The following is a Basic Timeline of the Caladarian Galaxy from c. 3500 BH to AH 333, a period of about 3,833 years. This timeline provides the general outline of events during the course of those centuries.

Basic Timeline of the Caladarian Galaxy (3500 BH-AH 333)Edit

c. 3500 BH-The Cree Empire governs four hundred star systems in the Northern Galactic Borderlands, which are tied together by hyper-acceleration cannons.

c. 3100 BH-King Narmer (r. c. 3100-3076 BH) unifies the nations of Upper and Lower Horacia and establishes the Horacian Hegemony, one of the earliest unified (that is, planet-wide) civilizations of significance within the confines of the Core Worlds. Horacia would remain an independent state for nearly 3,000 years, until its conquest by the Stellar Republic of Laurasia under Octavian in 30 BH.

c. 2600 BH-The Shapeshifter Empire is established, possibly in the Inner Territories, and during the course of the next three centuries, they spread to other star systems in various regions of the Caladarian Galaxy.

c. 2590 BH-Construction of the Great Hereditary Temples by the Sixth Dynasty of the Horacian Hegemony.

c. 2400 BH-The tumble-drive is invented by the Shapeshifter Empire, allowing journeys in hyperspace of variable distance and duration, and spurring the further territorial expansion of Shapeshifter dominions. Commencement of the Heroic Wars, which ultimately lead to the establishment of the Pauline Empire. During this time, the Paulines develop their own version of the jump drive.

c. 2300 BH-The Cree Empire obtains its greatest territorial extent, ruling 3,000 star systems throughout the Caladarian Galaxy, primarily from the Galactic Barrier to the outskirts of the Tof Borderlands Provinces. The Shapeshifters, on their part, ruled three hundred star systems across known space, including Macromannia, Angel, Constipex, Filorean, Dickinson, Brenda, Loyall, Pardur, and Vesmania.

c. 2200 BH-First contact between the Cree and Shapeshifter Empires, with the establishment of diplomatic relations and an exchange of technology occurring after a state of initial hostilities.

c. 2150 BH-The Shapeshifter Empire instigates construction of its legendary HyperGates.

c. 2100 BH-King Yu the Great establishes the Xia dynasty on Kimania, which constituted that world's first centralized government. During the course of the next few centuries, the Kimanians would colonize, from their initial outpost of Kimanis Mooria, the systems of Shanghai, Derangy, Morangy, Kolombina, and Karangy, along what would become the Kimanian Trade Run.

c. 2000 BH-The Pauline Empire is established by the Praetor of Kelly, Harshar, who declared himself "Lord of Paulina". It was to become one of the most significant states in the Caladarian Galaxy of its time.

c. 1950 BH-The Pauline Empire conquers Meris, Beharis, Walters, and Shephard, thereby extending its power into the Shenandonan Regions. About this same time, the Robertian Hierarchy of Demandia and the Union of Cron establish the first Robertian outposts at Wakedia, Meris, and Jamuina.

c. 1875 BH-The Shapeshifter Empire begins its expansion into the Kalbachan Provinces, fighting a series of wars with the famed Banian Marauders and gaining control of Seeben, Sabinia, Cognus, Zannah, Palaris III, and the Iswill Redoubt, among other strongholds.

c. 1862 BH-The Pauline Empire develops its system of jump corridors in the Shenandonan Regions. By this date also, Goldberg, Whoppi, Hasselback, Nottingham, Fat, Deborah, and Melanie Major have all fallen under Pauline control.

c. 1852 BH-Tudiya becomes the first King of a unified Cadaria.

c. 1822 BH-The Cataclysm of Aquilionia occurs, transforming that world into a water planet, displacing many native settlements, and changing the customs and habits of the Aquilionian civilization.

1785 BH-First contact occurs between the Shapeshifter and Pauline Empires, following the Pauline colonization of Griffith and the Shapeshifter discovery of Rose, Jack, and Roastafaria Minor. First contact with the Cree follows in 1769 BH.

1776 BH-The Rasdallans obtain spaceflight with the invention of the hyperspatial tumble drive.

1750 BH-The Guerilla Wars erupt on Theodore, lasting for nearly a century and forming an indelible imprint upon the corporate and cultural habits of the Theodoran species.

c. 1745 BH-The First Shapeshifter-Pauline War is waged in the Shenandonan Regions, at the upper Kimanian Trade Run, and in the Kalbachan Provinces, with the Shapeshifters using their StarGates to great effect against the Paulines. This war lasts for the next thirty years and ends in a Shapeshifter victory.

1734 BH-The Jackorite military commander and chamberlain Sargonis ascends to power through the assassination of the king of Acamaria Minor, Ur-Zabadu. Sargonis proclaims himself Emperor of the Jackorites thereby establishing the Jackonian Empire. During the course of the next fifty-six years, he would extend his dominions along the course of the future Kimanian Trade Run, imposing his overlordship over the Roastafarians, Allisonians, and Cadarians; directly incorporating territories as far north as Chapelle, Nathaniel, and Drennan, and even campaigning as far as Trebek, Jeopardy, and Leslie.

c. 1705 BH-The decline and fall of the Cree Empire begins, with the first of the Cree Administrative Disputes.

1690 BH-The outbreak of the Second Shapeshifter-Pauline War, during the course of which the Paulines gain access to StarGate technology, utilizing it to seize control of Roger Minor, Genoa, and Kaluna in the Galactic Borderlands.

1683 BH-End of the Second Shapeshifter-Pauline War, with the extension of Pauline power into the Homi Provinces.

c. 1679 BH-Death of Sargonis the Great, founder of the Jackonian Empire. He was succeeded by his son Rimush (r. c. 1679-1670 BH).

c. 1654-1618 BH-Reign of Naram-Sin, second great ruler of the Jackonian Empire. Under him, the Empire obtained its territorial extent, controlling colonies and garrisons as far afield as Ruumlist and Sejucia in the Wild Marshes.

c. 1650 BH-The Second Cree Administrative Dispute, resulting in the Cree withdrawal from the outposts of the Tof Borderlands.

c. 1638 BH-Goni is colonized by the Samurai Warriors of Samantha, that system's dominant power. The Dreans colonize Aldea, Duana, and Strongstine about the same time, and construct their famed Aldean Central Computer.

