Chapter V:HyarEdit

There was a spy watching the entire conversation that took place in the previous chapter. I now feel at liberty to tell you of his unfortunate adventure.

Sodium was on country side duty. He was not happy, this was the dullest job there was. But just when he was about to get a cup of cufoxide, an exiting event occurred. A group of elements were talking.

“No, Carbon is the only one who new how to destroy Francium. We need to get him?” is how Copper responded to this statement.

“And do you have any ingenious ideas on how to free him?” retorted Phosphorus.

Zinc interrupted with “Great Scott! Those Oxygen atoms must have combined with Carbon to make-”

“CO2. There is only one way to separate them now”, responded Copper “Is to shock them with a high voltage electric shock.”

Thoughts flourished through the Sodium atom, 'Was this the elements that Francium blew up? Yes, it was! How did they escape?!? No matter, I must tell Francium. Do I have my communication device. NO! How stupid of me! I thought I wouldn't need it. No matter, I will just go talk to him in person.'

With that he got up and began to walk, 'What is this? Carbon is dead? No, only Oxidised. And now the only way to get him back is to shock them with lightning? Francium will be glad to hear of that. However, this Copper fellow, he still seams like a formidable enemy. HOW DID THEY ESCAPE!?!'

This atom of Sodium was paying such little attention, that he walked right off a five foot drop. He didn't die, but he badly twisted his neutrons. He was unable to move. After sitting there for approximately three hours, an atom called Fluorine (which is one of the Halogens), crept up. And in a flash of light, you had a new element called SF, or Sodium-Fluoride And just as Carbon had lost control of his body, the atom of Sodium lost control of his. And Francium never heard a word of what happened that day.

I will now cover the first part of the adventures of Copper, and Zinc. The date was now March 18, 2018, and the time read 9:00 AM GMT. Copper and Zinc's first act was to obtain a Hyar. Since Manchester was destroyed, neither of them had a Hyar, they needed to find one.

“Gold will have a Hyar, so the one we get does not need to be good”, is what Copper said.

The nearest city was Tamworth. There they found a Hyar rental place. They had nearly every model of Hyars. From 2011 to the current date 2018. An employee stepped out, and greeted this little group.

The Employee said “I've got a great line up of Hyars. Would you like the 2016s Trimeron, only 100 Cherons a day?”

Copper said, “No, that's too expensive, what-”

“How about the 2014s Hilibolo, only 50 Cherons a day?”

“No, what do you have for 10 Cherons a day?”

“We have the 2012s, Formalot.”

“We'll take it.”

“We need it back by April 5.”

“That will due”

And pulling out the contract the employee said, “please sign on the dotted line.”

Copper said “OK”, and signed the paper.

Then after a tad more paperwork, Copper, and Zinc, drove of in the Formalot.

Now the Hyar that these partners bought was old; it broke down far too much. After an hour and a half of driving, the Hyar broke down. Fortunately Copper was a skilled auto mechanic. I shall now recount the tell of the fixing of the Hyar. The time was now 11:00 AM GMT. And the partners were in the south part of the UK.

The Hyar was going fine. until the frequency of the exhaust waves became long. Then with a loud, HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm......... the Hyar stopped.

“By Jove, there will be no way of saving Carbon now!” Exclaimed Zinc.

Copper and Zinc got out of the Hyar. And after lifting the lid, and examining the parts for a moment or two, Copper Exclaimed, “It is only a problem with the Inomatic Hyrperfloughtley, it should only take an hour or so to fix.”

“Well, it doesn't appear that we have much choice.”

Copper and Zinc talked much while Copper was fixing the Hyar, but only small bits of it pertained to our story, these parts I will now share with you.

Boron was saying, “So we our going through the Chunnel2?”

“Yes, that is why we rented this Hyar, rather then getting on a boat or a plane.”

“Just as long as this Hyar doesn't break down again...”

No more of this conversation is important to this story. However, I may talk about it at a later time, or in a different tale.

Just as Carbon was fixing the last Fromarotub he said “The Hyar is fixed, but it may soon brake again.”

“Good show”, is how Zinc returned the coment.

These two elements got back into the Hyar, and started driving towards the Chunnel.

There was yet another spy watching Copper and Zinc. He had to contact Francium, but how? If he went to him in person, these two elements would get away. No he had to fallow them.

'So how do I contact Francium? STUPID, I will use my communication device.'

