A picnic in the rainUser:Serprex 00:47, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

"I'm bored"

This statement often does the exact opposite of when someone tries to explain why they're laughing

So bold in her boredom, and inspired by the coincidental choices which made it so that that was the first thing I heard before I could write something, as to state: You should write it about me

Being bored

Waiting for paint to dry

"This is paint"


What are you writing? I wouldn't make a very good story character. I'm pretty boring

Here's to gin and pineapple. Boredom has made it a dry mix

I ran away a lot of times. It's quite possible

Oh my god: pingpong or paint ball? No clue

You didn't pass me my drink

I trimmed my nails. They were too long. But now they're short. This is always a tough time for me. Like, right after cutting my nails

There's crap

I think my paint is dry. Then I get to do it again. Another layer of paper. Then another layer of paint

Here's to a parallel: earlier I, who is not the previous I, was laying around watching boxes of magazines and such past papers get sorted. I was waiting on compilers. But enough about me, this isn't about me, even though I originally intended to perhaps leave my tagline as "This is the closest I will ever come to writing an autobiography"

That was fun

It was hard. It was uncomfortable to sleep on. It made squeaky noises when we moved on it

This is probably going to taste really bad


What else would you add into it?



Oh. Kay

How do you spell the letter K?

Kay. A. Y

How would you spell Y without Y?

Spelling letters is hard

A as E H

A couple

I don't remember

They changed your ways

The glaze on the ceramic had bubbles or something and it missed it and it became five holes and that really annoys me

I would be nervous to the point of shaking

Oh no

I sound stupid

Correction: so stupid

Some explanation about idiotic vs so stupid vs stupid I can't remember

It looks like a face

How can you not see a face?

That's really weird. Liek [sic] you have a soundtrack for throwing up

He was really mad at you for that. For a long time

Really hates walking. For a long time

That sucks

That's so weird. It's like a wall

I spelled their incorrectly. sic sorry

Oh my god my collage is so done now

(So is the gin. Also I filtered quite a few like oh my gods oh my god did I ever)

Pineapple juice and Malibu. Just a little. Do your best. Half&half cream

More Malibu? Yep. Gin? No, no!

Oh shit

I don't either. Yeah


I have a raincoat. Oh wow it's raining

I don't have my glasses

Mango mango mango mango

Where's the five alive?

Creamy. Oh no, it's not on sale

That's a big onion


It's upside down (Pointing at upside down blockbuster sign)

I hate this coat. It falls apart

Everything is in the way. My door won't close

(She only likes No10)

Did you put mango in it?

Probably fixed now

Are you alright?

Apathy is a subjective emotion

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