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Resolutions Edit

  • Resolved, that all major characters should have significant roles in the story plot and development.
  • Resolved, that there should not be too many major characters in this story, with a limit somewhere between 10 and 15, and that the number of minor characters should be kept to a minimum.
  • Resolved, that all minor characters should only appear infrequently and not entail multiple across-story appearances.
  • Resolved, that all major characters should be given deep, complex, psychologically sound, and insightful histories, personalities and traits.

Marin of Ruivoca Edit

Princess Marin of Ruivoca is the reverse stereotype of the usual fantasy princess. Egoistical, impulsive, uncaring, and not needing to be saved at every turn, she is fit to be in the military and thus is a valuable contribution to the Cherry Wood Knights and later to the Freedom Army. She is randomly given the title of vice subheadmaster, and later also becomes a lieutenant under Hobenrud.

Due to her step-father's restrictions on where she could go, only rarely was allowed into the outside world, but nevertheless she was still able to learn of her stepfather's misdeeds from visitors to the palace. Due to her stepfather's influence and caring behaviors toward her, she thinks that she is actually his daughter. Meanwhile, she is also worried that she may die before the king, whose magical artifacts prevent him from aging.

Although she doesn't care for her peoples, she is eager to obtain the throne. Toward that end, she must work to ally herself with a revolutionary movement, so that she may have a chance to seize the throne when the time comes. She thus intends to use Hobenrûd's revolutionary movement to become the next queen, but she must first gain his trust. Events are complicated by the people's extreme dislike for the princess, whom they believe to be an uncaring, hostile, and aloof figure, which forces her to assume the alternate name of Priscilla Hennel.

Over the course of the story, Princess Marin comes to be more caring, gentle, and humble, as a result of the various experiences that she comes across, and which would help her achieve her ultimate goal--ruling the kingdom of Ruivoca.

Dûr Hobenrûd Edit

Hobenrûd is the archetypal swashbuckler hero, only more so. Arrogant, single minded, idealist, extravagant, he always tries to make jokes in any situation. Through his quest, he gradually becomes more and more serious with the task at hand, thus making him into an even better commander. At first he calls himself headmaster; later on, he refers to himself as Stalwart.

He was lauded (and rightly so) as a hero many times during the king's wars, in one engagement nearly single-handedly defeating an entire Lukavian army, and in another, leading Ruivocan armies into the very capital of Lukavia. There, he was shocked by the rampage of murder, rape, and pillage that the Ruivocan soldiers partook in, and became disillusioned with the Ruivocan military.

Subsequently, he was sent to quell a rebellion in the village of Tumh. The commander of his battalion forced the soldiers with him to kill ten children, in order to set an example to "rebels". He could have stopped them, but was too dazed to do so. Instead, he managed to kill the commander only after nine of the ten children were killed, thus saving the life of the one remaining child. This child then gave him a bracelet with a socketed red jewel, which he now treasures as a symbol of his goal--to overthrow the king (something he is obsessed with) for the good of the oppressed people. Because of these events, he has continuously had a guilty conscience, and only recently, now that he has begun to take serious action, has he felt any bit of psychological rest. Meanwhile, he tries to hide his inner turmoil behind a funny persona.

At one point he also refers to himself as the Count of Simen.

Gilbert Martin Edit

Gilbert Martin is an intelligent, slightly crippled, behind-the-scenes man in charge of the logistics and strategy behind the Cherry Woods Knights and later the Freedom Army. He is a scheming mastermind, but has a strong sense of moral justice. Unfortunately, he also tends to pursue his own needs before other people's. While the other Knights went to Lukavia, he remained at the Cherry Woods, finishing final preparations for the rebellion. Within the rebellion's framework, he is the subheadmaster, and later, a lieutenant under Hobenrud.

Gilbert originally was a strategist in the current Ruivocan king's army, but openly disagreed with his prisoner-of-war policies and as a result was demoted to a mere foot soldier in the same battalion as Hobenrud. Soon after, the battalion was sent to quell various rebellions, and in a series of battles, he had his life saved many times by Hobenrud, which did miracles in making the two into best friends. In the last engagement, the battalion was sent to quell a rebellion in Tumh, where Gilbert refused to kill children in direct violation of the commander's orders. The commander took an arrow, stuck it Gilbert's leg, and twisted it. Shortly after, Hobenrûd killed the commander, and the battalion became the Cherry Wood Knights. Gilbert took the arrow out of his leg, cut the commander's head, stuck the arrow in the dead man's eye and burnt it, to emphasize his unforgiveness. Gilbert now seeks revenge on the king, for demoting him and for nearly getting him killed.