While he was driving his Hyar, fallowing Copper and Zinc, he got out his radio. However let this be a lesson, never talk on a cellphone, and drive, or you shall end up like this spy here today.

He had just got out his phone, but since he wasn't looking at the road, there was a stoplight about 2 ribodlids away. He slammed on his brakes. He lost control of his phone, and it flew out the side window, which was currently open. He was about to get it, however, just as it hit the ground, a huge double Hyar, came up, and smashed it to a pulp.

There was now no way to contact Francium, but in person, and in that time, Copper and Zinc could escape. He had to fallow them. However, if they stopped, he could overtake them, and capture them. Francium would promote him for sure. It would be an easy matter to overtake them in that little excuse for a Hyar they were in.

With the smashing of the cellphone, Copper and Zinc noticed that they were being fallowed.

Copper said, “If this Hyar brakes down again, we shall be overtaken.”

Zinc said, “Then how can we prevent this car from braking?”

“This car will break again soon, and there is no way from saving it, we must get away from this spy!”

“Great Scott! Our little journey just keeps getting more, and more exciting!”

“This is only the beginning.”

They had driven for another hour, and they had reached the beginning of the Chunnel.

Copper said, “This car only has about ten minuets of driving left in it, after that, we will have to pull over and make repairs.”

And so Zinc said, “The plot thickens, we must loose him now.”

“Yes, but it should be fairly easy to loose him in the Chunnel, but...”

“But what?”

“We will need to get out of the Chunnel, and at our top speed, that take about ten minuets.”

“We'll be cutting it close.”

“Lets go!”

The spy did not expect to see anything like this. Could such small atoms, in such a small Hyar go that fast? No matter, he had to fallow them. And he sped up.

Zinc looked back, and saw the spy speeding up, and he told Copper so.

Copper replied with, “Good, now if we can get him to crash into another Hyar, we will have the necessary time to get away.”

And so they sped up.

They were going far to fast to be safe. But what did it matter? If they slowed down the spy would catch them.

The spy saw them, 'What, they've seen me! They are trying to get away! I must fallow them.'

This high speed chase continued on for five minutes.

“I would guess this Hyar has about five more minutes left in it!” said Copper.

“How long will it take us to get out of the tunnel!?!” asked Zinc.

“About six minutes!”

They had to yell, they were going fast, and there was many a Hyar whizzing by.

Just then Zinc saw a huge double3 heading for them, and said, “Look, the person driving the double is drunk! We can trick him into driving in our lane.”

And with that Copper made a turn into the opposite lane. There was many a bad gesture, but the person driving the double went into the other lane.

'What, these elements are stupid! And yet, smart, we MUST DESTROY THEM!!!'

The spy tried to go into a different lane, but he only succeeded in loosing control of his Hyar. The double drew closer to him, and BOOM!!! With sparks, the two Hyars Crashed.

There was a big crash, over a dozen Hyars hit the spy, however, Copper and Zinc maneged to get into their lane again, and kept driving.

Zinc was ecstatic, “We made it! Even if our Hyar breaks down again, the spy will be injured, and won't be able to get us!”

Copper was not as excited. “Yes, but I'm sure a dozen people saw us. We can't let them get us.

There it was, they saw the light, they only needed to go a bit further.


“Great Scott!'


“Five more feet!”


“Were out!”


Copper had to head for a bush. That way nobody would see it, and so he could come back and retrieve the Hyar.

hhhhhmhmhmh'The nearest bush is Five yards away!'


'Two yards!'


In the bush! YES!!!


Coper and Zinc then got out of the car, and headed to the nearest bus stop, they still needed to find Gold. The time was now 4 PM GMT+1.

Chapter VI:News, Views, and a Journey to the Centre of the EarthEdit

Francium saw the news that night. As usual, he was not paying much attention.

“...There is a bit of a dispute between France and SpaCheronsin...” Was the words that was coming out of Francium's helivigion4. Yes, Francium thought little of the news, until he heard.

“...There was a crash in the Chunnel today. We got the crash on tape. The car that caused it was rented. However we only caught a glimpse of one of the element that started it, we will tell you who, after the break.”

The commercials came on, “...Would you like to go into space? With out new Eurallama Rocket, you can go into space for as little at 5,000 Cherons a day!...” Yes, they had even less importance then the news. But then it came back on.

“...So we told you that a crash took place in the Chunnel. We saw an element of Copper, or something similar, in the Hyar wich was rented. The elements got away, but we are tracking any use of the car with that licence plate.”

“ELECTRONS!!!” yelled Francium.

