The Chains of Fate is an as-of-yet unfinished (almost unwritten) set of 4 books I hope to someday write. Now, the story is mostly original, some things were taken from different stories, but for the most part the story is of my creation. Anything I took from another story or source will be noted and recognition will be given.

Book One: Shadow RisingEdit

Shadow Rising - Travis Palmer, a young, overly idealistic man, almost a boy, has had a hard life. Orphaned at a young age, he never knew his parents, and had to grow up on the streets, trying his best to satisfy both his helpful, idealistic nature; and his need for food and shelter. Travis makes his way through life, trying to survive and still be able to live with himself, on the streets of the only city he has ever known. All the while, a secret government organization is watching him, as they know his parentage, they know the power he has…

Book Two: Power EternalEdit

Power Eternal - Travis has fallen, and the Demon of Shadows has risen in his place. Now, an unexpected troop of misfits must become heroes to save their world. Lucy, a young and idealistic mage with a sad history; Hiroshi, a blacksmith with a big heart and a bigger brain; Iyyena, born of rape and raised on the streets; and Benjamin, a criminal who’s crimes speak for themselves. These unlikely heroes must rise up to face the Demon and destroy it, or their entire world will die. But there are some out there that would try to stop them, that want to hold this great power as their own. And all the while Travis is fighting himself at every step, even as he hunts down these four young heroes…

Book Three: Immortality's CurseEdit

Immortality's Curse - It has been 30 years since the Demons of Shadows raged at the world, but the scars still show. Travis Palmer helps people recover from this devastation, and while he does so he preaches peace and blames war for the great demons rise. He teaches that true strength is found in the ability to retrain yourself, to forgive your enemies, to forget your hate. But he has a dark secret, he was the Demon of Shadows. That secret will haunt him now as he tries to teach peace but is met by opposition and hatred at all points, and as he comes to realize just what it means to be immortal

Book Four: RedemptionEdit

Redemption - 3 thousand years have passed since the Demon of Shadows fell. 3 thousand years since Travis realized what it meant to be immortal. But now, long after he thought he had lost all hope of love, Travis finds himself caring for 4 orphans of a war he had never anticipated. Sivart, the oldest, Shizuka, the elder girl, Yuuta, the younger boy, and Akemi, the youngest, need his help, and have touched him to his very soul. Even as Travis learns how to love, remembers how it was like to be an innocent child who saw the best in everyone, even as he becomes a father and mother to these children, there are those who would oppose him. The Demon of Shadows was supposed to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and there are those who would use that power to their advantage once again…

Credit to OthersEdit

  • The idea of the demon being a massive shadowy beast was taken from Naruto, where the 10 tailed demon appears as a shadowing form.
  • Shadow Rising has probably been used as a title 10 thousand times over, I'll try to think up a better one if I can.
  • I may never actually finish this series... I'm not good at finishing stuff like this, that's why I'm never going to be able to become a writer... all the ideas, none of the ability to complete them (outside my head anyway)

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