Over the course of the story, Gilbert comes to accept the change in position that he is given as something to be proud of, and reasons that remaining in Ruivoca's army would have resulted in moral depravity.

Anita Andalora Edit

Miss Anita Andalora is a good-natured young lady who leads the three regiments that form the original Freedom Army. She is the first sorceress on the team, and specializes in wind power with her enchanted artifact, a giant, meter-long fan. Unlike most generals, she has no idea of how to fight a melee, but she makes up for it with her magic and with her charm. Many believe that her mere presence creates an aura which could make defeat impossible, and thus her followers make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

She had obtained the position of general because of her gentleness and her deep care for her soldiers, which have earned their undying respect; a charisma capable of boosting soldiers' morale; and the aid of a father on good terms with King Hollen.

After joining the Freedom Army, she quickly realizes what parts of Marin's personality need improvement. In a way, she acts as a personality tutor for the princess.

Drindell, the Arcane Edit

A very known wizard. Smart, narcissistic and knowledgeable in the arcane arts. Drindell believes himself to be, possibly, the most powerful wizard of his time (Maybe not too wrongly). And certainly, intellectually superior to everyone he knows. He is very proud of his own arcane knowledge, but believes most of it is "far too complicated for your feeble minds to understand".

He was born in a small village in western Ruivoca, being picked by other children because he was the shortest and frailest of them all. But when a great wizard, Klamor, the Hydromancer stayed in the village to recover from his wounds, Drindell's mother was the one that nursed him back to health. Drindell then begged Klamor to teach him magic, and Klamor decided to accept him, having noticed the kid's talent. Drindell is, indeed, very talented in magic, having finished his apprenticeship under Klamor, the Hydromancer's tutelage in less than ten years, when most wizards study for over eighteen years, since the age of five.

Drindell will probably become more humble and trust more other people in the course of the story

Minor charactersEdit

King of Ruivoca Edit

The current, despotic ruler of Ruivoca, so far unnamed, using the ancient laws of the kingdom, killed the previous king Rikerd, married the queen, and thus became king. He is normally cold and ruthless, yet is merciful towards his only step-daughter Princess Marin, and seems to truly care about her. He came back from the future to stop some great sadness that would otherwise befall upon him and his family. To stop this, he fanactically believes that he must conquer the world somehow.

Hollen of Lukavia Edit

The stalwart and rather intelligent king of Lukavia, King Hollen has a penchant for speaking in the first person plural (royal "we") to reflect his conviction that the king of a realm speaks not only for himself but for everyone in the realm as well. He is committed to bringing about the fall of Ruivoca, but not necessarily for personal gain either, and understands the importance of a population's need for a native leader.

Rikerd of Ruivoca Edit

The now long-dead King Rikerd was a middle-of-the-road warrior king who cared greatly for the future well-being of his daughter the Princess Marin. However, in order to defend the kingdom from Lukavia, he warred his own peoples into poverty, until his assassination over twenty years ago by none other than the current king of Ruivoca.

Elijabé of Ruivoca Edit

Now an elderly queen of fifty, Queen Elijabé is an amicable lady who simultaneously cares for her daughter the Princess Marin of Ruivoca but also is afraid that what she is doing would place her in grave trouble. She was originally married to Rikerd of Ruivoca, but later remarried with the current king after Rikerd was assassinated. Always the pragmatist, she did not let her grievances get in the way of her marriage to the new king, and so now she is still of some influence in the kingdom.

Lorn Teridas Edit

Teridas is the leader of a group of eight well-trained and militarily flexible bandits, originally operating under a Boss Smith in the Ildrin Forest. After an encounter with Anita and Marin, he speaks for the others in deciding to join the Freedom Army. He is good with tactics, particularly with small task forces. Thus, he is soon given a battalion by Anita to act as the Freedom Army's spearhead strike force.

Ishmael Endramath Edit

Ishmael is Anita's closest advisor--a brilliant tactician, but who is also ready on a moment's notice to do other tasks that an army might need doing. As a lieutenant, he is in charge of one of the three regiments of the Freedom Army, but frequently his suggestions, via Anita's support, override that of the other two lieutenants. He is crucial in various major engagements.

Other Freedom Army members Edit

  • Gangee - Poor minor rebel
  • Jarek - Bard minor rebel
  • Namar and Byon - Twin Teenage minor rebels
  • Hulleiman - Wealthy minor rebel
  • Keaton - another Knight (dead)

Other characters Edit

  • Red Wolves - black market trading organization
    • Wallton - a Red Wolf vendor

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