One of the identities used by Amelia while on Earth.

The characters of Cellular Civilization are listed below in two page sections, Main characters and Minor characters. The characters are listed in order of appearance.

Main charactersEdit

Stefiz al-Arabid - also known as: Stefi and CrystalCarbon (a wikia user name). See: CrystalCarbon. Stefi is a computer science student and a close friend of both Charles Parker and Jennifer Van Coak. See also: Stefi

Dexamene Gregores - also known as: PAlbert (a wikia user name), also invents the Lanora (Lani) Beliakoff identity. See: Cellular Civilization: PAlbert. Note: Dexamene initially creates "Lanora" as an alternative identity, then one of her sisters (Tess) is brought to Earth and takes over the "Lanora" identity. Dexamene has a special interest in Stefiz al-Arabid and is an Interventionist. See also: Dexamene.

Charles Parker - Physics major and pre-medical student who is on a university Presidential Scholarship. Also known as: Charlie. See: Charlie

Jennifer Van Coak - President of the student Computing Club. Also known as: Jenny. See: Jenny

Cathy (Catherine O’Neil) - Engineering student and friend of Jenny. See: Cathy

Marisa Bercovich - also known as: Mary. Dorm Council President of the restricted dorm where Dexamene spends a few days. See: Mary

Andresklo - a robot working with Dexamene Gregores. See: Andresklo

Alfred Lincoln - a robot working with Dexamene Gregores. See: Lincoln

Thomas - a computer science student who inadvertently becomes involved with Dexamene. See: Thomas

Lanora - "Lanora" is an alternative identity created by Dexamene and then adopted by Yasas, one of Dexamene's sisters. See Lanora.

Tess - sister of Dexamene. Sacrificed to the Overseers. See first mentioned by her other sister, Lanora. Plays the role of Madeline Beliakoff on the day of the Party.

Amelia - also known as "Eleanor" (not her real name); the Overseer who comes to Earth in order to capture Dexamene. See: Amelia.

Yasas - the sister of Dexamene and Tess. She takes Charlie off of Earth while playing the role of "Lanora".

Petrif - a robot who works with Andresklo to assist human Interventionists on Earth.

Minor charactersEdit

Security Officer Compton - a campus security officer, see the chapter section called Compton.

Security Officer Duncan - a campus security officer

Ferace Kerneigh - From the Observer Base on the Moon; brought to Earth in order to impersonate Stefi. See the chapter section called Ferace.

Captain McDonald - Police Captain, City Police. See Lincoln.

Madeline Beliakoff - invented identity, mother of Lanora (played by Tess).

Raul - A third robot working with Dexamene; replaces Alfred. See Robot in black.


See also: Cellular Civilization: Glossary

Here is a map of the chapters:

              _> Mary –––––––––––––––––––––> Lincoln
             /                                \
            /                                  \__> Amelia
      PAlbert ––––––––––––––––––––> Andresklo
      /  \                          \---->Ferace      ------> Yasas
     /    \      __----------> Cathy                /
    /      \    /                 \                /
   /        \  /                   \__________>Tess
CC –––> Charlie ––-----–> Stefi
    \                    ----------------> Lani
     \                  /                     \
      \ _______---> Jenny –––> Thomas          \______> Dexamene

Sunday ----> time flow --> one week in the Fall --> ---------> Saturday
Useful pages for the reader: List of characters and the Glossary. Readers can discuss the story at Talk:Cellular Civilization.

If you want to help write the story, see the meta page (warning: spoilers!).

Key: CC = CrystalCarbon; most of the first chapter is told from the perspective of Stefiz al-Arabid.

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