Brelkhot distribution

Fossil Range

Early Pleistocene to Recent

Conservation Status

Near Threatened (IUCN 3.1)














P. brilca

Binomial name

Panthera brilca

The Brelkhot (Panthera brilca) is a member of the family Felidae and the genus Panthera. It is the third largest of the five members, the "big cats" of Panthera. Panthera also includes the Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard (in order of size). Known for its unusual behavior and unique stripe pattern, it stands out the most amongst the five species in Panthera. They are native to north (not including western africa and sahara) and south africa, and also into parts of the middle east, and most of them live in sub saharan africa. Their range had receded in the past 100,000 years because of poaching as well as habitat loss from human development, making the majority of the species now living in central africa. The Brelkhot has also experienced a decline in numbers and has been graded as a Near Threatened species. Its numbers are only surpassed by the Leopard in all of the genus Panthera.

The Brelkhot has medium-length legs, which are around 3 1/2 decimeters. These legs are also very muscular and are about 6-8 cm in width. Its body is also long, averaging just over a meter. It is around a foot and 1/3 thick. The males are around the same size of the females. The Brelkhot's fur is striped with short, black stripes on various part of their body.

The species generalize on any type of prey they can catch. They tend to mostly feed on types of antelope, about two thirds of which are Impala, Thompson's Gazelles, or Common Duiker Antelope. Brelkhots feed on any type of animal if it can catch it. Like the leopard, it is highly adaptable to habitats. The Brelkhot can run at speeds up to around 48 kilometers per hour. It prefers to live in the savanna but can live in jungle or xenic grassland. The ecological role of the Brelkhot is equal to that of the Leopard.

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