The sirens flared as the paramedics bound for the New York Central Hospital. "Breathe, breathe," the doctor said. The lady yelled and screamed like a nail on a chalk board. The husband was having a nervous breakdown, sweating like a rushing waterfall. The heart monitor was blaring as fast as a machine gun. Then, thirty minutes later, they were darting down the isle like dogs running from a dogcatcher.

When they were inside the hospital room, the baby was born into a world full of smiles and cheers. Then, as fast as a baby reacts to candy, the monitor made a long, deafening beat. The cheers and smiles turned into cries and sobs. But, after two minutes, which felt like two days, the lady awoke from the dead like a slumbering zombie.

But, that wasn't the end of it.

Chapter 1 The BeginingEdit

"Ethan, what is the answer to problem 4," Mr.Donichello said. Then, a tall, skinny teenager with onyx-black hair stood from his desk. "The answer is..." Exactly after he answered the question, the bell rang to go home. Ethan walked his usual route, through the field, into Main Street, to stop for a donut at the Fluff Fluff Bakery. All around he saw strange hallucinations, such as a white man with blue markings all over his body and a little 19th century schoolgirl with soot black skin and ears pointy enough to be kabob skewers. " Am I going crazy, or did I miss Halloween," Ethan astonishly thought. To escape these terrible scenes, he crossed into a dark, muddy alleyway. On the way out, he stepped in a mud puddle.

The action that followed would have made anyone pee their pants! A long, pencil colored arm grabbed Ethan's foot, pushing him onto the floor. A body lifted itself out of the three-foot-wide hole. The creature had pencil skin, thin eyes, two red scars down his face, and the body as thick as a twig. It yelled, "DIE, HUMA...." The creature was killed by a laser shot out of Ethan's shaking , outstreached hand. He shockingly sprung from the ground, and darted all the way back home.

Chapter 2 DakkenEdit

Ethan raced into the door with the strengh of a bull. "Hi, honey," Mrs.Parker said, "How was school." Her husband was eating away at the sandwich in his hands. 

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