The shadowy figure of a great monster of the deeps silently moved through the darkness, for days the great reptile had been swimming, he had decided to explore a previously unknown tunnel he had found in his territory, only to find that the tunnel had been bigger than his territory.

As he furthered his expedition of exploration the water had become colder, and then he began going deeper, the water became heavier and the cold began biting at his flesh, it became darker and darker, finally, the monster of the deeps decided he would return to his territory, his place of rest, where he was familiar with the surroundings, as he turned for his return journey a graceful and huge shape silently glided by him, he would let it go, he was on un-familiar territory and he did not want a fight in this cold, dark and heavy place, but the figure did not let him go, this was his territory.

Graceful many hooked arms looped themselves around that giant reptile of the deep, they cut through his flesh and slashed across his body, hell ensued.

The Reptile’s neck curved back and his mouth ripped into one of the many arms, he cut his mouth on the hooks, he flailed in pain, darkness enveloped his light sensitive eyes, he smashed his head into the center of the many arms, the thing was soft but powerful, he bit into it, it tasted disgusting, some glowing creatures that could hardly be called fish began surrounding the combat area, eating some of the more solid carnage that floated by.

They where well matched, they raged on, an arm was torn off the huge many armed monster, hooked coils slashed through the reptiles skin, stinging pain from the salt water raged in their bloody wounds, they fought on, three hooked arms slashed across the eyes of the reptile, while sharp teeth sunk into the flesh of that creature, the colossal squid, that power of destruction that had inspired the legend of the Kraken in bygone years.

Blood drifted by, other predators of the deeps homed in on the struggle, inspired by bloodlust they began lashing out at smaller fish and fighting among themselves, whilst the two monsters ripped, slashed and bit each other to bloody shreds.

Pain spread and wounds worsened as they battled on, one fought for survival, whilst the other fought out of pride, suddenly a third participant entered the battle, much to the relief of the reptile, who was aching and pained.

It was a sperm whale, but the squid would not give up, he fought on like a hell inspired energy of destruction, the whale bit off another arm, that which had tasted like rubber to the reptile was a treat to the whale, emboldened by the timely aid he had received, the reptile returned, he dealt pain like the angry avenger he had become, the squid latched onto the sperm, cutting deep, the reptile bit and lashed out at the squid, other creatures join the frenzy, chaos reigned in the deeps.

Sea creatures of hellish, yet beautiful and complex appearance came on, they killed without reason, driven on by the maddening smell of blood, a vast array of glowing lights added an almost heavenly appearance to the struggle, like Lucifer disguised as an angel.

Finally quiet reigned, chaos had been defeated, life was rare, blood drifted, but through this chaos that mighty reptile of the deeps lived on.

At last the reptile returned home, to that place we call Loch Ness.

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