The Chancellor of the Laurasian Empire, also known as the Chancellor of Laurasia, the Imperial Chancellor, or simply as the Chancellor, is the chief minister of the Laurasian Empire and the leading adviser of the Laurasian Sovereign. As such, the Chancellor is considered to be a very prestigious government official, serving as de facto head of the Imperial Privy Council and a leading member of the Governing Senate. He is responsible for supervising the Imperial civil service, generally holding the positions of Imperial President of the Privy Council and Imperial Privy Keeper (although this has not always been the case). The Chancellor runs the Empire's administrative affairs day-to-day, delivers and executes the Sovereign's orders and decrees, enforces proclamations or instructions of the Privy Council, directs members of the Imperial Privy Council and Imperial Ministers in their duties, and sends out official reports and orders to the Empire's many Regional Governors. The Chancellor served as a personal assistant to the Sovereign, heading his personal Chancellory and acting as an intermediary at the Imperial Court. Because of his prominent position, the Chancellor had the highest office salary of any official in the Empire, had official bedchambers at the Quencilvanian Palace, offices at the Imperial Administrative Chambers and the Governing Senate Hall, and his own residences on major worlds of the Empire.

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