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The Governing National Unity Federal Democratic League is an association of open-content wikis. Centuries ago, Wikipedia began making a free encyclopedia. Today, the GNU FDL or GFDL is the guardian of the entire constructed world of Wikigalaxy, from textbooks to novels to entire communities to strange analogies.

Our two protagonists BadUser and ReportingUser volunteer to protect the GFDL from its many enemies...

Episodes Edit

  • Revert to the Throne: BadUser and ReportingUser must travel back through time to protect Wikipedia's three-revert rule.
  • Deletion of the Black Eye: BadUser and ReportingUser must escape from the SourceArchive and return to the present time. To permit their escape, they must delete some pages.
  • The Search for the Amulet of Freedom: The amulet that makes editors cooperate together is missing. ReportingUser joins the search for it.
  • Outside the Wikigalaxy: Hard times in Wikiland: As the Wikis grew larger and more powerful, a split emerged between those who wanted to live in the virtual-reality WikiGalaxy full-time, and those who wanted to make the Wikis the basis of a new society, in Wikiland. Can BadUser and ReportingUser leave the WikiGalaxy and save the day in Wikiland?

Note to potential authors Edit

To introduce yourself to the universe, read (or write) the first episode.

To make it easier for anyone to write this, "Governing Federal Democratic League" is divided into multiple episodes. You can start a new episode or edit an existing one. You can use red links to suggest episodes.

These episodes are a work of fiction. You might have noticed that BadUser and ReportingUser never did anything described here.

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