Breeding was the tenth installment the cancellation of the Death-bot series by Shawn Troy. The film is a 1994 gothic psychological-survival horror film about demons forming in fetus' all over the world, and a man says "God is weak", making God turn his backs and putting demons in fetus', making hell all over the world.

Plot Edit

The film begins with Clown-Man making a picture of the devil, he writes "I love you!" and then makes a another card, saying "God doesn't matter", so Clown-Man kills a Catholic priest, a Christian priest, a Methodist priest, a Jewish priest, a Lutheran priest, and any other God worship religion, soon, Clown-Man takes a evil pentagram and kills The Pope, then, during an exorcism, the man getting the exorcism turns into a demon after exorcism fails, soon the Catholic exorcist says "I'm Christ", and is soon attacked by the demon and killed, then a year later, Dr. Calbourn is talking to his Churches Christian priest, he says "Whats the point of God? He doesn't care. So why do we care?" the Christian priest says "Yeah. I'm also wondering. We really don't need God at all."

In Heaven, God hears this, and fills everyone who has betrayed him or has ever done any serious things, like homicide, stealing, or raping is punished, and everybody has done that, then destroys a city full of satanists, then kills everyone in Russia, and famine has risen by 59%

On earth, a woman is getting ready for an ultrasound, and sees that she is having a demon, ten months later, the demons comes cut the woman's fetus open and eviscerates her and kills the doctors, then the devil comes in the hospital and rapes seven women, and kills them, and killing everyone else, than sends the demon to New York so he rape and do whatever he wants, then the devil watches four woman give birth to demons, the demons start to kill everyone, and then ever pregnant woman is eviscerated, and then the demons start to rape every woman they see, sometimes the woman want to have sex, and the husbands, try to protect they're wives, but are brutally slaughtered, then a man drives through a house too late when a demon rips a woman's spinal cord out, then the demon is smashed by the man, then the demons kills the driver, and the drivers buddy, Sam, follows the demons, and finds them at his wife's house, they rape and slit her from head to toe, then she goes through a gangbang, then ripped apart, then the demons escape, Sam kills one, but reaches a satanic church, he then is killed by demons, then the film credits start to role right after Death-bot is ends the story.

Cancellation Edit

The film series was cancelled because of the raping and the killing of woman.

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