Ben "Benjamin" Summers is a student in high school, located in South Carolina.

Fictional Reality ProgramsEdit

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 5: ChinaEdit

He was a member of the Zhan Hu tribe. He became a member of the Shang Zhou when the two tribes merged. He was defeated by Laura in the final tribal council vote.

Fictional Big Brother 2Edit

He won Head of Household 4 times and was nominated more than twice, but one time, he was pulled off the block by a veto winner. He won other competitions other than HoH's. He made it to the final two after choosing Joe over Angie. He defeated Angie in the jury vote to become the winner after the fictional 90 game finally concluded.

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 6: Palau-Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

He started as a member of the Favorites tribe, chose to move to the Airai tribe. He made the merge, becoming a Sonsorol member. He made it to the final tribal council where he defeated Yau-Man and Cirie with 7 of the 11 jury votes.

The Amazing Race-Fictional Style 2Edit

He is currently competiting in a fictional Amazing Race, scheduled for 16 legs. I am unsure about how far he & Daniel will go. I am slating him & Daniel for the final three, but that may just be a myth of my predictions.

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