1625 BH-Third Shapeshifter-Pauline War is waged, ending in another indecisive stalemate. By 1590 BH, tensions between the Shapeshifters and the Paulines had finally subsided.

c. 1600 BH-The end of the Xie Dynasty of Kimania, which was replaced by the Shang Dynasty.

c. 1570 BH-Robertian Hierarch Gusum sponsors the establishment of a trade corridor between Robert and Robert Minor.

c. 1561 BH-The Pauline Empire conquers the Temperanian Federation, establishing control over Temperance, Grand Junction, Mariana Sirtis, Bacturis Invictis, Borenaz, and other strongholds in what would become the Millian Home Region.

1554 BH-Fall of the Jackonian Empire to the Brookian Confederacy of Brooke One, Allison, and Emily Deustiania. Anarchy and disunion descended among the worlds of the future Trade Run.

c. 1512 BH-Rise of the Third Dynasty of Acamaria under Ur-Nammu. Ur-Nammu would extend his authority from Oglameria and Denver across to Melanie Major during the course of his seventeen-year reign.

c. 1500 BH-Blazing of the Meris-Elijahana Highway, resulting in the intensification of contacts between the Robertians and Huntites.

c. 1490 BH-Great Cree Civil War begins, lasting for over twenty years; the Shapeshifters and Paulines intervene, seizing control of portions of Cree territory.

c. 1450 BH-The unification of Kalbacha begins under King Creyata I of the nation of Sherry.

1425 BH-Emergence of the Old Kingdom of Cadaria under Puzur-Ashur I.

c. 1404 BH-Collapse of the Third Dynasty of Acamaria.

1400 BH-Onasi, Waxefield, and Dehner are colonized by the Kanian Federation, established two centuries earlier.

c. 1387 BH-Theodore is united under the rule of the Corporate Houses of Bura, who lead the colonization of Longmira, Andrea Doria, and Theodore Minor utlizing a version of the hyperspatial jump drive, acquired through contacts with wayward Shapeshifter scouts.

c. 1371 BH-The Fourth and Final Shapeshifter-Pauline War, as the two powers came into dispute over the territories of the Cree Empire, and colonial interests elsewhere in the Caladarian Galaxy. This war lasts for six years, and results in the Cree finally reunifying, after the last of their Administrative Disputes. Pauline and Shapeshifter forces lose territory in the Tof Borderlands. Thereafter, the Shapeshifters turn their attention to the central Galactic Borderlands; the Paulines, towards the Core Regions.

1354 BH-Pauline expedition colonizes Bolgrahay, Robbay, and Hannah, mixing their DNA with those of the native inhabitants of those star systems. About the same time, the Shapeshifters seize what would become Arachosia Prime and Vector Prime from their original Credian inhabitants.

1300 BH-The unification of Kalbacha is completed under King Creyata VII of the House of Sherry; the Great Kingdom of Kalbacha is thereby established. The Kalbachans would not obtain spaceflight for nearly another century, however.

c. 1294 BH-Rise of the Kingdom of Cyrus III under Suavbu.

c. 1285 BH-The Great Paulina Supernova occurs, wrecking Paulina, capital world of the Pauline Empire. Beginning of the decline and fall of the Pauline Empire.

1275 BH-Shenandoah Revolt; reestablishment of Shenandonan independence from the Pauline Empire. Economic and civil troubles intensify for those realms.

c. 1270 BH-Shapeshifter Empire seizes control of Breha, Nanking, and Messalina, expelling Paulines from the Barsar Regions.

1263 BH-Earliest recorded raids from the Galactic Void into the Caladarian Galaxy (presumably by the ancient Cimmerian nomads, believed to be related to the much-later Tof Hordes).

1250 BH-Pauline Empire loses control of the Rogerian and Homi strongholds. These strongholds revert to the rule of their native species.

c. 1223 BH-Beharis, Shephard, and Walters annexed by the Robertian Hierarchy of Demandia.

c. 1200 BH-Second Pauline Civil War devastates Pauline colonies in the Middle Territories; Kalbachans begin their expansion into other star systems.

c. 1192-1150 BH-Rule of Hammurabi, greatest of the Kings of Cyrus. Under him, the Kingdom of Cyrus obtained dimensions similar to those of the earlier Jackonian Empire and Third Dynasty of Acamaria. Cadaria was a Cyrian vassal-state at this time, falling under this status c. 1156 BH, under which it remained until Adasi restored full Cadarian independence in about 1120 BH. Cadaria remained fully independent from the time of Adasi (c. 1120 BH) to about 850 BH, when it fell under the power of the Roastafarian Hegemony.

c. 1190 BH-Goni obtains independence; Horacian Hegemony colonizes New Nosauria, Jackie, and Theresa through tumbledrive expeditions; Shapeshifter Empire sends expeditions to the Galactic Void.

1185 BH-The Huntite Warriors emerge from Hunt Major and conquer Hunt Minor, Claithbourne, the Caroline Asteroid Belt, Negro, and Gargonia.

1175 BH-Beginning of the Robertian Unification Crusades; Pauline Empire experiences Third Civil War.

c. 1145 BH-Shapeshifter discovery of Metasia Prime in the Galactic Borderlands; erection of a StarGate, establishment of contacts with the native, regressive Metasian species, fragmented among varying warrying factions and states. They quickly pick up on Shapeshifter technology.

