Big-rig Doom
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by Steven Spielberg
Written by EriK Frillery
Starring EriK Frillery
Bruce Willis
Amy Lorn
Jason Statham
Editing by John Froan
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) June 18, 2005 (North America)
June 25, 2005 (Europe)
Running time 129 min. threatrical cut
140 min. extended/director's cut
Country Europe
North America
Language English
Budget 50-70 million total
Gross revenue 37 million domestic, 62 million foreign, 99 million worldwide
Followed by Big-Rig Doom II: Truck Warriors (2006)

Big-rig Doom is an American 2005 action film by EriK Frillery. The film is about two truckers (EriK Frillery and Bruce Willis) who are truckers who are normally victims of terrorists and other killers.

Plot summary Edit

Michael Parker (EriK Frillery), an American trucker and his dad Troy Parker (Bruce Willis), who are targets of terrorist group called, Men of Islam, and they are about to kill the truckers, but the Michael rather protect a woman (Amy Lorn) he met, then live from the terrorist, and he must also evade her sadistic hitman father Davis Navvar (Jason Statham).

Plot Edit

Michael and Troy Parker (EriK Frillery and Bruce Willis) are travelling on a lonely desert road when four cars come out of nowhere, and start shooting at them, they shoot back killing two in one bullet, because a bullet has been made that will not stop at a long distance when shooting and the bullet killed the driver of the cars, and killed an accomplice, then they lined up and made a line and hanged onto the back of the semi-truck, and Michael shoots 3 dead, and fights them off with his fists, and cuts them up with a machete, and jumps down on a car, and cuts off the drivers hand, and causing the three cars to crash and explode, killing the criminals.

Five months later a breaking news report says that a new terrorist group has formed and has killed many lives already, and forcing people to fear them, and Michael, being who he is, says, "Fuck the news! It's shit that doesn't fucking matter. All of fucking hell is made up of fucking shit. News is shit that we don't fucking need anymore. We are fucked. That's a damn story. Why don't they fucking say, 'We are all fucked.' Damnit. I forgot to buy some cigars." He says on the phone to Mary Navvar (Amy Lorn), the prostitute daughter of Davis Navvar (Jason Statham), a known Norwegian-British assassin. He goes to buy some cigars, and is attacked by a mugger in an alleyway, and Michael, beats the mugger to the point of cutting off his finger, leaving the injured man. Troy comes home seeing the blood-covered knife, and saying, "Goddamnit, Michael. Who did you fuck up this time?" He replies, "I only cut off his finger. I did it 'cause he was a mugger. And he mugged me." He says, making Troy angry, and finally calms down.

The next day, Davis comes to Michael and Troy's house, and beats up Michael for sleeping with his daughter, Troy sees Davis, and tries to shoot Davis, but Davis escapes. Troy says to Michael "Damnit. Why did you sleep with his daughter? That bitchy, Mary Navvar." Michael doesn't answer, and four days pass, and another job goes off, and Troy is alone this time, and a member of the Men of Islam attack, and shoot rockets at him, but he evades their rockets, and they hop on top of his truck, and try to kill him, but Troy kills them.

Meanwhile, Michael was told about the incident, and heads to the area, and sees Troy badly hurt, and the ammo destroyed in the trailer, and the Men of Islam attack again, but Michael attacked and killed many of them, and the Men of Islam retreat.

At Davis' home, he here's Mary scream, and she disappears, and a letter from Men of Islam stole her, and sent ten men to kill him, they attack him from behind, but quickly overcomes them, and brutally murders two, and kills three more, and uses an illegal top-secret military-grade flamethrower, that melts the flesh off, and he uses it on the rest.

Seven days later, the government tracks an attack on the Pentagon, and the Men of Islam make their move, and are put through a war, in the Pentagon, the military, putting up a valiant, brave fight, lose to Men of Islam. The President gets there in time to negotiate with Men of Islam, but mortally wounded.

On the road, Troy and Michael hear about it, head to the Pentagon, and infilitrate, and kill at least half of Men of Islam, making it possible for the military to reinfilitrate, and they rescue the hostages, but the leader, takes the last ten, and kills one, but manages to make it to a lonely road in the mountains, and Troy and Michael chase him and his surviving army, which are much more tougher than those others, and Troy and Michael, are battling them, and Troy is almost killed, and Michael, dangerous as he is, gets Troy out of the vehicle, and speeds ahead of the leader, and parks at a garage cove, and gets a solid deathproof car, and destroys the semi-truck that the leader and the tougher survivors, and the leader barely survived, and Michael runs him over in a gory fashion, and returning to Troy, and head to a hospital, and rewarded for stopping a terrorist threat, but they are still to be treated like a civilian, and no hero.

And Davis Navvar learns that Mary has been given over to Truck Warriors, which is to be continued in the sequel.

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