Although this work is complete, in that it has a beginning, middle and an end, it still needs improvement.
This includes improving descriptions, tightening the plot, making characters more consistent or correcting continuity errors.

This is the first novela I ever wrote, and I must admit it is horrid. So why am I posting it? I figure that by putting it here, it might be improved. Whatever, it's like 3 years oldUser:Serprex20:56, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


There are eight different types of tokuru speaking creatures:kinors (~1.5 meters tall, there are kizazs and kisasis (kinor/kinors when using both, they are entirely the same, just kizazs are swifter and kisasis possess magick, though all kisasis are weaker than kizazs in physique. They look like humans), spiros (creatures who are very mysterious), goblins, (~1 meters tall, they are known for stealth, many are thieves or spies), skullkas (they are powerful and tall (~2.5 meters tall), elves (~2 meters tall, long lived), humans (~1.5 meters tall, highly populated), shadons (~1.5 meters tall, light is like acid to them), fikos (~1.5 meters tall creatures)

The humans had come a few decades before The Gate of Souls was created, when they had found the planet they had inhabited it. In time, crossbreeding began and the humans became part of the culture, those who stayed at least. The humans had named the other creatures by the closest thing they could relate to with their own myths and legends. The skullkas insisted though not be called giants, as when they read the myths of giants, they found that it made the term giant mean fool


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