1120 BH-Cree Empire enters final, terminal decline; Gardiner and Leo's Redoubt colonized by the Shang Dynasty of Kimania; Gedrosians obtain spaceflight; Centrality established on Renastasia, being first native Mereditan state; Great Kingdom of Kalbacha colonizes Kalbacha Minor.

c. 1115 BH-Unification of Morgania Major by King Brutus of the nation-state of Troy (c. 1115-1091 BH). The United Kingdom of Morgania was established, and was to become one of the predominant powers in the Wild Marshes during the course of the 1st millennium BH.

c. 1100 BH-Rise of the Vasa Dynasty on Briannia; Horacian Hegemony falters under assaults from emerging Goldarian, Murphian, Marshian, and Galician peoples; expulsion of the Schauerian Conclave from Agac, and the beginning of its immigration to what would become Schaueria Prime.

c. 1090 BH-Waring nation-states of Metasia Prime united under the aegis of the Metasian Empire; Shapeshifters devastated by a plague, affecting their morphing functions, and beset with civil conflict in the Barsar Regions, and elsewhere.

1082 BH-The Iswill conquered by the Great Kingdom of Kalbacha; rise to power of Ra'dall (c. 1082-35 BH), first of the great Metasian Emperors. Ra'dall engineers the attack upon the Shapeshifter embassy at Metasia Prime; the embassy is overrun, though the Shapeshifters destroy the Star Gate, to prevent it from falling into Metasian hands.

1050 BH-Metasian Empire expands to encompass Roger Major, Roger Minor, Kathy, Crusher, McFadden, Wheaton, and Janeway; first clashes between Metasians and Kalbachans; Shapeshifter Empire continues decline.

c. 1046 BH-Fall of the Shang Dynasty of Kimania; rise of the Zhou Dynasty, which was to rule for the next eight centuries.

c. 1045 BH-Commencement of the First Laurasian Space Age, with the launch of the first Laurasian satellite into space by the Lycian Federation.

1030 BH-Cree Empire shatters into the Higher and Lower Satrapies, thereby marking its final dissolution as a unified entity; Shapeshifters driven from Breha, Nanking, and Messalina by the Samurai Warriors of Samantha; the conquest of Scanlan by Theodore begins, taking seventy years to accomplish.

1020 BH-Metasian Empire seizes control of Kaluna, Genoa, and Summers; Metasian expeditions penetrate into the Nagai and Sassi-ruuk Territories.

1000 BH-First Charasian manned mission; Charasian advances in space intensify. The Murphians develop manned spaceflight about this same time; Nagai conquered by the Metasian Empire.

999 BH-Ramathaid Terrorist Attacks.

996 BH-Americanian invasion of Abay.

c. 995 BH-Metasian Empire invents the tumbledrive, allowing for its expansion out of the Galactic Borderlands, and into other regions of the Caladarian Galaxy. Bane, Cognus, Zannah, Kelvania Minor, and Kelvania Major succumb to Metasian rule by 990 BH. Final collapse of the Kingdom of Cyrus III at the hands of the Old Larkianite Consortium.

991-987 BH-Great Recession; first laser weapons and first robot line in Laurasian history.

986-980 BH-Advancements by Charasia and Falloria; end of Crusades of Terrorism; Metasian Empire subdues native civilizations of Redia and Nicole, and drives Shapeshifters from Sejucia, Trebek, and Jeopardy.

976-970 BH-Second Americanian Civil War; Shapeshifter Empire devastated yet again by plague; emergence of the Federative States of Vickia, from the carcass of the decreipt Pauline Empire.

966 BH-First Laurasian probe to leave Laurasia Prime star system; Pauline Empire hit by Fifth Civil War.

963-960 BH-Developments with robots, repulsorlifts, chemical engineering, etc.

c. 962 BH-Metasian first contact with the Cree Empire; Metasians also conquer Allen, Harrison, Skold, Plath, Novina, and Hutsia Major, establishing themselves in the Barsar Regions.

957 BH-Abolition of the Darsian monarchy; monarchy does not appear on Laurasia Prime again as a system of government until AH 412, an elapse of 1,369 years.

954-945 BH-Troubles of Americana; Laurasian colonization efforts continue; Metasian Empire seizes control of Cree outposts, garrisons, and colonies in Lavella, on the Galactic Barrier, and in the Tof Borderlands. The T'clai system is devastated at this time.

944 BH-Dissertation of Dr. Demetrius Anasamius; final emergence of the Democratic Hegemony of Robert; Renastasian Centrality occupies Jeanne, Dickinson, Brenda, and Xander.

943-940 BH-Third Americanian Civil War; Metasian Empire devastates Kalbacha Minor, and compels the Kalbachans to pay tribute.

933-930 BH-Charasian-Americianian War of Ceillini; aggressive Theodoran colonization and exploration efforts in the Corporate Sector and Upper Burglais Arm.

929 BH-Lycian Democratic Republic reestablished, as the precursor to the United States of Laurasia; First Metasian-Samurai War; Beatrice, Trieste, and Zoo colonized by Metasian expeditions; Sassi-ruuk enslaved by Metasian Empire.

928-905 BH-Rule of General Mithiridates Hendarania, last President of Americana.

920-914 BH-Great Laurasian War; Second Metasian-Samurai War, resulting in Metasian rule of Breha, Chobania, and Samantha; First Metasian-Kimanian War, between Metasian Empire and Zhou Dynasty of Kimania.

914 BH-Invention of the warp drive by Dr. Demetrius Anasamius.

909 BH-International Conference of the Warp Drive; Metasian Empire conquers Riley, Abshire, and Dominguez in a brutal campaign against the native Rilonite Autarchy.

908-906 BH-Reconciliation of the Catholic Almitian Church and the sects of Truism.

906 BH-Launch of the Explorer-class vessels, the first long-range Laurasian starships equipped with warp drive.

905 BH-Destruction of the Americanian Republic; Metasian Empire exterminates all Cree still remaining in Barsar Regions and Middle Territories.

904-900 BH-Charasian-Fallorian War.

900 BH-Laurasian vessels obtain Warp Factor Four; the Warrior State of Hunt begins colonization of the Sk'atha Cluster, already controlling Jasonia, Horne, Jodie, Leah, Lorna, and Ber Bachman.

898-885 BH-Colonization and conquest of Caladaria and Darcia by the Laurasian Nations; Robertian Hegemony seizes Elijahana.

