Here is a small story I am making in my spare time. It is no where near finished yet. And no, I really don't have any plans for it, I just like to let it go where it wants to. If anyone would like to fix it up (it's very cluttered in spelling etc.) that would be great.

Chapter I:Francium and CarbonEdit

It is rather strange how the Alkali Metals react to water, if one small chunk of Cesium falls into water, then the entire city can blow up. So imagine what could happen if Francium, an element much larger and more powerful then Cesium falls into water, let's just say, good by to the state. However, Francium is radioactive, that is to say, it breaks down into smaller, less harmful elements. But what would happen if there was a way for Francium to stop its decay? What would happen if Francium, was evil, will the Alkali Metals destroy the world?

Well it just so happens that a group of Potassium atoms got together, and created a new suit, a suit that could hold Francium together, they only made a little suit, only a small subatomic part of Francium could fit into it. The suit was made of Titanium, a light, yet sturdy material. However, Titanium had one weakness, when it came in contact with air, the air became part of it, and slowly, over the course of a few years, the Titanium would rust, and die. But the little subatomic particle of Francium took the Titanium suit. And it did not decay, it stayed, and the world was exposed to Francium.

The Francium grew, it made more Titanium, and made a bigger suit, And eventually there was enough of it to fill a large missile. And when the Titanium would decay, he would just build a new suit, and the Francium continued to grow.

Francium also took the other Alkali Metals, and formed a gang. Most of the other metals didn't decay as Francium does, but those that did, got special suits as well. Francium had Caesium, Rubidium, Potassium, Sodium, and Lithium, on his side. Only hydrogen, the smallest of the Alkali Metals, was not included. Hydrogen, was to small to help the Alkali Metals, also, the other Alkali Metals didn't trust Hydrogen, because it has a tenancy to explode.

With Francium commanding the other Alkali Metals, they could not be stopped, He new just where to send them, and by now Guatamala and Ethiopia, had been destroyed.

All of the other substances had had enough of this, but what were they to do? Who had the power to stop them?

At a local restaurant, McElements, in the United Kingdom, in the city of Manchester, several Elements were siting down to there lunch.

“Did you hear the news?” asked Zinc.

“Francium struck again, in your home town?” replied Silver.

“By Jove, how did you figure that out?” said and astonished Zinc.

“It is quite a simple matter, your face shows extreme disappointment, and anger, so that means you must have lost something important, your voice sounds the same every time you say that Francium struck, and, so, we know that Francium destroyed something precious to you, and it could not have been your wife, because I saw her this morning, and the news couldn't have reported on something that happened an hour ago, so the only remaining thing that is so very important to you, is your home town.” Silver said, without any hesitation. “So as you can see, it's all in deduction”

“You never cease to amaze me Silver”, retorted Zinc, “but yes, my home town has been destroyed. Francium must be stopped.”

“And are you going to stop him?” asked Phosphorus.

“Why no, I was merely stating that-” retorted Zinc.

“Then why are you talking like you are the big one who can stop him?”

“What! I was merely stating that Francium must be destroyed!”

“And who is going to do that?”

“I don't know!”

“I don't think Francium can be destroyed, he has gained to much power. And I don't think that other element has enough power to stop him.”

It was now Carbons turn to enter into the conversation.

“Francium can be stopped,” said he.

“Oh, and you are going to do it.” remarked Phosphorus, rather snidely.

“Precisely” is how carbon answered, with a cool face.

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“ It is quite simple, the only thing keeping Francium in power is his suit, so-”

“So how are we going to get him out of the suit?”

“It is a rather simple matter, we need to keep all Titanium away from him, and get Oxygen to slowly deteriorate the suit, then Francium will break down.”

“If this task is so easy, then why don't you do it?”

“The task will not be easy, it is only a simple matter. But as I have said already, I will do the deed, and destroy Francium.”

All of the people at the table looked at him in astonishment.

“By Jove, you've got to be joking!”Exclaimed Zinc.

“I am not”, replied Carbon, with a smooth face, that showed no anger in it.

And with finishing his sandwich, having exactly 25 bites taken, Carbon, got up from the table, and took exactly 52 steps to the door.


And so it was, that Carbon, the element that holds all organic things together, went out to destroy Francium.

