Chapter IX:Professor Otto LidenbrocEdit

Have you ever saw a flying object? Not just ANY old flying object, but one flying out of an airplane that was crashing? Copper, Zinc, and Gold did.

“It's a bird!” said Zionc.

“No, there's know more of them, it's a plane!”, said Gold.

“NO! It's SUPERELEMENTS!”, said Copper, going with the joke.

As it is evident, this flying object was Silver, and Zinc. Just after jumping out of the plane, they polled the zip on there perishoots, and the both came out. After several dreadful minutes of falling, they reached the ground. Within minutes, the group had been reunited.

“By Jove! What cosed that plane to fall out of the sky?”, asked Zinc.

“Someone was shooting at us, but we think that we've escaped from them”, said Phosphorus.

“Why?” asked Gold.

“We don't know”, said Silver.

They looked up at the sky, which now had some clouds forming.

“It's going to rain tonight”, said Phosphorus.

“That's good”, said Zinc.

“What? Why?!?” inquired Phosphorus.

Then Gold told them what they needed to do. Then they decided to search the city for CO2.

Roengtenium was on his way to Germany. He did not want to go to Germany, but the element that forced him to destroy his machine, called again, and now he had to go to Germany. This was valuable time waisted. Roengtenium had to hunt down this voice, and put a muffle in it.

He had just gotten across the border when he saw a plane crash. By the time he got there, the entire scene was under control. There was nothing more he could learn. So he decided to get a room in a local hotel.

He heard a noise. It was the newly dreaded sound of his cell phone.

“Hello”, he said.

“Be in the field on the west by seven”, said the voice.

“Why?” asked Roengtenium.

“...”, he had hung up!

It was now 6:30, and a storm was underway. It was one of those storms with not much rain, but much electricity was passing through the clouds and the ground. Or in other words, it was a lightning storm.

Copper and company had been searching for Carbon, but they had finally found him. He was in a field, doing something on a machine that looked completely alien to Copper.

“Alright”, said Phosphorus, “let's make a circle, and surround him.”

They did just that. And they slowly crept in. Just as they thought that they had got him, he jumped up, and started running. He had seen them. And now it was possible that he could get away.

They ran all over the city. But CO2 kept dogging them.

It was now seven, and Roentgenium had just arrived at the west field. To his dismay, he saw a chase going on. There were several atoms chasing a molecule. You didn't see to many of these nowadays.

The molecule spoke, “Come here Roentgenium”, it was the same voice he heard on the phone! He did as he was told. And just as he reached this molecule, it stopped. Then one of the atoms reached the molecule, it looked like an atom of Gold! He placed a little device on the molecule. And then a bright light, yes, a bright light was all that Roentgenium could see...

“What's happening!”, said Phosphorus.

CO2, Gold, and Roentgenium were in the bright light. The lightning bolt existed for several minutes. Then Carbon came shooting out of the beam. He was unconscious. Zinc came running to him.

“Are you alright Mr. Carbon?!?”, he asked. But there was no answer.

Then the bolt of lightning disappeared. And there stood an unconscious RgAuO26!

On March 23, 2018, at 12 PM GMT+1, Carbon awoke.

“Oh, how my electrons ache”, said Carbon.

Zinc, as he gave Carbon some aspirin pills asked, “What happened?”

“You did not foresee the attack of the oxygen atoms!”, said Phosphorus.

Carbon now spoke, “Yes, I actually did.”

“By Jove!”, said Zinc.

“And also despite what you thought, I was not completely under the control of Oxygen, I knew what you were doing Gold, and thats why I had Roentgenium come.

“Who is he?”

“A counterpart of mine, a very smart element, he was actually building a machine so that passengers could go around the world in 80 seconds, but I had him use his machine on Francium's titanium mines, he didn't recognize my voice because the oxygen atoms had changed it.”

“Why did you bring him here?”, asked Phosphorus.

