Realism. Four separate, interconnecting stories of friends whose lives come to massive turning points. Focuses on the little, almost mundane everyday trials that life offers.

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Disclaimers and such

Well, if you have something against guys liking guys, then I suggest you turn away now, or at least turn away before Chapter 3. Of course, it doesn't play a huge part in the story until much later, but it will be bigger later on.


Ride on the stars, face life as it is.
Whatever we do, it’s meant to be this.

Jared McGradyEdit

Whenever I see a shooting star,
It’s your name that floats into my mind.
Doesn’t matter how imperfect you are;
I still love you.

Hanna WatsonEdit

I had pieces of happiness and pieces of tears,
And I trapped it in a box, threw them to the wind.
All I want is to understand what I’ll never forget,
So that tomorrow I can become stronger... Bye bye.

Danielle LaytonEdit

You’re the one I love most,
In this world, I won’t lose that.
In the heart of this pocket
I will always be by your side.

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