Chapter II:BrillianceEdit

Francium, being a smart element, had spies all over the blue planet that we call earth. It was on March 14, 2018, at precisely 2:18 PM GMT, when one of those spies came into Franciums secret lab, or rather to say, one of them.

Usually, these spies had good news to report, however on this particular day, the spy had a very bad message for Francium, and in turn, himself. For when Francium got bad news, he would tend to throw the spy who gave the message, into a pit of acid, in fact the acid had a 1 on the Ph scale. That is to say that, anyone who touched the acid would instantly loose whatever limb that came in contact with it. However, Francium, a highly intelligent element, did not tell anyone about this, so he got perfect loyalty from his evil minions.

It was this spy's rather unfortunate luck to be the bearer of such bad news.

“Your report!” says the officer, a Rubidium molecule.

“I must speak with Francium himself,” replied the guard, rather urgently.

“It better be important!”

And so the spy, a Lithium molecule was shown into Franciums office.

“Yes”, inquired Francium

“There is a group of elements in Manchester that plan on destroying you!” was the response.

“They will never figure out how to destroy me, guards, send him away!”

“NO WAIT!!! They say that you will break down without your armer, and they say that it will be easy to destroy your armer.”

“I can get more.”

“They say that if they can keep Titanium away from you, then you will be unable to make more.”

“They are crazy.”

“No, one of them has an elaborate plan to do it, and with the help of the others, he will easily be able to destroy you!”

“What!”, said Francium, instantly angry, “who are they!”

“I didn't catch their names, but they are in Manchester, of the UK.”

“Very well, we must destroy them.”

With that Francium pressed a big button, and right where the spy was standing, a hole opened, an he fell right into the ground, where the pit of acid was.

“Guards, prepare me a Potassium bomb, we have a little destruction to do,” was the words that came out of Francium's mouth next.

And with that, a great weapon began to be prepared.

Back in Manchester, Carbon, who finished reading his paper at 11:15 AM, on the 15th of March, repaired to Atom King, where he and the group of elements he met with at McElements two days ago, would eat again. And after stepping on his right foot 55 times, and stepping on is left foot 55.5 times (don't ask me how,) Carbon was at Atom King.

They were in the middle of discussing the properties of water, when they heard a huge BEEP, BEEP!

It was the town alarm, after another few BEEPs, a voice came on the speaker.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, a bomb sent by Francium is headed right for our town lake. Please do not panic while we await our immanent death.”

And of course, when that phrase, “do not panic” is said, everyone has to panic. The entire building had people screaming and running around, however, the group that was discussing water, stayed at the table, but were no longer discussing water.

“Well Mr. Carbon, I bet you didn't foresee that in your plan. There will be no way you will be able to stop Francium now, oh yes, and AHHHHHH!!!! WERE GOING TO DIE!!!” is what Phosphorus had to say.

“What the duce, of course he did!” Then Aluminum continued to say, “Isn't it obvious that due to his cool nature, and his mathematical position, he foresaw this, really Phosphorus, you must learn the power of deduction.”

“By Jove, did you really foresee this Carbon?” Inquired Zinc.

“Yes, it is quite impossible for Francium not to have spies, and they must have overheard us, so they must have overheard us, and went to tell Francium, who got really angry, and dumped him into a pool of acid. The Francium sent a bomb at us.” Is what Carbon responded with.

“If you foresaw this why didn't you take any measures against this?!?” said Phosphorus.

“Of course I did, Copper and I came up with measures to prevent this.”

Copper, who was at the last lunch meting, but had nothing to say, spoke now.

“We know of three dimensions, length, width, and height, without all three of these, an element cannot exist. Any arguments?” No one replied.

“But if an object has only length, width, and height, then it does not exist, it also needs a point in time, the fourth dimension.”

It was now time for Zinc to pipe in. “Wait, I've heard this one before, from H. G. Wells book, 'The Time Machine', what, did you find a way to travel through time!?!”


“Then why don't you do it!?!” Interjected Phosphorus.

“Because of the high amount of energy required to make the jump.”


“We must wait until the bomb hits the water, at that time, the machine which is parked outside, will automatically take all that energy, and use it.”