One of his guards, puzzled by what he saw asked, “Who are these people?”

Francium answered with, “They are the elements we failed to bomb, in Manchester, and they got away.”

The guard still puzzled asked, “But we are tracking there license plate, won't we find them?”

“Yes, but they will abandon the Hyar, and will proceed on foot.”

And with that, the conversation was abruptly finished, with the guard falling into a pool of liquid, called acid.

Phosphorus and Silver were on a plane to Moscow. On the plane was a television, showing the same news that Francium was watching.

“...So we told you that a crash took place in the Chunnel. We saw an element of Copper, or something similar, in the Hyar wich was rented. The elements got away, but we are tracking any use of the car with that licence plate.”

“What the duce, Copper and Zinc have been discovered, but why was there a spy fallowing them?” Said Silver.

“How do you know that?!?” Asked Phosphorus.

“Why would Copper attract such attention to himself? The only reason why Copper would do that would be because he was trying to run away from someone.”

“How do you even know it's our Copper, maybe it's another Copper.”

“Yes but the Chunnel connects the UK to France. And France is where Copper and Zinc our going.”

On March 19, 2018 at 6:00 AM GMT+3 The plane arrived at Moscow. And three hours later Silver and Phosphorus were out of the air port.

Phosphorus had no idea on how to find CO2, so he asked Silver what there next move would be.

Silver responded with, “Well Carbon is smart, and Oxygen is mischievous. So when you put the two of them together...”

“You are giving a brain to a person without a conchince.”

“Precisely, now all we need to do is watch the news.”

“Then why did we come here?!? We could have watched the news at home!”

“Yes, but Russia is unstable, so CO2 is most likely here.”

And with that Silver, and Phosphorus got a room in the Periodanic, the local hotel. Then they went out, on there quest to find CO2.

At 12:26 PM GMT+3, Copper and Phosphorus found a sign of Carbon. They were on there way to lunch when they saw a museum taped off. There were several police officers, and camera atoms there.

Silver stopped to ask what happened to a museum attendant.

The attendant answered with, “A molecule, which appeared to have Carbon, and Oxygen in it, came into our museum. He was fine, until he saw our exhibit of a chunk of asteroid, which saposidly created a crater, that went to the centre5 of the earth.”

Silver, who was listening to every detail, then said. “Go on.”

“He then kept mentioning a Professor Otto Lidenbroc. I believe that's the name of the professor that went to the centre of the Earth, in Jules Verne's novel, 'Journey to the Interior of the Earth', strange, anyway after a while, he went baserk, and took a piece of the meteor, and ran away.”

“Thank you for you time.”

With that, Copper, and Phosphorus left, and went back to there hotel.

“So,” inquired Phosphorus, “What do you make of all this?”

“I believe that CO2, is actually going to the centre of the earth.”

“Who do you sapose this Professor Otto Lidenbroc is?”

“As the museum attendant said, Lidenbroc was the person who went to the centre of the Earth. There supposedly was a crater in Iceland that went there.”

“But didn't he get stopped by magma?”

“In the novel, there was no such thing; the earth stayed about the same temperature.”

“So is that where we're going?”


“Then where are we going?”

“To Germany”

“What! How absurd! Why are we going there!?!”

“Lidenbroc lived in Germany.”

“But the caves in Iceland?” Phosphorus still didn't see the connection.

“Honestly Phosphorus, you must learn the power of deduction. He kept muttering Lidenbroc's name-”

“But he TOOK a piece of the meteor!”

“So he intends to go there, but if he wants to go to the center of the Earth, then he will need more then just his protons.”

“Who is this Lidenbroc fellow anyway? He can't be a person, they are all gone.”

“It is most likely not a person, but a project, a project to go to the centre of the Earth.”

“And we need to stop him from getting there.”

“Yes, who knows what plan he has...”

And with that Copper and Phosphorus booked flights for the next day. But since they were on the plane all night, they repaired to there beds, and went to sleep. Not knowing of the danger they were in...

Chapter VII:Around the World in 80 SecondsEdit

Roentgenium was working on a top secret project. He was trying to find a way to go around the world in 80 seconds. Yes Dr. Vodwick (1970- 2009) created a ship that could go around the world in 80 seconds, but this was of no use. Nothing could be shipped, nor could any elements be put on it, for the ship would explode at the end of the trip. No, this would be a vessel, that could take elements around the world in 80 seconds.

