Who would've guessed? It was all simply there, just didn't pop out until I had the eyes to see it. Ever since the Bionic Surgery I had to undergo three years back when I lost an eye in a Gunfight, I was able to see the truth there. My crew was weird, my family was dead and my Friend was murdered. Who could've been worse off than this? I guess you could say I had it lucky when I only lost an Eye, but my friends and family are irriplaceable.

But I didn't care. Who would if they thought like I did? I was only in it for the money, the Glory and fame. I didn't want to live down on the Toltan Satellite and scrape windows for a living! I wanted to do something better, so I got me a ship I called the Griffon and flew around in it for a while. I guess you could say I'm a Bounty Hunter. I call myself a Rogue because I didn't listen to laws and follow regulations. Everywhere I went is a War Zone and that was life.

I had been stuck aboard this ship for Five years with a crew of a cat woman (She's officially called a Felixan, member of the Felinoid family of species) named Vizri, a Black man who thinks he's God (He's an Ak'shi, so he's excused for that part) called Bubbah, and a computer Genius from Earth called Gene. They are all strangers to me and I don't like them at all. So I stuck traveling through space, but three years ago, I spent all the time with my pal Kyt, a Bounty Hunter Cut from the same cloth, almost exactly like me.

He died three years back though, in a flaming accident that made him an impossible person to forgive, so I wrote a song to forgive him. I am also a Harmonica Player, a very good one at that as well. the song I wrote was entitled "Waltz of Life" which embodied my feelings as a whole. I had a Piano player record one for me on his piano, but it didn't do much else besides make me even sadder. I would weep, but I wept for so little. Stuipid me...

2239 SD, somewhere outside Sector Nine

Near Aites XVII under Control of the Aites System Police Force. Twenty Years after toltan IX Incident

"Any Food?" Vizri asked, annoyed by the Growling of her stomach inside. Her eyes moved viciously with the scent of food on the prowl. She could smell meat, Ak'shi meat.
"Agh! I can't take it any more!" Vizri pulled her hair and ran for the hall. I noticed she could smell Bubbah easily because he was the only one in the hall. "I'll get you! Food!" She screamed Manically as she bursted through the hall looking for Bubbah.
"What do you think you're doin', Crazy Woman!? I'm not food, I'm Bubbah! I am God!" Bubbah Responded as he hurried along.
"Meat! Ak'shi Meat! Food! Food! Good Food!" Vizri kept chanting as she chased him down. She was fast at her feet, but almost too fast to be normal. She was crazed to the point of eating her room mates and I didn't like that.
"Calm the Hell Down, Vizri! We'll be landing in Azerad Port soon! We'll be eating like kings in no time!" I told her as she zoomed pass me. Bubbah was starting to scream like a little girl. It was almost hilarious to see a grown black Man scream like a girl while flailing.
"Food! Food! Food!" Vizri kept screaming. It got annoying, so I stepped in. I rushed into the Weapons area and pulled a Tranquilizer from the Lit wall showing off my Inventory. I rushed out of there and went to the Metal hall to get a catch of her. She was bouncing off the walls and chasing Bubbah still and I couldn't get it straight!
I set my Tranquilizer up and put in two bullets. I took aim at her and could barely keep it still, so I set it to automatic and had a lock on her. I fired the gun and it all flew towards her. One in the Ass and one in the shoulder, so that'd knock out anything. She stopped and turned to look at me. She looked completely wiped out, so I just smiled and said, "Sweet dreams, Kitty."
Bubbah was still Scared of her, so he hid behind a Cart while screaming like a baby would when not getting what he wants. I went to check on him and the Fun had been sucked out of this thing. "Get the hell out from behind the cart!" I smacked him on the head hard enough that he flew right out of there. It was strange that he didn't block that, so the woman was really scary then.
I didn't do anything else except for walking back to my seat in the Living Area and sitting down. I finally was able to relax until-
"Johnny! John John! We're almost to the Port and we'll be ready in five minutes! I'd get up!" It was Gene who ruined my relaxation time and the two idiots who made me work. I got really frustrated and threw the TV remote to the Floor.
"God Dammit! Can't I get a chance to myself one time?" I sighed and pulled a Cigarette from my pocket. A lighter and a cap on, I was set for my day, I guess the Old Blak Stah had followed me from Mars. Time to make my day!

Part II

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