So the little group went into the vehicle. Once in there, Zinc spoke.

“Are we going back to when Francium was a little decaying substance?”

Aluminum responded by saying “What!, of course not!”

“How on earth could you possibly know?”

“It is rather simple, we don't know enough about where Francium was made, and so, we can't go back and stop him from being created. Also, even if we could find Francium, the world would never know of the Alkali Metals, so Francium would be made again. No, we are not going back to the birth of Francium, just to a few days ago.”

“You are right on every point”, said Copper.

“By Jove...”

Meanwhile, the bomb continued to fall. Eventually it hit the water. And a big BOOM! followed just nano-seconds after the collision.

But the group of elements we were talking about did not feel a thing. For, the moment the bomb went off, the time machine began. And any who looked on at that time, saw a vacant lot.

Chapter III:The World of ElementsEdit

For many a generation people have wondered what it would feel like to travel through time. Some say that you get a sense of falling, others that you see everything go backwards. Actually, when you have a pre set destination, you don't feel anything. You are just there, no movement, no tunnels, no gooey llamas floating through air.

Which brings us to another point I must clear up. The reader may imagine that a machine entering such a journey, would create some sort of explosion. This is purely Science Fiction, and should be left to those shows where such fantasies exist. A machine that travels through time mearly disappears, and the reappears again at its destination.

It just so happens that on March 13, 2018, at 12:05PM GMT, one of these machines showed up, at McElements. However, they were unnoticed because at that precise time, several trucks were getting the trash from several dumpsters.

The Elements that we have so closely fallowed then got out of the machine, put it back into Coppers Lab, and then began to chit-chat.

“So now what do we do, Carbon?” inquired Zinc “we must prevent this town from being destroyed!”

“But oh, if only we could”, retorted Carbon “If we save the town, Francium will think we have not been destroyed. And then he would send another one, no, we must have Francium the we are dead.”

“WHAT! You are willing to sacrifice hundreds of innocent lives!”

“No, Zinc, all we need to do is destroy Francium. Then we need to work on the Time Machine, to capture the town, before Francium blew it up. Then we put it right here, after removing all the Alkali Metals.”

“By Jove”

“No, by Copper.”

“What the deuce does that mean?”

“It was Coppers idea.”

“No matter, what is to be our next move?”

“We need to seek out the Halogens, they have everything, except one missing electron, with an army of them, we will be able to counter act any move the Alkali Metals make on us, and the Halogens will be happy.”

“Where are these Elements?”

“The Noble Gases have them locked up.”

“What are the Noble Gases, and why do they have the Halogens locked up?”

“The Noble Gases have a Perfect Shell, They think that they are so special, since they don't need to do anything to be 'happy', the Halogens, are one electron short of a full shell, and are whining because they want it. The Noble Gases got fed up with them and locked them up.”

And with that the Elements, possibly the last hope of destroying Francium, got up, and left on there journey to find the Halogens.

Now, you, the reader, may be thinking that another spy had just watched them, however, Copper's lab, had no spies, and Francium had know knowledge of its existents. Which is a good thing, for if he did, the lab would surly be destroyed.

After traveling for 6 hours, the little group stopped for a quick supper, fried sodigers, and to wash it down, helilk. They began to talk again. However, they didn't mention Francium once, as so a spy would not think they were talking about anything important.

“So when these Halogens combine, will there be a big explosion?” asked Zinc

“Of course”, responded Copper

“Great Scott, what are we using them for?”

It was now Silver's turn to speak, “these Halogens, they want to be combined with, they would be more then happy to be with the Alkali Metals; and once combined, the Alkali Metals will no longer be dangerous.”

“Yes”, said Copper.

“Honestly Silver, how do you know the answers to all my questions?” inquired Zinc.

Silver responded with “It is simplicity itself-”

But he was unable to finish what he was about to say, because Phosphorus interrupted him with “Sir, please don't go over how deduction was your key to success”.

With that the little Group pulled out there cemiarps, and went to sleep.

At precisely 6:00AM GMT, the Elements woke up, put away there cemiarps, and began to cook breakfast. Which was leges and a side of aluiches.