886-879 BH-Great Exploration Game; Homidinians obtain spaceflight; Metasian Empire completes conquest, through the Fourth Samurai War, of Goni and Samantha; Second Metasian-Zhou War results in Metasian occupation of Gardiner and Leo's Redoubt, and the Metasian colonization of Henderson, Cox, Banks, Millard, Nikki Lowell, and Newman Victoria; Gedrosians seize Upper Morsia.

880 BH-Death of Dr. Demetrius Ansamius, inventor of the Laurasian warp drive.

c. 876 BH-Formation of the Decapolian Federation, encompassing Decapolia Major, Decapolia Minor, Agac, Aflac, Podrac, and their associated colonies.

873-60 BH-Conquest of Chilsia, Wallachia, and the Mexicanian Colonies by the Charasian Republic; final collapse of the Cree Empire, with the Metasian extermination of the Cree holdouts in the Northern Reaches; Metasian forces colonize Sonny, Dromund, and Englestrom in the Lacian Cluster.

864 BH-The Great Laurasian Espionage Game; Warp Factor Five obtained.

858-854 BH-War of the Syrenes Sea between Charasia and Lycia, over interests in Mexicana, Americana, and elsewhere; Metasian expeditions in Merlita, Polonia, and Proto-Donguaria.

854-830 BH-Rule of Great Leader Secranius over Charasia; Great Kingdom of Kalbacha becomes vassal-state of Metasian Empire; Metasian attacks and raids against Paulines, Roastafarians, Cadarians, and Cyrians, among other species.

850 BH-Reconciliation of the Catholic Almitian Church with the Reformed Almitian denominations, reconstituting a united Almitian Church for the first time in over six hundred years.

830-820 BH-Humagian Contention, gravely weakening the Charasian Republic. First contact between Metasians and Robertians; Metasian occupation of Jasmine, Les Mans, Isabella, and many of the future Ashlgothian Borderlands Colonies.

820-800 BH-The Explosansian Colonial Wars, with the colonization of Oxia Vixius, Augis II, and the Oxian Colonies; Metasian-Robertian Wars, with the Metasian Empire battling the Warrior State of Hunt, the Robertian Hegemony, the Renastasian Centrality, and the Gedrosian Union. These wars last for twenty years, and are the more vigorous conflicts ever fought by the Metasian Empire. Ultimately, the Metasians emerge vigorous, and most of the Robertian and Huntite strongholds are incorporated into the Metasian Empire.

800-796 BH-Charasian Depression.

c. 798 BH-Ia'saay becomes Metasian Emperor, leading the Empire to ever-greater heights; Kalbacha finally incorporated into the Metasian Empire.

c. 796 BH-Shapeshifter Empire finally falls, with the Metasian conquest of Filorean, Marcomannia, and the Shapeshifter Home Region; Homidinian Stellar Union is organized, and controls Brlla, Dion, Yutzy, Hemsford, Calms, Gibbs-to-Lester, Brent, Gwendolyn, Ryan, Demebzaic, and parts of what would become the Kledis Var Trade Run.

793 BH-Goldberg, Uris, Choir, and Beharis are seized from the Kingdoms of Vickia by the Metasian Empire. The Middle Kingdom of Cadaria emerges the same year under Erib-adad I, who rejects the overlordship of the Roastafarian Hegemony, weakened by its conflicts with the Metasians.

793-83 BH-Second Charasian Civil War.

c. 790 BH-Sheldonia conquered by the Metasian Empire. Metasian rule also now extends to Beverly Hereidu, Khagia, and Dumbgwita.

782 BH-Homidinian Stellar Union colonizes Taraning, Ian, and Cassie in the Burglais Arm; Lacian Clan Wars begin; Metasian Empire colonizes Shaelynn, Chalassion, Halassion, Alyssa, and Chalassia.

776 BH-Warp Factor Six obtained by Laurasian vessels; Second Metasian-Vickian War.

775 BH-Colonization of Ralina Vixius by the Lycian Union; Metasian Empire occupies the desolate remains of Paulina, Melanie Major, and Majoria Schall, wiping up the remnants of the defunct Pauline Empire.

764-53 BH-The Unification Wars of Laurasia Prime; ascendancy of the Venasian nation of Hapes, which would culminate in the unification of Venasia Prime, and the establishment of the Venasian Consortium, a century later.

762 BH-First contact between Homidinian Stellar Union and Metasian Empire, resulting in hostilities over Robertian Regions, Elijahana, and Gibbs-to-Lester. These continue for ten years.

753 BH-Formation of the United States of Laurasia with the final Lycian conquest of Charasia under President Romulus.

753-716 BH-Rule of Romulus, founder of the United States of Laurasia.

c. 750 BH-Metasian Empire sacks Kimanis Mooria, taking advantage of the dissolution of the First Dynasty of Zhou.

735 BH-Beginning of the Metasian-Homidinian Wars, with the first one lasting for twelve years and resulting in the Metasian acquisition of territory at Dromund, Ryan, Sharman, Derek, and Kara.

c. 720 BH-Accession of Mu'adi III, last of the great Metasian Emperors.

c. 716 BH-Outbreak of Second Metasian-Homidinian War; Metasian Empire seizes Dion and Homidinia Minor.

710 BH-Colonization of Apathama Vixius; Warp Factor Seven obtained.

716-673 BH-Rule of President Numa Pompilius; colonization of Americana.

705-690 BH-The Qauedian War, resulting in the formation of the Oxian League.

c. 705 BH-Metasian Empire obtains greatest territorial extent, with the colonization and conquest of Larkin, Leslie, and Nandia.

c. 701 BH-Death of Mu'adi III, last of the great Metasian Emperors. Immediately following his death, the throne was disputed between his nephew, Prince Bu'hadi, and Sora, Great Lord of Metasian Homidinia. The decline and fall of the Metasian Empire commenced in earnest.

