like someone cursing in pain. Alex kept squinting in the darkness, occasionally picking out a shadow, that seemed to quickly drift in and out of his vision.
John began whispering in the darkness, “They are members of the Canid Intelligence Service, famed for wearing 'Stealth Suits', that they use to remain completely invisible when in enemy territory. The suits tightly contort around their bodies, and are able to bend light around the entirety of the garment. We came up with the idea 2 years ago, it's only in the last month they've entered active service... it seems they have been a success.”
The first shadow, meanwhile, was joined by a second one, as they both began to descend from the apparently broken structure above them, moving through the air as if it was nothing more than water to them. John whispered in Alex's ear, “Anti-gravity boots. Relax, they've got a pair for all of us in the backpack that one of them is carrying.” The two vixens softly made contact with the damp earth, one of them moving slowly towards the group, “I am Commander Sorona Ba'teal, and this is my colleague, Laprina Dakh'tan. As you've probably guessed, we are both from the D'Shonra Privince of Canidia.”
Kitsake raised an eyebrow, “I must have missed a lot of my school classes... but we Wolves only have one province. How many provinces do you Foxes have?”
Kala beckoned them to walk towards the exit, as they all began to follow the darkness, “Canidia is ruled jointly by 2 authorities: The Lupines are ruled by an Autocratic Council of Elders, who preside over the single, sprawing Province, Luthera, while the Vulpines are ruled by a Democratic Parliament, with members from the Separate Provinces. There are 7 Provinces the Vulpines call home: D'Shonra, Shanti, Religa, Gailia, Ocienca, Zthusa, and Pith, whom combined, form Vulperia.”
Alex was, of course, bringing up in his mind, everything he knew about the history of his people, the Vulpines, and their esteemed cousins, the Lupines. “Although it has to be said, this arrangement wasn't reached without a fair bit of blood being spilt. But, that alliance was too sudden, and to this day, has never been explained. In fact, the only two who would know how and why that alliance happened, would be the two rulers our of Nations: President David Yagan of the Vulpines, and Queen Sarah Torwalds, of the Lupines.”
John, meanwhile, merely chuckled, and rubbed his hands, “I think you'll find that those two are, in fact, lovers. The alliance was thought up by them, those two being the only ones at the time who could see more than just two sides in a war.”

Sorona cocked her head sideways for an instant, before looking curiously at Alex, “Looks like you're the only one of us who didn't know.... everybody important already knows what happened all those years ago.”
Laprina merely smiled, and whispered to Alex, “I think that's her own unique way of saying, 'Welcome to the Family', I wouldn't take it harshly.
Alex just looked at her, “Family?”
Kitsake overheard, “She means 'Family', as in the sprawling network of Government employees of which you have now, albeit unwittingly, become a member of. We regularly scout our own employee's, to see if they have what it takes to join our elite group of personnel. John has had his eye on you for some time now, Alex, and all of us have seen the glowing recommendations that all of whom that have known you have provided us. Needless to say, we were impressed.”

Meanwhile, Alex was just trying to take all this in; Life had just thrown him a whole new hurdle of challenges.

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