Phosphorus, who is an especially grumpy mood right after he wakes up, asked the group, “Why are we walking, great Scott, why don't we just take a Hyar1.”

The rest of the group knew the answer to this particular question, even Zinc new why they couldn't take a Hyar. However, they could not say what the answer was, for if a spy were to here them, Francium would know that Carbon new he would destroy him, and would still be looking for him after the bomb went off (for the bomb had not destroyed Manchester yet).

“Because then Francium would be able to track our license plate, and would no we were still alive, and eventually destroy us”, is what Carbon didn't say, instead he said, “we had to get out time”.

After complaining a bit more, Phosphorus exception the answer.

Carbon and company then picked up camp, and headed out. However, two miles later, Copper stooped the company.

“Look there, and please don't talk, only whisper”, said Copper

“What, an oxygen molecule, great Scott, why should we be afraid!” asked Zinc, still whispering.

“Oxygen tends to combine with any possible Element. If he sees us, then he will bond with us, and then we will not be able to stop Francium.”

With that the company began to walk around the place where the oxygen lied. However what they didn't know is that there was another Oxygen molecule fallowing them. The oxygen wanted to combine with Carbon, but to do that, you need two oxygen atoms, then you get CO2. While the company was walking around, the Oxygen atom that was fallowing the cowpony, left them, to tell the other Oxygen molecule what was going on.

“Hello, brother, how are you doing?” said one.

“I have good news for you”, said the other.


“There is a group of Elements, right there in the foliage. One of them is Carbon.”

“Perfect, you want us to grab carbon, and then combine with him.”


And the two atoms, went to Carbon and Company.

Meanwhile the company, oblivious to what was happening, continued to trudge on. But then they heard the bushes rattle.

“What is that?”

“What the duce, someone is fallowing us.”

Then out of the bushes came the Oxygen Molecules.

“Get your electrons ready!” Yelled Phosphorus.

With that, the company drew there electrons, the Oxygen atoms fallowed. The Oxygen atoms drew closer, and without warning, charged them.

Electrons clashed, BOOM! Zinc was nocked out. BOOM! Silver fallowed suit. BOOM! Phosphorus fell victim to unconsciousness. Only Copper and Carbon was left, until they hit Copper, and he fainted.

Only Carbon was left, the Oxygen atoms slowly got closer. And with a flash of light Carbon and Oxygen became CO2. A small explosion took place, but no one was harmed.

And before Preciselyany of the unconscious Elements woke up, CO2 left. Now possessed by Oxygen, he didn't care about destroying Francium. Now there was no one who could stop Francium. The only person who could stop him was now possessed by Oxygen, and the only way to separate them back is with a high voltage electric shock.


Chapter IV:The QuestEdit

The time was once again 1:00 PM GMT on the 15th of March. And in the city of Manchester, in the United Kingdom, several Elements were talking, while a bomb was falling to the ground.

“Well Mr. Carbon, I bet you didn't foresee that in your plan. There will be no way you will be able to stop FranciuPreciselym now, oh yes, and AHHHHHH!!!! WERE GOING TO DIE!!!” is what Phosphorus had to say.

“What the duce, of course he did!” Then Aluminum continued to say, “Isn't it obvious that due to his cool nature, and his mathematical position, he foresaw this, really Phosphorus, you must learn the power of deduction.”

“By Jove, did you really foresee this Carbon?” Inquired Zinc.

“Yes, it is quite impossible for Francium not to have spies, and they must have overheard us, so they must have overheard us, and went to tell Francium, who got really angry, and dumped him into a pool of acid. The Francium sent a bomb at us.” Is what Carbon responded with.

But we shall talk no more of this, for an entire outline of this adventure is in the first chapter of the novel. However, the question 'Didn't one of Francium's spies see the Elements get into the Time Machine?'. I must inform you that Francium had all his spies leave the aria, so they wouldn't die in the explosion. Another question that could be pondering your mind is 'Why are we discussing this? What happens to the rest of the company?' I must say that we will get to this topic soon enough. First we must tell you how Francium reacted after the bomb went off.

Meanwhile, in Francium's fortress, a big party was taking place. Every Alkali Metal was calibrating. They had no knowledge of what had happened. However Francium, a rather smart Element, was only spending part of his attention to the party. He was thinking of any possible ways the chemicals could have escaped.

