Christiania, also known as Galactic City or Imperial City, is the capital city of Laurasia Prime, as well the capital city of the Laurasian Empire. Christiania thus plays a major role in the affairs of the Empire, with the Laurasian Government located here. It is comprised of three major districts: the Government District, the Entertainment and Civilians District, and the Economic District. The Government District itself is further sub-divided into the Senate, Imperial, Judicial, and Religious Quadrants. Entertainment is sub-divided into Civilian Housing, Culture and Entertainment, and Commerce. Economy is divided into Finance, Manufacturing, Trade, and Local Shops. The city is about 100,000 square miles large, the size of an average Earth nation-state, and has a population of nearly 40 billion. The city has many major locations, including the Quencilvanian Palace, the Old Royal Palace, the Imperial Administrative Hall, the Fortress of Baureux, the University of Laurasia, Galactic University, the Temple of Christiania, the Imperial Archives, and numerous others.

Christiania itself was originally established as a minor trading post in c. 2100 BH, during the peak of the ancient Merdanian Empire. For centuries, it remained a minor post and had little importance. Beginning around 1800 BH, the post began to expand, transforming into a town, and eventually into a city. The most explosive period of growth was in the 5th and 4th centuries BH, as the Industrial Revolution increased the city's prominence. By the 1st century BH, it was one of the largest and most important cities on Laurasia Prime, with nearly 5000 square miles and a population of nearly 50 million. The city continued its growth throughout the 1st millennium BH. By 500, it was the largest and most populous city on Laurasia; by 1000, the largest and most populous city in the Core Worlds; and five centuries later, the largest and most populous city in the Caladarian Galaxy.

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