Within the Milky Way, more than two quadrillion miles from Earth, there is a planet called Blue, which is the home of the Bluwans. They are a humanoid, semi-aquatic, fish-like race with light-cyan skin, and they don't wear clothes. They are unaware that they are naked, and calling a Bluwan "naked" is unkind because to them "naked" means "without knowledge" or "stupid." Bluwans and humans look exactly alike, but there are a few physical differences, for example, the former have webbed fingers and toes, and the latter do not.

The planet Blue is entirely covered in water; however, there are small islands dotting its vast ocean, and one of these pieces of land lies in the southern hemisphere of the planet, and this place is known as the Island of Flowers. It is a sunny day on this atoll, and there is not a cloud in the light-blue sky.

Boreola Yraya is a sixteen-year-old Bluwan girl who lives on the Island of Flowers; Yraya has long, dark-red hair and deep-blue eyes, and she is five feet, six inches tall, and she has an athletic body. She is walking on a dirt path with a flowery meadow on each side of it, strolling home after a refreshing swim in the ocean, and when Yraya gets home, she intends to take a nice, long nap.

Yraya inhales the sweet, summer air. "Aaah." She says, and then she spots a deep-red, iris-like flower with a blue stem and leaves. She walks up to the flower and smells of it. "Mmm, heavenly." Yraya says. Then her eye catches a humanoid figure emerging from the heat haze ahead. When the figure is close enough, Yraya realizes its a male, and the gills shaped like minor-arcs on both sides of her neck open up slightly. "Oh, he is very heavenly." She sighs dreamily.

The boy is now standing before her; he is five feet, seven inches tall, has short, jet-black hair, which is parted left, and beautiful forest-green eyes. "Hello." He says in his melodious, aristocratic accent. "My name is Koil; what is your name?" He asks.

"M-my name is Yraya." She says.

"That's a beautiful name." Koil says; then he chuckles. "Don't stop blinking for too long, or you might get eye damage."

"You mean I am not blinking?" Yraya asks. "Well, you're so handsome; I was afraid if I blinked that you would be gone by the time I opened my eyes again." Yraya jokes.

Koil smiles. "You like flowers?" He asks.

"Oh, yes, I adore flowers. Forgive me for not being subtle, but I think I already adore you." Yraya says.

Koil chuckles again, "That is okay; I am not good at being subtle, either." Then he sighs.

"What's wrong?" Asks Yraya.

"Do you think I am doing something inappropriate?" Koil asks.

"What?" Yraya asks. "Where would you get that you were doing something perverted?"

"Well, other girls I have met have always told me not to look at them. They made me think that in some way that I was lusting over them just by looking at them." Koil says.

"Why did they tell you not to look at them?" Yraya asks.

"I don't know. I didn't do anything wrong; I just said, 'hello,' and the girls would just get disgusted with me and tell me not to look at them." Koil says.

"You know, Koil, teenage girls tend to be very silly. Perhaps the girls told you not to look at them because they thought they might degrade you." Yraya says.

"Really? You didn't react that way." Koil says.

"That's because I am more mature than that, and I am not subtle, either." Yraya says.

"Thank you for not reacting that way, and thank you for telling me I was handsome; I appreciate that verily; I am very flattered." Koil says.

"You're welcome." Yraya says.

"You're very beautiful, Yraya. Do you believe in love at first sight?" Koil asks.

Yraya giggles, "Yes, I do. What about you?" She asks.

"I believe in it, too." Koil asks. "Have you ever sprinted through a meadow?"

"No, I haven't." Yraya says.

"Wanna chase me?" Koil asks.

Yraya giggles, "Okay." Koil speeds off into a meadow, and Yraya speeds after him.

Sometime later . . .

Yraya and Koil are lying in the dark-blue grass of the meadow, surrounded by blue-violet, blood red, and goldenrod flowers. They are looking into each other's eyes.

"That was fun." Koil says.

Yraya laughs, "Yeah, it was. You run very fast." She says.

"Thank you; you do, too." Koil says.

"Thank you; you know, Koil, I am glad that I met you today. You are very sweet and thoughtful. I love you." Yraya says.

"I love you, too, Yraya." Koil says, and they share a passionate kiss.


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