“Champaign Sir?”

Francium, only partly aware, said “no”, and with that; he went directly to his secret quarters.

Francium's Secret Quarters are not the room he destroyed the little spy. They are so secret, that no one, besides him, knows of its existents. However, in the case of an emergency, there is a big red button Francium can push, which will trigger an alarm, and tell every Alkali Element where he was. It was in this room that Francium pondered about how Carbon and Company could have slipped out of his little electrons. (The statement 'little electrons', is misleading; for Francium's electrons were rather large.) After 2 hours of thought, Francium left the room, and went to talk to his privet pilot, a molecule of rubidium.

“Tomorrow at precisely 8:00 AM GMT, you will fly me to Manchester, where I will confirm that Carbon is dead.

The next morning, at 8:00 AM GMT, Francium set out for Manchester. And at 9:00 AM GMT, he arrived. And he saw nothing, save only bare land.

After looking at the land for a few minutes, Francium muttered under his breath, “They had to of found some way to escape.”

The pilot did not hear him, but he new what he was thinking. And so he said “Do you think some humans could have saved them?”

“No, there has been no humans on this planet since 2010”.

Francium now satisfied, got back into the chemicopter, and went back to his secret Fortress, which the location of I am not at liberty to divulge.

Now that we have mentioned humans in this story, I must tell you why there are none left in existence. It is a long story, but I shall condense the tell.

In the year 2008, several scientists were working on an alternate source of energy. Even with there supposed, 'safety measures', they succeeded in destroying the human race. But the human race was not the only thing that was killed, every living thing was killed. And the only thing left were atoms. And some of them combined to make molecules.

Atoms are actually intelligent; despite what all of the humans thought. And now, without any other life forms to push them around, forcing them to react with each, atoms were now able to control the planet. However, they kept all the technology and names that the humans had.

Now that I am done giving an account of Francium, I will continue chronicling the adventures of the rest of the company.

The Elements which we have so closely fallowed, did not awake from there state of unconsciousness, until 1:00 PM GMT, on the 17th of March. At which time they noticed that Carbon was gone.

“By Jove, what just happened?” inquired Zinc. “And where is Carbon?”

“The Oxygen atoms must have gotten him”, replied Copper.

“What the devil do we do now?” asked Zinc.

“We must plug on, without Carbon!” yelled Phosphorus, and he began to pack his bag.

“No, Carbon is the only one who new how to destroy Francium. We need to get him?” is how Copper responded to this statement.

“And do you have aPreciselyny ingenious ideas on how to free him?” retorted Phosphorus.

Zinc interrupted with “Great Scott! Those Oxygen atoms must have combined with Carbon to make-”

“CO2. There is only one way to separate them now”, responded Copper “Is to shock them with a high voltage electric shock.”

“Where are we going to get that?!?” retorted Phosphorus.

Once again, it was Coppers turn to speak. “I don't know, but Gold, a good friend of mine does.”

Phosphorus retorted with, “O great, and where are we going to find him?”

“Currently he is in France, doing something or other.”

Silver then interjected with, “So we are going to split up, Phosphorus and I will go search for Carbon. You and Zinc will go find your friend.”


“Oh, and where is Carbon!?!”, by now Phosphorus was very irritated.

Zinc tried his hand at being Silver and said, “We can deduce that he is still on this planet.”

However Silver thought otherwise, for he said, “Not necessarily, he could have gotten on a rocket, but we can deduce that he has not gotten further then the moon.”

Copper, who doubted that CO2 would leave this planet said, “I think he is some ware in Europe, or the USA, start by looking in Russia, that is a good source of power.”

“Very well then”, said Silver.

“And here”, said Copper, passing out satellite phones, “so we know when we've accomplished our tasks.”

Each of them took one.

“Where should we meet?” Inquired Phosphorus, still uneasy.

“Lets meet in LoPreciselyndon.” Answered Zinc.

“No, that place is to heavily guarded”, replied Copper, “Besides, we won't know until we get CO2. We will decide a destination lator.”

And with that, the elements parted, each to go there own way. Copper and Zinc to find Gold, and Phosphorus with Silver, to find CO2.

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