Public Debt %

This is the amount of public debt(% of GDP) of the U.S. and Chile.

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Population, Birth, and death rates of Chile and the U.S. as of July 2009

Revolution Questions TodayEdit

What are the most pressing issues in your country today?Edit

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In Chile, the most pressing issues are the internal government such as the national influence of the military, which should be under civil control, and internal economic problems such as inflation and lack of resources. Lastly, another pressing issue today in Chile is corrupt leaders. All of these issues are major factors in what led to the military takeover and the change in power.

What are the immediate causes of these issues?Edit


In 2005, the Constitution of Chile [1] was amended to reduce the national influence of the military and reassert civilian control over it so it doesn’t affect the government as much [1] . Also, in 1973 inflation was out of control. The damaged economy was further battered because of the battle with the small class workers and military. The military and small class revolted and overthrew the corrupt ruler, Allende [2]. A few months later a new president was elected. His name was Augusto Pinochet Ugarte [3], who led the coup in overthrowing Allende. His statement was to redirect the country onto a path of “liberty and law”. Yet, during his reign full of corruption, at least a thousand people were executed during his first six months in office. He also decided to embark on a “witch hunt”, on which he imprisoned supporters of Allende. Also, two thousand more were killed during the next sixteen years and some 30,000 were forced to flee the country. With all of these people leaving, who is going to keep the economy and government stable?

What are the long term causes of these issues?Edit

Some long term causes of these issues are that the president Pinochet is hurting the country because he has mistreated a good portion of Chile. He said that he would bring liberty and law to the country, yet what he did was hurt the economy and government [2] Also, he has caused more than 40,000 citizens to disappear off of Chiles surface (by either murdering or causing the population to flee). The people were scarred to be in the country since Pinochet could have sent his military to kill them. This loss in population has hurt the economy because many of these Chileans who have fled from Chile or died played a big part in the economy. Enough people left to put the country in an even worse position, Moreover, the economy was already tattered but the inflation in 1973 was so bad that it was hard for Pinochet to make it any better, and it still hasn't fully recovered from his terrible reign.

Can you attribute any of these issues to unresolved problems after the revolution? Why or why not?Edit

No none of these issues can be attributed to unresolved problems after the revolution because the economy wasn't that affected during the revolution. The recent inflation problem, which raised some prices up 238%, must be caused due to some recent event or decision, such as the reigns of Pinochet and Allende [3]. Moreover, the recent corrupted leaders of Chile cannot be attributed to the unresolved problems after the revolution because the next ruler who stepped into the place of the corrupt one after the revolution was not corrupt. When there is a revolution, people are looking for change to get away from a corrupt dictator, so they would not put a new corrupt ruler into power. This shows that the corrupt leaders did not hand down their positions to other corrupt rulers after the revolution.

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People available and fit to serve in the Chilean and United States military as of 2009

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