“I knew if he combined with Gold, they would be able to create the machine to destroy Francium.”

“Who is this Professor Lidenbroc?”, asked Silver.

“It is the codename of RgAuO2. I had to give you some indication that I would be in Germany.”

“So what were you doing on that device”, asked Silver.

“I was working about one of the hopes of stopping Francium, there is a rare element, which is only found in the centre of the earth, that may stop Francium.”

Just then RgAuO2, or the Professor work up. And said, “What happened?”

Carbon then told him the story. “With Roentgenium and Gold Combined, not only should you be able to stop Francium's, but you should also keep the Oxygen in check.”

“What about me, Gold!” Said the Gold part of him.

“Yes, I know that you would rather gain electrons to have a full shell, then loose them, but remember that this is only a temporary discomfort, once we destroy Francium, we will separate you.

“Where are we going now?”, asked Zinc.

“We need to do two things, we need to build a rocket, and get the the centre of the earth.”, said Carbon.

And so, Carbon became a regular atom again, and the new ReAuO2 was formed. And they set out, once again to destroy Francium.

Chapter X:From the Earth to the MoonEdit

Francium had just returned to his fortress, and found out what had happened. And after dumping 50 Alkali Metals into his pool of acid, he summoned an atom of lithium that watched over his titanium stock.

“How much spare titanium do I have?” asked Francium's.

“About one weeks worth, we were expecting a shipment from the mines sometime today.” said the atom.

“Then in three weeks, when the suit I'm wearing now, AND the extras are used up, I will split, and loose all of my power, and decay into something smaller.”


“Can the mines produce enough titanium by then?”

“No, it would take them two weeks just to repair the damages, and another-”

“Then I have but one choice, I must go to the moon, where my suit won't oxidise.”

With that, Francium dismissed the atom, and ordered that a rocked be prepared.”

“It will be ready in five days sir”, said the atom that was making it.

The events that you have just read took place while Carbon and company were in Germany. But now on March 26, 2018, at 12 PM GMT, the rocket was ready. Francium was talking to the atom that would be in charge while he was away. It was Caessium.

“Tell me when a new suit is ready”, said Francium.

“Yes sir”

“Also, be sure to look into this little matter with Copper.”

“Yes sir.”

And after saying a few more things, Francium got onto his ship, and it launched.

I know need to tell you that ships have been improved. Rockets can now turn with ease. And there is enough life support for them to support elements for about three months. So Francium would not die before new titanium was built. Also, the speed of rockets have now been improved, and it only takes them one day to reach the moon, rather then the original three.

Carbon had sent Phosphorus out to procure rockets, however, they were more like missiles. Zinc wanted to know why they needed missiles. Carbon said that they had to stop rouge blocks of Francium from falling to the earth. Zinc was a mazed that Carbon was thinking that far ahead.

While Carbon, Copper, Phosphorus, and Zinc were working on rockets, ReAuO2 and Silver were working on creating a way to get to the centre of the earth.

“The real problem will be getting through the mantel. There we will be going through multant rock. Once we reach the core, we should have few problems”, said ReAuO2.

“So we create a vessel that can't leak”, said Silver.

“Yes, but it also has to stay solid at that temperature”, said ReAuO2.

Fortunately, Carbon's group had a bit more success. Carbon, had many connections.

The next day, the rockets arrived.

“I have the rockets, they're in the secret missile sylome you told me to put them in”, said Phosphorus.

“Good”, said Carbon.

The next day, March 27, at 12:30 PM, the rocket landed. Francium stepped out of the rocket, onto the lifeless moon. The reader may be thinking, how can Francium survive on the moon? The answer is quite simple, do to the protection of his titanium suite, he has everything he needs (with the exception of food) to live on the moon, for about one month anyway.

Also, on this very day ReAuO2 and Silver had some luck.

“By taking the magma, and running through this synthesizer”, said ReAuO2, holding up the blueprints of a synthesizer”, we should be able to make our journey to the centre of the Earth.”

