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The First Food Fight Edit

Thalia narrates

Ariana, for all she deserves to die and be stomped on the ground until she is nothing but a blood pulp (Don't worry. This won't happen. She is immortal, remember) knew not to take the garbage we dished out. She used her magic to tie up my mouth and jetta's with sticky white tape like spider web but thicker. Jetta zapped hers away and leaped over the balcony railing. We had been insulted and it was time to teach Ariana and her little friends a lesson.

Jetta jumped, so naturally, I followed. Don't ask how I landed on my feet. I believe Jetta's magic was protecting her friends. Once on the ground I saw that Jetta was beating on Ariana. She had brought her shurikens and knives and she was kicking and stabbing away. There was blood everywhere. Ariana was Jetta's so I decided to go after the little brown girl and teach her a lesson. She'd be easy but so what. She might even taste good because if she was mortal, I'd satisfy my appetites.

I transformed in to beast form and beared my teeth and gave a loud insane sounding laugh. The brown girl did not even flinch. I prepared to lunge at her and she grabbed a chair. She blocked my first attempt. I snarled. I foamed at the mouth. I tried a side attack, but she swung the chair at me again. This time she got me in the ribs.

Well, she'd pay. I made another lunge and this time I landed on her. I started to sink my teeth in to her throat but the girl had dropped the chair and had jammed her thumbs under my front legs and dug them in to my pits. I sunk my claws in to her as she attempted to push me away. I could feel the warm blood welling up through her torn plaid shirt.

Unable to get in to her throat and in an effort to hang on, I bit in to her shoulder. Phew...she tasted of fish and iodine and something weirdly bitter. I spat out a mouthful of revenant. Then the revanent kneed me in the gut. I lunged at her again, not caring how she tasted.

Then Jude Philippi had to show up. I did not need him here. He made me climb off the revanent and transform to human and that was how I found out I had badly injured ribs and was very sore. Don't ask me if I broke anything Jude made us all line up and get healed. The black revanent was all bloody. I had done good work on her. Ariana had a stab wound to her gut and one in the rear so she was limping. That was a pleasure to see. Jetta had some bad burns on one arm. Half the tables were overturned and there were several splintered chairs. I watched everything in the room slowly fix itself as I waited for my turn to be healed.

"You know you really shouldn't fight like this," Jude said.

I had to laugh. Without fighting, what was there?

Urielle Narrates

The wearhyena stood ahead of me in line to see Jude. I dripped blood on the floor. Well, now I knew we had no campus security in more than one sense of the word. This is going to sound strange, but I hate fighting.

"Why do you fight?" Jude asked me as he prepared to lay on hands. His touch felt warm but it scaed me.

"Don't flinch," he advised me. "Just tell me why you fight?"

I wondered if I should tell him "self defense," but that really wasn't true. I hadn't picked my battle tonight. Ariana had. It was the wrong battle. Just pounding on the demons without a plan wasn't going to get us anywhere.

"To win," I answered. Jude gave me an odd look. His eyes were a very dark blue that did not look quite natural. I was glad to get out of his eyes and on my way back to Greene Hall.

We all gathered in Ariana's room. "So what's the plan?" I finally asked her. "What plan?" she asked back.

"You know what plan to take out Jetta. We can't let this go on all year..." I was nearly screaming.

"We just keep trying I guess," sighed Ariana.

I felt my face flush with anger. "If we keep doing the same dumb things we won't get anywhere," I advised her.

"Well what do you advise?"

"Let's show them we mean business."


"We burn their spell books and phylacteries and charms unless they leave us alone. They leave us alone and we've won because Jetta's immortal. She's no longer acting like a good demon." Yes, I know good demon is an oxymoron.

"You are going to do what?" asked a tall very blond angel.

Cara giggled.

"Threaten to burn their spell books, charms, and phylacteries," I restated.

"And how do you plan to do that?" asked Ariana. It was plain my plan scaird her.

I explained all of it to her. "Now if you don't mind, I've got to make a trip in to town," I announced. "Does any one care to come with me. It's going to be a long lonely walk in the cold."

OOC ~~~ Nothing beats a good cycle of revenge.

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