Blog articles are a way to share your thoughts about fiction and collaborative fiction writing with other editors. Hopefully this will help increase communication between editors and build a sense of community. Blog articles at fiction wikia are not for other topics that are not related to fiction.

Note: this is a new feature that is still under development. See: Feedback and bug reports

All blog posts should automatically appear in Category:Blog posts.


You can add your blog post to any category. If you add a post to an existing category, it is listed at the bottom of the page for that category. If you write a review of a story, be sure to place your blog post into Category:Reviews.


Hide blogging from recent changesEdit

You can prevent blog and blog comment pages from appearing in your view of recent changes. Use the namespaces drop-down menu: Namespacedropdown

Blog listsEdit

You can insert lists of blog articles into regular wiki pages.

Example of a blog listEdit

  • JWSchmidt

    I'm not you

    June 21, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    It just seems obvious to me that collaborative fiction writing is facilitated by co-authors who work together to make plans for their collaboratively written story. Take a look at some collaboratively written science fiction novels that were listed …

    Read more >
  • JWSchmidt


    May 29, 2010 by JWSchmidt
    are involved in crafting the evolution of humans on Earth.]]In my last blog post I was explaining how Gohrlay came to violate the Rules of Observation. Gohrlay is carefully crafted as a puppet by Anagro, the true "ruler" of Observer Base on the Moon… Read more >
  • JWSchmidt

    Rules of Observation

    March 12, 2010 by JWSchmidt

    Now that I've been explicit about Gohrlay's criminal activity I need to finalize my thinking about the Rules of Observation. Exactly why is Gohrlay a criminal? Gohrlay lives during an interesting time when the Neanderthal population on Earth has alm…

    Read more >

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