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I don't know, can you? / What kind of an answer is that? / Socratic

Cue grabbing this patronizing bastard by the face and plowing him into a wall. There is no stupid punchline like "Why are you being plowed into this wall?" because if you asked that he'd still be a smart ass and say "Because my face was grabbed and plowed into a wall. My body tends to follow my face. It does this because it is connected by my neck. If I didn't have a neck, there'd be trouble getting oxygen to my body, and a lack of blood returning to my brain. This is because..."

Okay. I hate Socrates. Okay? Man thought people couldn't think about what they read. Like they think when they're listening. Sheesh. There's a simple solution: Never trust anything you read. Like if you see an ad in the paper saying that a free vacation can be won in exchange for accepting an experimental vaccination. First, the word free: tanstaafl. But that was handled rather quickly: free as in money, since they'd rather give you this ambiguous vacation than liquidity. Now here's the issue: the ease with which writing can be pried apart is an exponential issue, and overloads the critic. Find Ariadne's thread and continue. Do not stray. If someone offers you something of value instead of money equal to that value, there is a producer making profit on a cheap lunch, and I do connotate English's most deplorable connotation of the word cheap. They offer some inefficiency which they're sharding off for you. Be weary and beware, as inefficiencies tend to grow when a system begins to decay. Ambiguity will more probably resolve in the less desirable possibilities where inefficiencies are being sharded. Hence that vacation turns out to be to places nobody would ever vacation

Ex ante. I'll snip your thread now and say it's for the best. If only I'd had someone do so for me, perhaps I wouldn't have accepted the vaccination and hallucinated on a boat in international waters that wasn't there for the wonderful scuba diving such places can offer, but for evasion of laws regarding testing highly experimental vaccinations on people. That said, I will mention that the scuba diving was rather lovely, and I regret having agreed to not bring my camera on this vacation

It's important here to note my use of the word Man in calling out Socrates. There seems to be this idea that the intelligent men in this world were lonely visionaries who went out and taught their lesser brothers how to think. That they were of the purest altruism, the desire to grant to others one's own virtues. It's important in what follows, and how what follows relates to what I'm to ask later, though already have earlier in this recount

Where am I? / You're on a boat / Where's the sky? / You're in a boat / Below sea level? / How big do you think this boat is? / I just asked where I am / You're in a boat recovering from an experimental vaccination. I'm going to ask you some questions about how you're feeling / I'm not feeling like answering questions / Yes, well, we have medication for that

I'll save you the gory details of my vallant refusal, though you might want to remember that I'm in a rather delirius state. Also my arm was asleep. My good one. Everything gets a bit blurry after that. The medication they gave wasn't a truth serum in so far as I lied throughout their questioning. The results of the survey surprised them. I figured that out by their eyes, hesitant, but less hesitant than their voices. I should mention here that I'm using the word they in its ambiguous singular form, which I'm left to use since I never was able to identify their gender

I'm going to help you / What why how now? / Your results were very surprising, so that I believe that I can help you / I asked how / Ettiquette on a dish, or of a dish? / What? / Grammar for lunch, or dinner? / I'd rather you not demonstrate your method, especially if this is your method / Oh? / ... / Very strange. Most people take advantage of being invited to further explain themselves. You failed to exploit my equivalent of losing a tempo / You've got to be kidding me. Pretentious much? / Verily / And what's that? / A high class waiting move; the Fischer defense to your gambit I accepted / I wasn't kidding when I said you had to be kidding me / You're bust

That was the first time I struck back, not including my earlier valiance. It'd quiet them, though they'd readily recommence their verbal assault if prompted

I'm trying to teach you to talk like you think / I think like I talk / A surprise can be disappointing. Your lack of progress is disappointing. How did you get this far? / How long has it been? / I'm working off the clock / When's my vacation over? / Hopefully the vaccination didn't stunt your growth. That'd be most disappointing / Can I go home now?

That's how where I like to start started. It's good to be able to detour from what followed, since the earlier case was able to detour by getting into backstory. It really isn't that important how long it took for them to break for the first time and respond to my lowly physical manifestation of what they deemed to be inner conflict. It really isn't important how long they had to talk in circles for my anger to realize their pedantic correction: May I go home now? But by then the lost nature of which was being leveraged was gone, so the passive responses began again

What is with these manipulative ploys? Memes be damned, where's the good old embrace extend extinguish? This world needs more fear uncertainty doubt that's honest more than once. May I go home now? / No. No, that's not what they say. Instead it's a torrent of useless questions like Where's home? Land. Where are you? Boat. What defines location? Perception. Who are you? Me. What defines identity? Me. Are you enjoying this vacation? No. Do you appreciate this hospitality? No. Do you believe the guest should respect the host, or that the host should respect the guest? Mutual. Would you like to try another vaccination? No