698 BH-The Third Metasian-Homidinian War, resulting in the recovery of Dion and Homidinia Minor by the Homidinian Stellar Union; Calrissian Consortium colonizes Adrianne, Belparasian, Andrianne, Natalie, and Tiona, thereby firmly establishing themselves on the future Galactic Frontier Route.

c. 697 BH-Goni and Samantha revolt against the Metasian Empire, under the leadership of King Purdah; the two systems break away, establishing the Kingdom of Samantha; the confrontations of the Metasian Civil War continue, with the Lacian Cluster, Robertian Regions, and Lower Kimanian Colonies being the chief theaters of conflict.

696 BH-The Lorellian Raiders are active in the Outer Reaches of the Venasian Cluster; the Battle of Kabul sees the most intensive fighting yet of the First Metasian Civil War; Metasian garrisons are driven from Aldea, Hutsita Major, and Drea by a series of slave revolts.

694 BH-Colonization of Horne by the Gedrosian Outcasts; victory of Sora and his capture of Metasia Prime, resulting in his seizure of the Metasian throne.

c. 693 BH-Outbreak of the Fourth Metasian-Homidinian War, resulting in the loss of Sonny, Kacee, Dromund, Englestrom, and Alyssa, and the abandonment of Metasian garrisons in the vicinity of Maxwell, Kledis Var, and Markis Prime. The war continued until 690 BH and seriously drained the Metasian Empire's military capabilities.

c. 691 BH-Metasian expedition against Paradine, Azov, and N'zoth ended in failure; termination of Metasian survey parties at the Galactic Center.

689 BH-Great Patriotic Revolt on Kaluna, Summers, and Genoa, as the Homi inhabitants of those star systems united against Metasian rule; the Revolt would drag on for fourteen years, draining Metasian military resources.

c. 686 BH-Conspiracy of the Seven Metasian Houses, resulting in the overthrow and assassination of Sora; civil conflict intensifies on Derek and Kara, encouraged by the Homidinian Stellar Union.

683 BH-Outbreak of the Second Metasian Civil War; Hoohshikk is abandoned by the Metasian Empire, with Metasian engineering projects significantly altering the planet's wildlife and landscape.

680 BH-Kimanis Mooria rehabilitated by the Eastern Zhou Dynasty of Kimania, reestablished twenty years earlier; Gardiner, Derangy, Morangy, Cox, Henderson, Banks, the Lower Orion, and Christophsis are firmly under Kimanian control.

c. 678 BH-The Christopherians begin the colonization of Narra and Gilestis; Metasian Empire is driven from Duana, Riley, and Strongstine; legendary Kwaan Pirates active in the Burglais Arm, operating against the early Mackenzians, Edmundians, and Coronadians.

676 BH-End of Second Metasian Civil War; Metasian Empire now under the rule of the Council of the Houses, which continues to deal with conspiracies among the Metasian nobility; Metasian garrison of Seeben wrecked by a thermal explosion.

c. 675 BH-Accession of Tyatuas I as Great King of Kalbacha; he instigates another war against the Metasian Empire, overthrowing Metasian overlordship and driving all Metasian units from Kalbacha Minor, Sabinia, the Iswill, and the Inner Kalbachan Territories; complete independence of the Homi Kingdoms from the Metasian Empire.

673-642 BH-Rule of President Tullius Hostillus, marked by the Dispute of Darcia.

671 BH-Chandlier, Tommy, and Meaganian are colonized by the Kwarian Zesians, an offshoot of the native Zesian species in the southern Core Worlds.

669-666 BH-The Great Plague of Metasia occurs, affecting only the Metasian species. This disease impacts the immune, circulatory, respiratory, and structural systems of Metasian adults, considerably reducing their mobility, their agility, and their awareness. The plague kills more than one-third of all Metasians, thereby draining their military resources. Metasian power is driven down yet further.

c. 664 BH-Establishment of the Old Venasian Consortium (c. 664 BH-AH 333) by Queen Mother Kondchura I (r. 664-27 BH), following the destruction of Hapes's last rival, Tardraes; Homidinian Union occupies Derek and Sharman, completing the expulsion of the Metasian Empire's forces from the Homidinian Regions.

660 BH-Beverly Hereidu revolts under the leadership of the prominent Heredian nobleman Dee. Taking advantage of the outbreak of rebellion elsewhere in the Empire, Dee managed to drive all Metasian forces from the star system and to establish the First Dealey Caliphate.

c. 655 BH-Dumbgwita and Khagia were abandoned by the Metasian Empire.

650-647 BH-The Third Metasian Civil War, resulting in the deaths of nearly two-sixths of all remaining Metasians, severe economic damage, and the disruption of the Metasian Empire's communication lanes.

642-616 BH-Rule of President Ancus Marcius; his rule saw Laurasian vessels obtain Warp Factor Eight.

641 BH-Iego and Meredith break away from the Metasian Empire.

c. 637 BH-Accession of Gornai as Metasian Emperor, who attempted to revive Metasia's fortunes through wars with the Homidinian Stellar Union, Great Kingdom of Kalbacha, and Kingdom of Samatha. These wars, however, served merely to exhaust Metasian resources yet further; the Great Plague also experienced a recurrence.

626 BH-The Kelvanian systems break away from the Metasian Empire; Gornai's assassination, following the end of his indecisive military conflicts; Calrissian Union of Systems organized.

c. 622 BH-Last Metasian expeditions to the Lacian Cluster; disruption of the Metasian Robertian Highway, thereby seriously weakening Metasian ties to the Robertian Regions; Osonboka Nebula seized by the expanding Mereditan States.

c. 618 BH-Failure of the Metasian Central Communications System on Metasia Prime; this allows for Sheldonia, Gabriella, and Gedrosia to assert their independence from Metasian authorities.

616-578 BH-Rule of President L. Tarquinius Priscus.

609 BH-Start of the Guerilla Wars of Leah and Lorna, as the Lornites struggled to throw off Metasian control; they finally prevailed in 597 BH.

c. 605 BH-Metasian Empire loses control of Melanie Major, Boydaria, Uris, and Choir to native species, the Vickian Confederacy, and break-away bands.