“The machine will take about a week to build”, said Silver

“We don't have that time”, said Zinc.

“But that is what it will take”, said Carbon.

“No, there is a crystal that can increase the time to about two days, it will also make the machine more efficient”, said ReAuO2.

“Where is it?”, asked Zinc.

“In Francium personal fortress”, said Silver.

“Zinc and I will get this crystal, Phosphorus and Copper, I need you to get as many rockets ready as possible”, said Carbon.

Chapter XI:Here today, gone tomorrowEdit

Caesium was sitting in his office. When the element walked in, Caesium was facing a wall.

“Has Francium reached the moon yet?”, asked Caesium.

“Yes”, said the element.

“Good”, Caesium responded, “And how are the mines going?”

“They are on progress”

“Very Good”

“How are we going to get into his fortress, where is his fortress?”, asked Zinc.

Silver said, “By using the power of deduction, we have been able to figure out that it's a mile under Bristol.”

“Francium won't be there”, said Carbon.

“How do you know that?”, asked Zinc.

“Zinc, Zinc, deduction, Carbon knew that Francium would go to the moon, why else would we need rockets, and with Roengtenium's tale, he would have no where else to go”, said Silver.

“Zinc and I will go, and get the crystal”, said Carbon.

“Alright, here is a picture of it”, said Silver, handing them a picture of a bright red object.

With that, Carbon, and Zinc, got into their Hyar, and drove away.

Francium was only on the moon for two hours when he saw it. 'What is that', he thought. He then tor off the front panel and had a look at the wiring. It was amazing, it looked like a ship, much more advanced then any element on earth had created. It could reach another solar system in about a week! To add to that, the weapons on the ship were incredible. Anyone with these weapons would be able to take over Earth, with ease. Then he saw why it was left there. It was ruined! It had taken several shots, and it's power source looked like it was almost dead.

Looking at the ship, Francium soon realized that it would take a few months for it to be ready to fly, but the weapons, with only a few wire jiggles, they should be back on line.

“It's really amazing”, said Zinc, as they were approaching Bristol, “That you could figure out where his Fortress is. But how are we going to go a mile under the surface?”

“We'll go in the front door”, said Carbon.

“What, HOW!”

“All you have to do is leave some of you're electrons in the the Hyar. And hide you're protons and neutrons. This will only work once thought.”

The Hyar stopped, and Carbon, and Zinc got out. At the door, they were stopped by a guard.

“What are you doing here?”, asked the guard.

“We need leave a message for Francium”, said Carbon

“Leave it with me”, said the guard.

“I can't, you don't have enough clearance to hear it”, said Carbon.

“Fine, go in”, said the guard, opening the door.

Carbon and Zinc walked in.

Silver was looking at a scan of the Earth's' core. It was not very good, and it was very difficult to tell what anything was. But it looked solid. Silver saw the element that they were looking for, but he saw something else. “ ReAuO2, you're going to want to see this”, he said.

ReAuO2, who was working on the machine that would go to the centre of the Earth, came running. “What is it?”, he asked.

Silver pointed to a blob on the screen, and said, “look, there's something else down there.”

After taking out several guards, Carbon and Zinc were in Francium's private quarter's, about a mile under the surface. “What does it look like?”, asked Zinc.

“I don't know”, said Carbon, “but when we take it out the fortress will weaken.”


“The crystal is holding the fortress in place. Once it leaves, then the ground will callaps on it. Also, we have about 5 minutes to fine the crystal before guards will come in.”

To find the crystal in this room was incredibly hard, but to find it in five minutes, that would be impossible.

However, four minutes and thirty seconds later, Zinc found a red stone. He showed it to Carbon, who said, “yep, thats what were looking for.” But just as he said it, the door opened, and a guard came in.

“What are you doing here!?!”, he said.

“Interesting”, said ReAuO2.

“What do you think it is”, ask Silver.

