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Thalia Is Number TwoEdit

Early this morning, my loving parents drove their SUV up the half ploughed snowy state road and through the gates of Betula Academy. They opened the door and all but pushed me out on to the frozen white stuff, and then they went around to the back and threw my bags out the back of the car and sped off.

Well, I can't blame them. I know that sounds really loving, but having a shape changer for a daughter is just not easy. Also, my beast soul is hyena, not wolf, eagle, or tiger. Well, hyenas are better than wolves. They're meaner and more vicious. They're tougher and rougher, more jaged from the moment they were born.

And this humble wearhyena was going to serve the most powerful, deadliest up and coming demon in the universe, none other than the mighty, majestic, and beautiful Queen Jettar herself.

Now serving Queen Jettar is not an easy task so when you hear poor ugly Ismene whining about her broken foot and playing her tough military music and going "harch!" like some kind of idiot, I just have to laugh. It's so dumb.

To serve Jetta, you have to be like Jettar and that means very cool and very beautiful. Now think about it. Why shouldn't the most powerful up and coming demon in the whole universe be beautiful?

Well, I went in to the dormitory, but did not even know if it was the right one. It wasn't. An angel with big stupid brown wings sent me to the Administration Building where this dried up prune of a human lady in a white sweater gave me my room keys and my card. My ID number is S01. Yeah, she said it only meant I was the first shape shifter to arrive on campus, but you know, I don't believe in coincidence.

My room was 402 Maurice Greene Hall, named after the athlete. I let myself in and found the elevator worked perfectly. Well what other school would my parents pick out but a fine institution. As I said before having a werehyena for a daughter can't be easy, but in truth it was.

I hiked up four miserable flights of stairs and tried to make myself at home. I had to redo my room twice. The first time I just got a mattress on the floor and foot lockers. The second time I did my room up like a palace with granite walls and matching furniture and a huge bed like an ebony sled. My room looks good enough for Jetta to use except she has her room 400. Yes, we're across the hall from each other.

Room 401 belongs to Jetta's twin sister Ariana. Jetta wants to kill Ariana. That's not going to be easy because both Jetta and Ariana are immortals. Still, she can humiliate, discredit, embarass, and seriously weaken the good shining sunshine makes me want to upchuck if you know what I mean twin sister. I'm all for that. In fact, I'm more than happy to help out with that. Face it, as a creature who enjoys rending a bit of human flesh and laughing over it, I have no problem living in a world dominated by the forces of evil.

Jetta and I arrived on campus within a few minutes of each other. I heard her come up the stairs and peeked out just as she opened the fire door to the fourth floor and emerged in all her demonic glory. She levitated six suitcases behind her and opened her door via telekensis. She then fashioned her room in to a demonic temple of blackest marble. That was when I knew I had better fix up my place or I wouldn't stand a chance.

I also knew the kind of clothes I needed to wear. Right now I only have five or six good outfits. It's lucky I hung with a cool crowd at my own school. I tried to do my preying on the other side of town and late at night. True, I had to break curfew and that upset my parents and sometimes my kills got in the newspaper. It's not easy being fuzzy some of the time. I'll tell you that.

I put on my best sweater,it was a snazzy blue number that I had stolen the night before, my good jewelry and my black boots with spike heels and walked across the hall to join the others crowded around Jetta to see what she would do.

We did not have to wait long. Up the stairs and through the fire door came Ariana. Jetta laid down the law, and then goody two shoes sweetness and light proceeded to fight the Queen. What a mistake that was? What a stinking joke? All Queen Jetta had to do was open the fire door and Ariana was out of action.

Then Jetta passed out the smokes and gave Jetta to me. I tromped down the stairs and found her with a compound fracture in one of her legs. This was too perfect! I picked her up, transformed to my beast form and started to maul her. I managed to take a good bite out of her arm too. She doesn't taste good if you must know. I don't know what she eats, and I don't want to know.

Anyway, suddenly Jude Phlippi shows up and his magic is stronger than my beast soul. I have to put down Ariana so he can heal her and I turn human again and run upstairs. I feel bad, but Jetta tells me not to worry. Jude Philippi's day will come. One day, he too shall bow down to her.

I was thinking about this as I followed Jetta and my new friends to dinner. Ariana had all ready left. We got a spot on the third floor balcony of the dining hall and then went about the business of finding food. Jetta, I learned lived on nothing but candy. I got a couple of power bars. Later I could let her know I'm basicly a carnivore. Right now though I'd eat what she ate. Actually, food was not the main event.

"Look what's beneath us," hissed Jetta. Sure enough I saw Ariana, the little black cluless thing Jetta had spat on, and some of Ariana's close associates all enjoying dinner including the little innocent girl who looked for all the world to me like a snack. Actually, revenants even fake kid revemants are unpalateable. I took a bite of my Power Bar. I was ready for action, but Jetta as always went first. She leaned over the railing, stuck her finger down her throat, and hawked up a huge gob of vomit that she aimed magicallhy at the angelic table below.

"Great job!" I told my Queen, but of course this was not going to be nearly enough.

From here, you can proceed to the food fight. Enjoy...

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