603 BH-Slave Revolt of the Nagai, resulting in their destruction of the Metasian garrisons on Nagai Prime and the expulsion of Metasian units from the outposts of the lower Galactic Barrier; the future Arachosia Prime was also abandoned about this time.

600 BH-Invention of the trans-warp drive by the United States of Laurasia; first Laurasian contacts with the Murphian Hegemony.

599 BH-Goldberg and Beharis seized by the Vickians; Hookiees obtain access to Metasian tumbledrive technology; Religious Wars of Clancia begin, lasting for most of the sixth century BH.

597 BH-First Huntite Rebellion against the Metasian Empire; Metasian forces crush this first rebellion, but are unable to prevent the final breakaway of Leah and Lorna from the Metasian grip.

c. 593 BH-Clan Wars of Angelica; Valeris V and Hypasia Minor colonized by Hypasian exploration expeditions; Metasian Empire withdraws from Crusher, Wheaton, McFadden, and Janeway; the Kingdom of Roger Minor is established.

590-580 BH-Conquest of Chloe and Jenny.

589 BH-Zhou Dynasty drive Metasian units from Filorean, Constipex, and Macromannia, among other Kimanian Run holdouts.

c. 587 BH-Construction begins on the famed Calpurnia Spire.

582 BH-Second Huntite Rebellion commences, with Metasian Emperors Purdai (584-80 BH), Mosa (580-74 BH), and Posa (574-69 BH), in succession attempting to suppress it. Huntites succeeded, by 569 BH, in driving the Metasians from Hunt Major, Hunt Minor, Claithbourne, the Caroline Asteroid Belt, and other outposts.

578-535 BH-Rule of President Servius Tullius.

c. 575 BH-Last signs of Metasian activity in Sassi-ruuk Territories; Venasia Secondary colonized by the Venasian Consortium.

565 BH-Third outbreak of the Great Plague of Metasia, resulting in the forced Metasian withdrawal of all their remaining garrisons in the Middle Territories, Maurya, and the Iego Regions.

561 BH-Robertian Revolts begin, resulting in the liberation, by 546 BH, of Robert, Robert Minor, Wakedia, Jamuina, Deservo, and the other Robertian systems from the rule of the Metasian Empire.

c. 555 BH-Fourth Metasian Civil War; Kathy seized by the Rasdallans.

540 BH-Metasian Empire retreats to its homeland territories in the heart of the Galactic Borderlands, and is torn apart by further civil dissent, social rebellions, economic decline, loss of access to technology, and recurring outbreaks of the Great Plague.

535-10 BH-Rule of President Tarquinus Superbus of the United States of Laurasia; his rule saw conflicts with the Oxian League, Aequi and Volsci, and the colonization of Janesia, Lycia, and the Cron Drift.

532 BH-Great Kingdom of Kalbacha invades Metasian Homeland Territories, sacking the outskirts of Metasia Prime and forcing Metasian Emperor Krora into vassalage.

c. 522 BH-Death of Krora results in Fifth Metasian Civil War, which lasts for four years and sees the Metasians lose all remaining access to their tumbledrive and rapid transit technology.

515 BH-Metasia Prime is devastated by a comet impact, ruining the great cities on its surface and causing a break-down of Metasian civilization. Metasian outposts and garrisons are abandoned, gain independence, or seized by the Kalbachans.

509 BH-Establishment of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

c. 502 BH-Death of the last Metasian "Emperor", Prahi, and the final dissolution of the Metasian Empire. The natives of Metasia Prime now degenerate into primitive tribes, and their numbers would decline further during the next two centuries, due to plague, war, and a fall-off in living standards.

499-407 BH-King Mu'sahrah I reigns over the Horacian Hegemony. His reign is the longest in the recorded history of the Caladarian Galaxy (92 years). Mu'sahrah acceded to the throne at the age of 16 and died at the age of 108. Under his rule, the Horacian Hegemony would enjoy its final Golden Age, as one of the most powerful states in the Core Worlds, and extending from Frogglesworth, Doris, and Watson in Galicia across to Agac and Aflac in Decapolia. His reign also saw the final colonization of Cinnamon, Pandy, Louza, and Kingpin.

496 BH-Battle of the Regellian Nebula between Oxian League and Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

493 BH-Treaty of Foedria between Oxian League and Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

c. 490 BH-Establishment of the First Huntite Empire by the Head of the Deshuna kajidic, Batta (d. 471 BH).

486-36 BH-Wars with the Aequi and Volsci of Aquilionia, Lusculum, Kelby, and Windowia Photis.

482-474 BH-Wars with Veii, Taurasia, and the Oxian League.

c. 476 BH-Commencement of the Warring States Period of Kimania, with the disintegration of Eastern Zhou authority, which was to last for more than two centuries.

451-10 BH-Continuing constitutional codification of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

449-30 BH-Subjugation of Rainnan, Chesham's Star, and Metallina.

429 BH-Accession of Miglath-plieser I to the throne of the Middle Kingdom of Cadaria. Miglath-plieser's reign would see Cadaria extending its authority to as far as Roastafaria, Boydaria, and Melanie Major; subjugating the Eutagians, Hooperites, Benzrites, and Acamarians; and exerting its power against Cyrus III, Beverly Hereidu, Allison, and in the future Ashlgothian Borderlands Territories.

428 BH-Little Mexicana annexed by the Stellar Republic.

406 BH-The Confederacy of Anxur falls to the Stellar Republic.

405-396 BH-Veii and Taurasia besieged by the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

395 BH-Tarentum colonized by the Stellar Republic.

c. 391 BH-Death of Miglath-plieser I, last ruler of the Middle Kingdom of Cadaria. Following his death, the Cadarian Isolationist Period commences, which will last for 143 years.

390 BH-Sack of Laurasia Prime by the legendary Bane Raiders of Brennus.

388-86 BH-Charri Tribes defeated by Stellar Republic, consolidating Laurasian control of Jenny, Kelby, and Chloe.

378-77 BH-Laurasian war against the Oxian League.