“I don't know”, said ReAuO2, “Why don't you deduce what it is.”

“I don't have enough evidence to make a deduction.”

“Then we must finish up the machine.”

Carbon, pushed the guard down, and made a run for it. Zinc fallowed him. “How are we going to get out of here with all of these guards?”

“We will distract them”, said Carbon, who grabbed a vase, and threw it at a pillar. The building started to shake. “Without this crystal to keep the building together, one pillar braking will take down the building. We have five minutes to get out.”

For most of the journey, there was no incidents. But just as they were about to get to the top floor, the ceiling collapsed on Zinc. Carbon had to pull Zinc out, and drag him out of the building. Just as they got out of the building, it collapsed.

“Can you walk Zinc?”, asked Carbon.

“N, n, o, no”, Zinc gasped out.

Then Carbon dragged Zinc to the Hyar. And drove as fast as he could to ReAuO2, and Silver.

The most important not I need to make is that there are two chapters missing. This is because I ran out of time to make them, to much LibriVox..., audio book making. Anyway, here is a brief synapses of what will happen in these two chapters.

The elements make it to the centre of the globe. There they found an alien looking device which had the stoichiometry roadmap in it. They also found the chemical they were looking for. Then a cave in occurs, and they have to flee back to the surface. There Copper solves the riddle of the map. Then the story continues...

Also the entire chapter XV is the entire A level, the rest is just a story.

Chapter XII:TechnologyEdit

“What happened!!!”, yelled Caesium.

“I don't know”, said the guard.


“We don't know.”

Caesium then got very mad, and threw the guard against a wall.

On March 28, at 5:13 PM Carbon and Zinc got back to the machine.

“What happened?”, asked ReAuO2.

“A roof fell on him”, said Silver.

“Yes, I had to treat him in the Hyar, but he could still use any help you can give him”, said Carbon.

Francium was on the radio with Caesium. In the past, such a conversation would have incredible delay. But now, with improved devises, there was only a small delay.

“I have found a weapon”, said Francium, “I need you to send a crew up with a Fd345aB.” The Fd345aB was a power source. It mad all of the power sources in the past look like alkaline batteries.

Zinc opened his eyes. “What happened?”, he asked.

“After you got into the Hyar, you passed out.” said Carbon.

“I feel like my legs have two tons on them”, Zinc said.

“Yes, ReAuO2 is using experimental medesin on you. If it works, your leg should be healed in three days. But we don't think you can make the journy to the center of the earth”, said Carbon.

“I agree, but what time and day is it?”, asked Zinc.

“It is March 29, 2018, and the time is 12:05 PM. We will be leaving for the center of the earth in about an hour. However Phosphorus will be staying behind with you”, said Carbon. And with that Zinc closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Deep in the bowels of space, there ware several asteroids. But in this particular quadrant of space there was a ship, inside this ship there were two people. One of them was named Allen Green. The entire reason they were on this ship was chronicled in the book entitled “The Green Odyssey.” by Philip José Farmer. As of this moment, their adventure doesn't matter. But what does matter is that there planet was only a few days away from earth.

The reader may be wondering why they are people and not atoms. The answer is simple. the disaster that took place on earth, did not take place on other planets.

Back on earth. Carbon and company were setting off for the center of the globe.

Chapter XIII:A Journey to the Centre of the EarthEdit

With a loud bang, the machine started up. A great drill started to spin. At first slow, but the speed grew faster, and faster, until it was fire red.

Meanwhile on the moon, the team that Francium had ordered had arrived.

The most important not I need to make is that there are two chapters missing. This is because I ran out of time to make them, to much LibriVox..., audio book making. Anyway, here is a brief synapses of what will happen in these two chapters.

The elements make it to the centre of the globe. There they found an alien looking device which had the stoichiometry roadmap in it. They also found the chemical they were looking for. Then a cave in occurs, and they have to flee back to the surface. There Copper solves the riddle of the map. Then the story continues...

