Calathriner City is a city in Smithland. This will describe about it:



The first settlement in what is now Calathriner City was by the Pezzo Indians in c. 400 AD. They lived in the area as a series of village states until c. 1800.

In c. 1540, the first Smithlandian colonists arrived and established the post of Pezzo Post along modern day Cinnamon Avenue, then the middle of a large forest. Pezzo Post provided supplies to settlers living along Eastern Creek. It also served as a communications and trading center with the Pezzo Indians. Pezzo Post remained a important trading town until being absorbed into Calathriner City in 1860.

Over a hundred years later, in 1680, a man named Jimmy Baptise, a African-Smithlandian, arrived in the area with three hundred settlers. Intending to set up a new city to compete with Pezzo Post, and to prove himself, Jimmy pitched camp. For the first winter, he and his men suffered, starving and half-naked. Finally, in June 1681, they constructed three hundred houses, a tailors shop, blacksmith, church, village foodstore, and meeeting hall. They named their new village Calathriner. Baptise became the first Village President. He encouraged the building of schools and libaries, and also opened the first clinic in the Calathriner region. The first street in the village was paved, originally named Baptise Village Way (after his death, it was renamed Cinnamon Ave after his very popular and sucessful son). Cinnamon and a later north-south street named Selena were the only major streets in the city at the time, but were both less then a mile long.

By the time of Baptise's death in 1700, Calathriner Village had 1,000 inhabitants, but was unincoporated and small. Pezzo Post was still larger and more prosperous then Calathriner Village. Baptise's young son, Jean Baptise Cinnamon, became the president. Jean would rule over Calathriner for the next forty years, and would transform it.

Under Cinnamon's guideance, Calathriner Village expanded, east to modern day Gardener Bells Dr, south to modern day Montepelier Rd, and north to modern day Lexington Rd. Cinnamon Ave was extended eastwards, linking with Jackie Lane (later Pkwy). Cinnamon also constructed more schools, and he expanded Calathriner's trading industry. The president also linked the village with Bello Post, a small post consisting of what would become central Mariah St.

Street LayoutEdit

Along CinnamonEdit

Cinnamon Avenue begins at Selena Avenue (which streches from Nathaniel Ave to Andrea Dr), in the west of Calathriner, fifteen miles from the eastern branch of the town of Smansland. It has a speed limit of 30. Starting as a small one lane on each side street, it becomes two lanes on each side at Jackie Pkwy, it's first intersection. Cinnamon then goes for three miles, curving by the southern branch of Jackie Square. The next intersection was at Dad St, one of the busiest but small-length streets in the city (streching from Meagan Banderas Cir to Montepelier Rd).

Cinnamon then crossed Caleb Rd (which streches from Eric Rd to Henderson Ave). Going on for a mile, it goes through Manchein Private Residences. It then crosses Chance St, a secondary road connecting Rangewood Dr with Denver St. By now, the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. It also has three lanes on each side. Cinnamon went by Cinnamon Elementary School and then runs into Momma Ave, the longest north-south street in the city (just as Cinnamon is the longest west-east street). Both streets are very busy. Cinnamon then enters Downtown and intersects with Mariah St (which strehes from Brittany Dr to Andrea Dr). It then crosses Allision Dr (streching from Meagan Banderas Cir to Brooke Ave). Cinnamon's traffic at this point is similar to Academy Blvd's in Colorado Springs.

Cinnamon then cuts through Judicary Square (named because of the courts, jails, and police offices there). After five miles, it reaches Leah Ave (streching from Joshua St to Brooke Ave). After that, it then reaches Elizabeth Ave after a mile journey (Elizabeth is the second longest north-south street in the city, streching from Brittany Dr to Casear St). Then after another mile, and passing by the Mayor's House, it reaches Gaberllia Ave (streching from Matthew St to Montepelier Rd).

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