365 BH-Colonization of Osama, Tarravania, and Caresolina by the Stellar Republic of Laurasia; origins of the Purse Region Corridor are laid.

361-354 BH-Tribal Wars on Depp, Azov, and N'zoth.

353 BH-Break-away state of Caere (on Darsis) defeated and annexed.

348 BH-Laurasian first-contact with Metallasia, Courdina V, and Gordasis.

346 BH-Laurasia defeats Mercedes and Andriana.

343-341 BH-First Laurasian-Katian War.

340-338 BH-Dissolution of the Oxian League and incorporation of Oxia Vixius into the Stellar Republic.

328 BH-Dearton's Gateway, Maroni, and the Upper Clancian Outlets were annexed by the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

326-304 BH-Second Laurasian-Katian War, with Laurasian power in the Purse Region rising further against Katie, Dosch, and Arias.

c. 300 BH-The once-great Metasian species is rendered extinct. The location of Metasia Prime was forgotten by galactic society until its rediscovery in the eighteenth century.

298-290 BH-Third Laurasian-Katian War, ending in victory for the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

284-283 BH-The Sanjian Plunderer's War, ultimately resulting in victory for the Stellar Republic.

282 BH-Fourth Laurasian-Katian War, resulting in the conquest of Katie; the entire Laurasia Prime Purse Region is under the control of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

282-275 BH-Laurasian-Constantine War.

264-241 BH-First Heuthrian War.

250 BH-The jump drive is in use by this time in the Core Regions.

c. 248 BH-Foundation of the Neo-Cadarian Empire by Mashur-Dan II (r. 248-220 BH). End of the Cadarian Isolationist Period.

238 BH-Laurasian annexation of Trans-Andriana Regions.

237-218 BH-Heuthrian conquest of Katherine, Elizabeth, Wroona, Eastern Malaria, and Lower Vindictorian Provinces.

229-228 BH-First Tommian War.

221 BH-Foundation of the Qin Dynasty of Kimania by Shi Hugandi (reigned over Kimania c. 221-211 BH), ending the Warring States Period.

219 BH-Second Tommian War, ending in annexation of Tommy, Chandlier, etc. by Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

218-202 BH-Second Heuthrian War, with the great campaigns of Hannibal and his victories at Cannae, Trebbia, and Trasminae; ultimately ends in his defeat by Scripio Africanus in the Battle of Zama, and the Laurasian conquest of Metallasia.

c. 202 BH-Liu Bang (d. 195 BH) becomes the first ruler of the legendary Hansian Dynasty of Kimania, which lasts for more than four centuries (that is, until AH 220).

214-205 BH-First Goldarian War.

200-197 BH-Second Goldarian War.

c. 200 BH-Birth of Xer (c. 200-130 BH), destined to become the unifier of the Robertian Regions and the father of Ximar, founder of the First Robertian Empire.

195 BH-Hannibal flees to the Vindictorians.

192-88 BH-First Vindictorian War.

191 BH-Annexation of Pasquarillo and Palimisiano by Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

187-73 BH-Constantine Cluster Wars.

183 BH-Death of Hannibal, greatest enemy of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia, and of Scripio Africanus, victor over Hannibal.

181-79 BH-First Durglais War.

171-68 BH-Third Goldarian War.

154-51 BH-Second Durglais War.

150-48 BH-Fourth Goldarian War, ending in annexation of the Goldarian Worlds by the Stellar Republic of Laurasia; the pirate leader Xer establishes himself on Argai, establishing the Lordship of Argai, and began to expand his power within the Kingdom of Robert proper.

149-46 BH-Third Heuthrian War; conquest of Heuthros by the Stellar Republic; Chancia also conquered by the Laurasians.

143-33 BH-Third Durglais War.

c. 138 BH-Capture of Robert by the forces of Lord Xer of Argai. King Ferece II of Robert (157-38 BH) was killed, and Xer was proclaimed King of Robert, as Xer XIII. During the course of the next eight years, Xer would instigate the Robertian Sweeps, eliminating all of his rivals in the Robertian Regions but the Jamuine League and greatly expanding the power of Robert. He was assisted in his campaigns by his son, Prince Ximar.

135-32 BH-First Serville War.

133-32 BH-Failed reforms of Tiberius Gracchus; Stellar Republic inherits Kingdom of Hannah.

c. 130 BH-Death of Xer XIII of Robert; he was succeeded to the Robertian throne by Ximar (c. 155-97 BH), who almost immediately proclaimed himself Emperor of Robert. During the course of the next ten years, Ximar conquered the Jamuine League, Iego, Meredita, Brenda, Sheldonia, Elijahana, the lower Burglais Arm, and parts of Vickia and Hoohshikk, thereby becoming one of the most powerful rulers in the Caladarian Galaxy. Through his secret police, the GenoHadaran, he maintained strict control over his populace. He constructed numerous palaces, monuments, and other structures throughout his realms; expanded the system of hyperspace beacons among the Robertian Worlds; and sponsored the colonization of thousands of star systems.

129 BH-Capital is annexed into the Stellar Republic.

123-121 BH-Reforms of Gaius Gracchus, although his tenure ends in assassination.

119-109 BH-Development of hyperspace cannons on Laurasia, Murphy, and Briannia.

113-105 BH-Jurgunthine War with Blackria and Mariana Prime; reforms of G. Marius.

104-100 BH-Second Serville War.

102-101 BH-Invasion of the Satian Marauders repelled by Consul G. Marius.

c. 100 BH-The Huntite-Robertian War, as Ximar the Despot attempted to accomplish the conquest of the First Huntite Empire, then ruled by Boontha. The ensuing conflict saw Huntite and Robertian campaigns at Leah, Lorna, Ber Bachman, Garnett, the Sk'atha Cluster, and in the Gedrosian Provinces, among other territories. What decided the conflict were the Three Battles of Vontor; all of them were Huntite victories, and the last resulted in Ximar's capture. The Huntites blinded him, paraded him on Hunt Major, and then imprisoned him; he died on Hunt Major in 97 BH. Huntite control of the Sheldonian and Vickian Provinces was affirmed, and the First Robertian Empire entered its terminal decline. Boontha, hailed as the Victor by the Huntites, continued to rule until his death in 63 BH.

