User:Serprex 02:51, October 19, 2013 (UTC)

Eggs, whip, caffeine

Skunk, marijuana

TV recordings replay ad infinitum

Strike: this opaque negative has been here before. Air rushing past. Speed of smooth tarmac

Thoughtless. This isn't new. In blindness, only air rushing past and darkness around can be recognized

Fumbling lock. How embarrassing. Mistakes cannot be forgotten. Failing to put through wheel at first, unable to readjust last dial to its correct orientation

Did you know whales and belugas breathe air? They have to come up for air

Yeah, & dolphins...

Fascinating what profound knowledge is possessed about marine mammals here. But onwards

Broken door. Lights all around. Whip... what? Two things to remember, one forgotten. Everything is forgotten

Surrounded in light, no details alight

Eggs. Eggs, whip. Falling quarters, slide to their source, can't pickup with gloves on, thanks, caffeine. Twice

Random thoughts about Down's Syndrome, and impact of quality of perception on resulting intelligence

Air miles. Out into darkness

Again confrontation at locks. Memories of embarrasment reemerge

Such dull perceptions, way home is always shorter, but this time it's all the same. A blur in darkness

Wheels squeal

Where is October?

Dull beats turning right


Green lights bring me home

Is the moon empty inside?