This work is featured fiction.

Cellular Civilization is in a modified "Choice-based Wikistory" format and each chapter is mostly from the perspective of a particular character. The story returns to the perspective of two major characters twice. So far, all of the chapters are part of a single story. This "core story" can be modified by providing "alternative chapters" that would provide branch points leading to significantly different outcomes.

Here is a map of the chapters:

              _> Mary –––––––––––––––––––––> Lincoln
             /                                \
            /                                  \__> Amelia
      PAlbert ––––––––––––––––––––> Andresklo
      /  \                          \---->Ferace      ------> Yasas
     /    \      __----------> Cathy                /
    /      \    /                 \                /
   /        \  /                   \__________>Tess
CC –––> Charlie ––-----–> Stefi
    \                    ----------------> Lani
     \                  /                     \
      \ _______---> Jenny –––> Thomas          \______> Dexamene

Sunday ----> time flow --> one week in the Fall --> ---------> Saturday
Useful pages for the reader: List of characters and the Glossary. Readers can discuss the story at Talk:Cellular Civilization.

If you want to help write the story, see the meta page (warning: spoilers!).

Key: CC = CrystalCarbon; most of the first chapter is told from the perspective of Stefiz al-Arabid, as is Stefi. The first page section is a teaser, from the perspective of Dexamene Gregores (also known as PAlbert).

Readers can also make use of the Cellular Civilization: List of characters and Cellular Civilization: Glossary. This wikistory is set in the contemporary world, but some of the characters have access to some advanced technology. Where did this advanced technology come from and what is it being used for on Earth?

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