Roentgenium and two other elements new about the project. This is why the project was taking far too long to complete. For, Roentgenium was not allowed to tell anyone about the project. However, the world of this smart element was about to be turned upside down...

One of the people that knew about the project was a member of the A.F. (Atomic Federation). He was getting old, and had no intention of divulging the secret. The other was Carbon. Yes, the Carbon that had been taken over by Oxygen.

But something was wrong, he was sapost to get a call from Carbon now. Where was he? No matter, he would keep working on his project. His project. Roentgenium's project was nearing it's finish. The first prototype was ready. Once he was done, there was a world of possibilities.

He was about to test this vehicle, if it could go around the world in 80 seconds without exploding, then it would be done. The only thing left would be too fix a few problems, here and there, and polish the machine.

Yes, around the world in 80 seconds, it was surprising that nothing ever noticed it. The machine was going far to fast for any radar, and no camera could catch it.

Roentgenium, started up the machine, and grabbed the fire button, but just when he was about to push it, the machine went silent. Only two things could have caused this. The first is that the machine was broken, the second was that some atom was on the phone or at the door. Yes, he could here the phone. And he walked over to it, to pick it up.

As he lowered his arm he thought it was Carbon, returning his call. His fingures raped around the grip of the phone. And with one pull, it was off of the receiver.

“Hello”, he said.

As I have stated earlier, Francium is a smart fellow. He is not the smartest element in the world, but he is not stupid. Francium was determined to stop Copper and Zinc. Francium knew that the Chunnel went from the UK to France. And since they were already in the UK, they must have been going to France. But why? Would in not be more fruitful to stay in the UK. That's were Francium was. What other mission did they have? Francium new where his best clue was. He had to go to the Hyar rental place. There he would find a clue, and would take measures to stop Copper, and Zinc. Yet, another question was still on his mind, where was Carbon? Why wasn't he in the car? This did not puzzle him for long. Francium got up, and order that he be taken to the rental place.

“WHAT!” Yelled Roentgenium.

“Are you going to do it?”

“FINE!” And he hung up.

The reader may notice that Roentgenium was not happy. He had just been ordered to destroy his machine. He needed to hit it directly on the mines that dug up titanium. If he didn't, they would come and destroy his work. But who are they? He didn't know that many people new about the project?

'Oh well, I will still have my work, and another prototype should be finished in two months, if all goes well.'

Roengtenium began to make preporations for the strike...

Francium was now at the rental place.

Francium was an element, and he asked, “Did you give the car to the elements that caused the crash?”

“If you are talking about the Chunnel, then yes.”

“I need your paperwork.”

“Here, I checked it after the incident and everything they put is fake. But what I gave them is all there.”

“Good”, said Francium, as he took the paperwork. Then he left to go back to his secret fortress.

Roengtenium was finished. All he needed to do was to push a button, and in two seconds, all the mines that produced titanium would be destroyed. A sudden wave of doubt crossed over his mind. Why should he do this? At least it would slow Francium down. AND WHO WAS THE ATOM THAT CALLED HIM!?!

Finally, he pressed the button. The engines fired up. And instantly, the machine was gone...

Copper and Zinc were still in France. And they were nearing Gold's position.

“So what are we going to do when we find Gold?” Asked Zinc.

“We will get find some way to get Carbon zapped by lightning”, said Copper, as they continued to walk.

On March 21, 2018, at 9:00 AM GMT+1, they reached Rennes, which is where Gold was at.

“Now, all we need to do is find him.” Said Copper.

The machine hit right on the target. There was no more titanium mines. This was a serious blow to Francium.

'Great, now I need to start working on that prototype.' thought Roengtenium.

He got up, and looked at his blueprints. But then he thought 'What if I am forced to do the same thing again?' He put away his blueprints, and started working on a new project.

Phosphorus woke up. He smelt something funny, as if the air was being sucked out of the building. And being replaced with something else. But what? It didn't matter, he had to get out of there. So he tried to wake Silver, he would not wake. So he grabbed Silver by the electrons, and began to drag him out. When he got to the check out counter, he used the automatic check out machine. Then he dragged Silver out of the door. Five minutes later, the building exploded.

“Hello, Where is my bed?” Asked Silver, who had just woken up.

Phosphorus then gave an account of what happened.

Silver then said, “We must head to the airport, but first, let us go for a stroll.”

Chapter VIII:GoldEdit

“Copper!” Exclaimed Gold, “How are you doing?”

As the reader has probably already realized, Copper and Zinc had just found Gold.