Also the entire chapter XV is the entire A level, the rest is just a story.

Chapter XIV:Cave inEdit

Chapter XV:The Stoichiometry RoadmapEdit

“What is that?!?”, asked Phosphorus.

“I think it's a sort of chart, or map”, said ReAuO2.

“Of what?”, asked Phosphorus.

“It looks like it can convert Atoms, to moles, to grams, to leaders, to atoms again.”

“And what good is that going to do us!?!”

“Several things”, said Copper. “we can use it for finding the wright amount of material to use of this new substance we found. We can also use it with the chemicle reactions we will need to use to defeat Francium.”

“Show me”, said Phosphorus.

“Sir, this is incredible”, said one of Francium's workers.

“Yes, yes, yes, but can you fix it!” yelled Francium.

“With ease”, said a worker, as he took out his screw driver, and tightened a bolt.

“We have have 20 Leaders of water(H20), 20 Grams of Copper, no, not me, but an unintelligent Copper(Cu), and 15 Leaders of Fluorine(F). I want to make H2F, and CuO2”, said Copper.

“So it's a Single Replacement and a Synthesis reaction?”, asked Phosphorus.

“Yes”, said Copper, “now we need to figure how much of each substance we can make, and what reaction will stop more of the reaction from having more made, this is called the limiting reactant.”

“Well that's easy, “said Phosphorus”, “It's Fluorine, with only 15 Leaders.

“So it would appear”, said Carbon, “But let me show you, we will do two things, we will figure out on paper how much we will get, then we will actually do the experiment. Do you have a piece of paper?”


“OK, the first thing we need to do is balance the equation, remember to start with the biggest element.”

“We are approaching Earth!”, said the Captain of the Ship.

“Good”, said Green, “It will be good to see home again.”

“Beginning decent”, said the Captain.

“Add a two there and it should be good”, said Copper.

The balanced equation;

2H2O + 2F + Cu -> 2H2F + CuO2

“Now to make life easy on ourselves, lets put the amounts on under the equation”, said Copper.

The balanced equation with amounts;

2H2O + 2F + Cu -> 2H2F + CuO2

20L 15L20g?L?L

“Looks easy enough, but what does the roadmap have to do with this?”, asked Phosphorus.

“It looks like we divide the amount leaders by 22.4”, said Copper. “Lets start with water and H2F”


20L | mole |

    | 22.4L  |

“Wait, where did the extra leaders and mole come from?”, asked Phosphorus.

“We divided it by 22.4 L/mole, and division is the inverse of multiplication”, said Copper.

“OK, so what do we do now”, asked Phosphorus.

“We multiply it by the molar ratio, which is what you want divided by what you know..”


20L | mole | 2 |

    | 22.4L  | 2 |

“Two more questions, first where did you get those 2s from?” said Phosphorus.

“Look, there is a 2 in front of each of the eliments”, said Copper, pointing to the balanced equation.

“And can't those 2s cansel each other out?”

“Yes, the L can as whell.”


20L | mole | 2 |

    | 22.4L  | 2 |

“We have reached the point of limiting reactant, now all we need to do is calculate”, said Copper.

“It's 0.892857143”, said Phosphorus.

“You don't need to say all that, just write down all the significant figures.”

“But what are they?”

“All of the ones before the decimal, with the exception of continues zeros, and then add numbers after the decimal until you have one more then the largest number, The answer will be the same as the smallest number, but for now lets be accurate.”

“So it's 0.8929, I was supposed to round right?”

“Yes, that was correct.”

“Now what?”, asked Phosphorus.

“We need to solve for water and CuCO2.

“Phosphorus and Copper are working on the roadmap”, said Carbon.

“So what can we do”, asked Zinc, whose leg was now fully recovered.

“Francium has gone to the moon, we must follow him”, said Silver.

“I can get a ship ready within the day”, said ReAuO2.