May you stop asking questions? / Your question is ambiguous, so that in order to answer it I'd have to ask a question, which would force the answer to be a no if you meant that question to apply at the instant it was asked / Okay, shutup / When do you decide manners are no longer a profitable social grease? / When I'm going broke / What breaks a person? / People

I want to go on the deck / You'll need a vaccination before being exposed to the outer hull

I'd like to think it was the vaccination that made me feel as if I was in the middle of space on a flying saucer. Where am I? I really want to go home now. I need to get out of here. Out of space? There's nowhere to go

Do you feel like an astronaut? You're not an astronaut. Do not attempt to be an astronaut. If at any time you believe you are an astronaut, remember, you're wrong. Don't be wrong. Make the right decision. Think the right thoughts. Always say the right words at the right time. Never crumple your letters

How did I end up here? Adrift in space, where has my Ariadne gone? I don't feel like being here anymore. I never wanted to be an astronaut. I don't want to be a photographer, I only want to take a single picture of this scape I yearn to escape. What's there to be vaccinated from up here? So far from all those fears; I'm afraid

Vaccinations are another form of having others adapt to one's own vices with one's own virtues. This aggressive form of self defense is really all too dramatic. We don't need to be so beautiful in our delicate compositions so long as the environment does not trigger our undesirable character

Where are you? / Outside of a boat in space / Where do you want to go? / Home, please, home! My home / How are you feeling? / I want to go home / Could I get you anything to eat? / Why can't I go home? / I don't know, can you? / I can go home / Then go home / But I'm in space. Why am I in space? What kind of freak takes someone for a scuba diving vacation in space?

That question gets answered with being handed scuba gear. Before it can be put on, however, I'm told that "You are not an astronaut" and am awoken inside the boat

Where am I? / You're in a boat / Is there a sea level? / What do you see? / No. Answer the question without randomly diverting it with some lateral linguistic coincidence / I'm only trying to help you / How are you helping me? / I said I was trying / I want to go home / Are you sure you wouldn't like to help test another vaccination? / No. I want to go home / You may return home. After one more vaccination

A blank

Where am I? Home. Where's the sky? Above me. Below sea level? That's a silly place to live

Hey little apple, where are you rolling? Why do trees grow? Why does the wind carry so many leaves? Why are there so many varieties? Why is there so little variety between variety stores?

The apples don't know. The birds don't know. But something is making the birds fall from the sky and the apples poisonous. Except it seems I've been vaccinated for the spontaneous toxicity apples have harvested against us

Who am I to have been an astronaut? To not be comatosed? Blame aliens, lest we blame ourselves. Keep it classy, tip the top hat

True astronauts don't belong on land. Can I not belong home? Vagabonds from space. Where is my home going?

No. I'm staying here. They can't control me. I'm home

Alone. The government is talking about researching vaccines. I tried to call, to tell them I'd been tested with the proper vaccine, but I was answered by the cold voice on the other end telling me everything would be alright, that the government would save us, that there's a much greater surprise in store for me. I didn't even get a chance to say anything

Maybe it is a government conspiracy. How can I call home a place where the state is euthanizing the populace? I was calling space home while blaming aliens. But that'd be different. That wouldn't be self destructive. Then maybe I'd be some kind of intrusive bug. But this? I'm suppose to sit and survive past the end? For what?

The apples smell sour. But maybe that's because they're dark Smiths? Too porous. More tart than sour. Apples are cheap now. No one can pin point one Smith from another. Some claim they can hear the difference in how the peel comes off. Such confidence is a capital offense

He's a witch, a mad scientist, a perverted astronaut. They flamed my house with blame. What a shame, it seems fire was on the list of things I was vaccinated for

Is it a game? They helped me, surely, but for what? Is this survival improving my character, or only perpetuating my faults?

You're a witch / Only bewitched / We see witches / Can I be dewitched?

Nonsense in the head. Surely it isn't nonsense, I know it depends upon perspective. One can make sense of the nonsense, considering there's always a method to madness. But I don't want this to make sense. To prove a point in disapproval? Better I help myself from this nonsense than have to argue against myself after it's had it's corruption upon my mind

Time passes away with people

I'm here to talk about vaccinations / I don't want anything to do with anything / And yet you have everything to do with everything / No I don't. Nothing has anything to do with everything. At least not directly / You're a very indirect person / No I'm not / It's alright. I'm only here to help, maybe you could help me? / None of it / You aren't able to tell me anything? / I tried to telling you everything, but you wouldn't listen. It's too late now. Everybody's dead. How convenient for you to begin your post analysis on the purely psychological effects of isolation through vaccination / Now let's not start pointing fingers, I understand you were pointed at quite a bit / You know enough about me then

A shut door. That moment of facing a closed door you don't intend to open. An open door

Who are you? / Nobody

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