Lost in TimeEdit

It was dark, darker than he could ever see. This was the darkness of the void, as he was now out of our known universe, a place called Metaverse. A place thought to have existed beyond the Big Quantum Singularity. He, who had the alias of Ormuz in the project, felt anxious, and afraid. Afraid of the ever present darkness around him. He could not see anything. He could not even blink because he did not feel his eyes. He was unable to feel his eyes, his head or his body. He felt he had no physical body at all, like floating in the emptiness of the void. The equations and the model they had carefully created had not prepared him for this. It was the most peculiar and strangest thing on the world, or out of this world, called the Metaverse, because he was out of the universe. He was on a place that no human had been before. He was very much like Yuri Gagarin, the first man ever to visit outer space. Ormuz was the first human out of universe and out of time.

They had a plan. The mission was simple. They had found a way to send objects to the Metaverse by opening wormholes. Those are like two way holes in which matter can pass through and exit in another part of the universe or time. Unfortunately, they found that the transmission of matter and information was not instantaneous, as with entangled particles. The objects exited to some unknown place and then went back to the real world at a random position in time. At first, the scientists had discovered a way to travel back to time, not to the future neither to distant stars. Nevertheless, it was the greatest discovery of humanity, maybe only comparable to the discovery of relativity and quantum mechanics.

More SciFiEdit

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