“Not so good”, exclaimed Copper, as he told the story of all that had happened.

“Well your in luck! I have been working on a project that will help you get CO2 zapped.”“But won't that kill him?” asked Zinc

“We think that the energy will go into the bonds, then with all this extra energy, they will come closer. When this energy is no longer applied, it will spring away like a rubber band. Yes, he will be unconscious, but we think he will far enough away from Oxygen for the bonds to be reestablished. Then we need to lock Oxygen up while he's unconscious, and we will have Carbon back.”

“And you intestinally knew this.” said Copper.

“No, this is all theoretical, WE have never done this before. Before, we could just use other molecules for this process. Such as plants, but now that they are destroyed...”

“...We have to use something else.”

“Exactly, but for all we know, it will kill him.”

“What?!?” said Zinc.

“Do you have any better ideas?” Asked Gold.

“No not really, but what is this 'we' stuff, why don't you just come out and state 'his' name?”

“He wishes to remain anonymous. When I see that I can trust you, I will tell you his name.”


“So where is he?” said Gold.

“We don't know, we sent Silver and Phosphorus to find him, but they haven't talked to us yet, currently they're in Russia.” said Copper.

“So, are we going to take a plane there?” asked Gold.

“No, didn't you see us on the news, by Jove if we go on a plane we will be arrested on the spot.”

“A road trip then, I have a Hyar.” said Gold.

And with that, Gold grabbed his little toy, and got in his Hyar. They started heading east.

These three elements were in the Hyar, nearing the edge of France when they started talking about how the zapping devise worked.

“Actually it wasn't designed to zap people, that was just a small byproduct of this portion of the machine works”, said Gold, holding up a little box.

“What does that do”, asked Zinc

“It creates an extremely high amount of static electricity. So when we touch it to a peace of wool or fur, it will create a big shock. And to help channel that shock, so Carbon feels it more, we will use a sort of lightning rod.”

“And so that is what we are going to do.”

“Well, yes and no, we won't need an external piece of wool, or a lightning rod. We have that inside the box. What we will do is place the box on Carbon, and remotely activate it.”

Copper interjected with, “Are you sure that a big enough shock will be produced.”

“Maybe”, said Gold, “But if we can do this during a thunderstorm, then hopefully the lightning will be attracted to the shock, or at least the rod. Then all the shock will be big enough for sure.”

Silver and Phosphorus were now on the plain, headed for Germany. They had stopped at a sporting shop and bought perashoots, just in case some unscrupulous fellow tried to bomb the plain.

“So what do we do now?” Asked Phosphorus.

“Maybe Copper and Zinc have made some progress. We should call them.”

So Phosphorus picked up the phone, and dialed 314-159, which was the number that Copper had given them.

“Hello”, came a voice from the phone.

“Zinc! how are you doing!” said Phosphorus.

“Fine, we have found gold and we are driving in a Hyar to find you, where are you.”

“We are in a plane, headed for Germany.”

“GERMANY! Why are you going there.”

“CO2 was here, and he took a piece of rock, which is related to a hole in the ground. It's supposed to go to the centre of the Earth.”

“I read that book, that must have been a piece of hardened lava. It was a volcano in Iceland that went there.”

“Oh, we thought it was a meteor. Anyway did they make it there?”

“Yes, but why are you going to Germany.”

“Silver says that CO2 is going there, because he kept saying ' Professor Otto Lidenbroc'.”

“Ok, we will see you in Germany then.”

And they hung up. And Phosphorus told Silver all that happened on the call.

“Well then, I suppose that Carbon will soon be freed from this Oxygen”, said Silver

Back in the Hyar, Zinc told the rest of the elements what had happened.

“Well, we are in Germany, so I guess the only thing that is left is to drive to the airport”, said Copper.

“And do some research on who this Lidenbroc fellow is, and check the news for any signs of Carbon”, said Gold.

So this little band drove to the Porto'de'atoms, and started looking at the news.

Meanwhile Silver and Phosphorus, were once again in portal danger. Someone was firing at the plane!

“Let's head for the door!” said Phosphorus.

“No, not yet.”

“What do you mean 'not yet'!”

“If we jump out now, we will be shot down.”

“If we stay in here we will be shot down!”

“Yes, but they will think we are dead, and stop shooting.”

This continued for five more minuets. And just when the airport was in site, the right wink of the plane was shot off.

“All right, now”, said Silver.

And with that bit of advice said, Silver and Phosphorus ran to the door, and jumped out.

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