Vampire bitesEdit

It was dark. Vlad was quickly recovering consciousness. He could not remember anything very well. The last thing he did remember was having an intimate moment with his new girlfriend, Karen. After that, he fell asleep, with a strange euphoria and a sense of being drugged. Still feeling lightheaded, he tried to shake it off the sensation, but he was unable to do so. Meanwhile, he spent his time recalling what had happened. He could hazily recall his girlfriend going out and after a short while she came back. At that moment, she had bitten him, as if she were hungry or thirsty for something. At last, Vlad woke up with a sharp stinging pain on his neck. There was a lot of blood and the vile taste of the crimson liquid was in his mouth. Hastily, he looked himself in the mirror and found the hard truth; he had been bitten by his own girlfriend! Now, he would become a vampire if that was what she was.

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