“Here it is”, said Phosphorus.


20L | mole | 1 |

    | 22.4L  | 2 |

“And the calculation is... 0.4464”, said Phosphorus.

“Yes”, said Copper.


Water to H2F: 0.8929 mol.

F to H2F: ?

Cu to H2F: ?

Water to CuO2: 0.4464 mol.

F to CuO63.5462: ?

Cu to CuO2: ?

Phosphorus and Copper worked for several minutes, and they had-

15L | mole | 2 |

    | 22.4L  | 2 |

15L | mole | 1 |

    | 22.4L  | 2 |


Water to H2F: 0.8929 mol.

F to H2F: 0.6696 mol.

Cu to H2F: ?

Water to CuO2: 0.4464 mol.

F to CuO2: 0.3348 mol.

Cu to CuO2: ?

“Wait, how do we do grams?”, asked Phosphorus.

“It's easy, first we need the atomic mass of Cu, which is-”, started Copper.

“63.546”, said Phosphorus holding up a periodic table.

“And you divide by that”, said Copper.

“And so you get...”

20g | mole | 2 |

    | 63.55g  | 1 |

“...0.62943”, said Phosphorus.

“Yes, now do that with CuCO2”, said Copper.

20g | mole | 2 |

    | 63.55g  | 2 |

“It's 0.31471”

“Wright it down.”


Water to H2F: 0.8929 mol.

F to H2F: 0.6696 mol.

Cu to H2F: 0.62943 mol.

Water to CuO2: 0.4464 mol.

F to CuO2: 0.3348 mol.

Cu to CuO2: 0.31471 mol.

“Now we need to find the limiting reactant”, said Copper.

“How will we do that”, asked Phosphorus.

“What's the lowest number?”

“It's Cu to CuO2, wait, there were 20 g of it!”

“Yes, there are two reasons why, first its a different unit, and depending on the size of the atom, we will get a different number.”

“Interesting, now what?”

“Lets figure out the number of atoms, grams, and Leaders we will get.”

“How is that possible?”

“Look at the other side of the map, it's the same thing inverted.”

“So we get...”

0.31471 mol. | 22.4 L

          | mol.

“...7.0 L”, said Phosphorus, “Wait, what do I multiply to get grams?”

“The atomic mass of CuO2”, said Copper.

Which is...

Cu: 1X63.54: 63.54

O: 2X15.99: 31.98


“...95.52, so we have...”

0.31471 mol. | 95.52g

          | mol.

“...30.1g”, said Phosphorus, “and it looks like to get the number of atoms, we multiply by 6.02 X 10^23, right?”

“Yes, but in your answer, don't multiply by 10^23, but just add it on the end.”

“OK, so we have...”

0.31471 mol. | 6.02 X 10^23

          | mol.

“...1.89 X 10^23.”

“Yes, that is completely correct!!! Now we are going to find how much will actually be made, or the practice yeald.”

“What did we just figure out?”

“The theoretical yeald.”

They walked over to the lab, and putt the elements in a mixing bowl.

“10 years ago, this experiment probibly wouldn't be able to happen, but now...”

Copper polled a lever, and a huge ZAP, came out of the roof.

Caesium was sitting in his office. He was talking with Franciam.

“The elements have broken into your fortress, and I think they have made it to the centre of the earth”, said Caesium.

After about five minutes of strange events, the reaction finished.

“Weigh it”, said Copper.

“The scale says its 25.4 g”, said Phosphorus.

“Now if you divide the Theoretical yeald with the practice yeald, we get the precentige yeald, which is-”

“0.84, or about 84%”, said Phosphorus.

“Yes, and thats about how we will use this map”, said Copper.

But just then the liquid began to sizzle. And the shape changed. It was forming into something.

“What's happening!?!”, yelled Phosphorus.

“I don't know!”, said Copper back.

It was finished, and it looked like a green slime monster, “hello”, it said.

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