Bloodshed is an American/Finnish Splatter-thriller film released on May 22, 2007. The film was directed and written by George A. Romero and Produced by James Wan. The cast is: Joe "The Devil" Clarkson is played by Bill Nighy, Devon Cain is played by EriK Frillery, Corey Myles Collins is played by Tobin Bell, Cassy Mely whom plays herself.

The films production was in development hell for over twenty-years, soon in 2006, EriK Frillery got the role as Devon Cain.

Plot Edit

The film begins in Japan where in a dark alleyway, a little girl sees a man that goes by the name, The Devil, the little girl wakes up in a abandoned underground city, and is being tortured to death, soon afterwards, Devon is going to meet "The Devil", and is stopped by his love, Cassy Mely, soon after the hour-long talk, he then meets him late, and the next morning, Cassy wakes up in their, she escapes, but is almost killed, yet receiving some serious scars and bruises, the next day later, Devon wakes up in there, and is tortured until making an agreement, "Bro's before ho's," soon the police find the underground city, and find over two-thousand people that were missing, then a big screen turns on, with "The Devil" on it, he tells the cops what to do, he says, "I WANT YOU TO KILL HALF OF THEM, HALF OF THEM WILL SURVIVE, BUT IF YOU TRY TO SAVE THEM ALL, THEY'LL ALL DIE," soon a collar activates, and its on all of they're necks, now the cops must hurry, it has a detonation number, saying, "YOU HAVE ABOUT" telling the time, running out of time, the cops shoot the collars off, killing some of the missing people, they find out that the more you kill, the longer the detonation will take, then it hits one-minute, and then the clock starts speeding up, and the cops start killing, soon it hits zero, and kills everyone.

Meanwhile, "The Devil" makes his escape, and see that Devon is breaking the agreement, and then he decides to put him into the Ripper, which is a horrifying trap that will rip you apart. Then, Cassy is getting ready for school, Devon, her next door neighbor, watches her, and then is shoot, hearing the shot, Cassy runs over there, and sees a bloody mess in Devon's room, and then sees a man in the backyard wearing a cape, and is covering Devon's neck with a towel, but is still bleeding, then his neck is patched, and then a detonation device is implanted in his neck, and is given the instruction, which "The Devil" says "Follow the rules and then you'll live." Cassy calls the police, and is attacked by a man with a cape, but is a killer, she is almost killed, but she accidently kills him, and then the police get there, the house is nice and tidy, soon enough, Devon is told to head to the arena, and battle four men, after reaching them, he kills all four men. while on ground, Cassy gets arrested for the murder that accidental, believing she drawed him in there, and killed him, the cops are then killed by a mysterious man named, Corey Myles Collins, he says that he knows where Devon is, Cassy comes with him, and sees an entrance to a underground city, and then he a bunch of human remains from the explosion earlier in the film, she gets to the arena, and is part of the crowd, seeing Devon again, she waves him down, and he then notices her, and Devon is stabbed nine times before disemboweling and slitting the guy's throat, then another event comes, he has be in the Ripper, and, with ten other contestants, two of them die, then six, then two more die, soon its up to three more survivors, and then two, a man named Troy Ross, he is then torn to pieces by the Ripper, then Devon is put back into the Ripper in his cell, he then is let go, Cassy schedules a meeting with him, but with Corey and "The Devil", "The Devil" then gets angry cause he sees Corey, and tries to kill Corey, but Corey escapes, soon Devon is there, he meets Cassy again, and then after the long meeting, he is let go, and Corey is then hit by a bus, presumed dead, but is taken to the hospital, and is taken care of, Devon wants revenge, so he kidnaps "The Devil", and is put into the Ripper, and is killed, but, that was his lookalike "friend", thinking it is over, Devon is stabbed then the credits start. Then at the after-scene-credits, Devon is also in the hospital, he is treated for several stab wounds from "The Devil", soon "The Devil" states has his name is Joe Clarkson.

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