The Cannibalism-Horrorification film series is a blanket term for a film series about Cannibalism, and horror genres. The films are extremely violent in the same ways and involve Zombies, Cannibalism, and more. They're also based on short stories which are the films called "Cannibalism-Horrorification short stories" and are basically mostly about Zombies and Cannibalism.

Several best-known horror novelists or horror short story writers works appeared in the short story film series.

History Edit

It all began in 1962 where horror novelist, Jared Klane, he makes started producing his first film and in 1963, the film, Cannibalization and has few follow-up sequels entitled, Cannibalization II: The Unholy Kill (1969), and Cannibalization III: The Horrors has Just Begun (1977) and more.

Films Edit

Jared Klane's Cannibalization film series Edit

  1. Cannibalization (1963)
  2. Cannibalization II: The Unholy Kill (1969)
  3. Cannibalization III: The Horrors has Just Begun (1977)
  4. Cannibalization IV: The Dead-side (1980)
  5. Cannibalization V: Black Death (1986)
  6. Cannibalization VI: Village of Death (1987)
  7. Cannibalization VII: Depression Era (1989)
  8. Cannibalization VIII: The Killers (1992)
  9. Cannibalization IX: The End of the World (1994)
  10. Cannibalization X: The Meat Eaters (1995)
  11. Cannibalization XI: Brutal Murders (1999)
  12. Cannibalization XII: Confession of an American Cannibal (2005)
  13. Cannibalization XIII: The Brutal (2006)
  14. Cannibalization XIV: The Severed City (2007)
  15. Cannibalization XV: The Dead City (2008)

Novels Edit

Davis Clarks' Horrorification franchise Edit

Novels Edit

Related topics and other media Edit

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