95 BH-Mercedes and Andriana annexed by Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

90-89 BH-Colonial War; Laurasian colonies gain full citizenship and political participation rights.

88-86 BH-First Kemulthie War by Stellar Republic of Laurasia against Venasia, Vindictoria, rebel Schauerian states, and the Decapolian Confederacy, among other powers.

82 BH-Sulla becomes Dictator of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia, following his march on Laurasia Prime.

78 BH-Death of Sulla.

77 BH-Accession of Miglath-plieser III (c. 117-62 BH), considered by some to be the "true" founder of the Neo-Cadarian Empire.

73-71 BH-Revolt of Spartacus; crushed by Crassus and Pompey.

67-63 BH-Pompey's conquest of Hannis, Vindictoria, Venasian Triangle, and subjugation of the Venasian Consortium.

62 BH-Death of Miglath-plieser III of Cadaria, and the succession of his son Melamenser V.

59 BH-First Triumvirate, among Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar.

58-51 BH-Conquest of Carina, Seejay Prime, Ecreutus, and Laynne by the forces of Consul and General Julius Caesar.

55-54 BH-Failed Laurasian invasion of Malaria and Kelvania under Julius Caesar.

c. 55 BH-Death of Melamenser V during the Siege of Emily Deustiania; he is succeeded by his younger brother, who takes the name Sargonis II, after the historic founder of the Jackorian Empire, Cadaria's "model" imperial predecessor.

49-48 BH-Caesearan Civil War, marked by Caesar's cross of the Rubicon Straits in the Central Core; he is victorious, and becomes Dictator of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

47 BH-Caesar's invasion of Horacia; Cleopatra is made Queen of Horacia.

44 BH-Assassination of Julius Caesar; Mark Antony takes control of affairs on Laurasia Prime; final collapse of the First Robertian Empire, and its disintegration into the Kingdom of Robert (eventually the Union of Robert), the Jamuine Marshes, and the Indrexian Confederation. Meredita, Iego, and Brenda had already recovered their independence in the 70s BH.

42 BH-Battle of Philippi; partition of the Stellar Republic's territories among Octavian, Licinus, and Mark Antony. Licinus is eliminated by Octavian in 39 BH.

38 BH-Death of Sargonis II; accession of Hashurab in Neo-Cadaria.

34 BH-Siege of Larkin by the Neo-Cadarian Empire; would be immortalized in the historical accounts of later centuries.

31 BH-Battle of Actium; decisive defeat of Cleopatra and Mark Antony by Octavian.

30 BH-Suicide and death of Horacian Queen Cleopatra and her lover, Laurasian Consul Mark Antony. Triumph of Octavian.

27 BH-Assassination of Octavian; rise to power of his protege Agrippa, instrumental in the victory of Actium, who is named First Consul of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia. The Agrippian Constitution is adopted and lasts until AH 35.

23 BH-Death of Agrippa I, First Consul of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia; succeeded by his son Agrippa II.

19-9 BH-Laurasian campaigns in Malaria, Polonia, and to the Wild Marshes.

13 BH-Assassination of Hashurab; accession of Merhaddon in Neo-Cadaria.

4 BH-Death of Nathanelite King Herod, vassal of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

1 BH-Invention of the hyperdrive by the scientists of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia and the Murphian Hegemony.

AH 1-Commencement of the Hyperdrive Era.

2-Death of Merhaddon; accession of Ashurbanipal, under whom the Neo-Cadarian Empire would enjoy its final period of great strength.

14-Death of Agrippa II; he is succeeded as First Consul by his son Agrippa III (Stellar Republic of Laurasia).

15-Old Robertian Highway reaches Bolgrahay; contacts intensify between Robert and the Core Regions.

19-24-Interphase Wars, as Core Powers struggle to gain access to hyperdrive technology.

31-35-Theocratic Rebellion in Laurasia Prime Purse Region.

35-Agrippa III, last Consul of the First Stellar Republic, overthrown by Constantine Titus Stravius, who proclaims himself Theocratic Lord, of the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia.

37-38-First Rebeccan Conflict; rebellion suppressed by the forces of the Theocratic Republic.

43-Death of Ashurbanipal, last great ruler of the Neo-Cadarian Empire.

43-65-Decline and Fall of the Neo-Cadarian Empire.

39-54-Core-Robertian War, with Union of Robert and Wakedia attempting to conquer Theocratic Republic of Laurasia, Murphian Hegemony, Venasian Consortium, Vindictorian States, and other Core Powers; both Laurasia Prime and Robert devastated by opposed military forces; war ultimately ends in Robertian withdrawal from the Core Regions.

55-The great Murphian historian Vo'rill composes his History of the Evolution of the Core Peoples; earliest Core contacts with Kalbachans, Rasdallans, and other powers of the Central Galactic Borderlands.

58-Fall of Cadaria to Roastafarian-Anasian-Larkianite Coalition.

63-69-Laurasian-Murphian Wars, resulting in the dissolution of the Murphian Hegemony and its incorporation into the Theocratic Republic.

65-Accession of Nebuchadnezzar the Great of Neo-Anasia; final destruction of the Neo-Cadarian Empire.

72-74-Theocratic Republic of Laurasia loses control of Ivoria, Marshia, Goldaria, and Carina.

75-Colonization of Kalaria, Ux-ney, and Station of Dosch by Theocratic Republic of Laurasia. Death of Constantine I, founder of the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia. He is succeeded by his son Constantine II.

76-80-Second Rebeccan Conflict, resulting in breakaway of Rebeccan Confederacy from Theocratic Republic of Laurasia.

84-89-War of Cresta (by Theocratic Republic and allies) against Galicia, Primval Donguaria, and in the future Merlite territories.

89-Death of Constantine II; accession of his son Constantine III, as Theocratic Lord of Laurasia.

92-Final collapse of the Union of Robert and Wakedia; it will eventually be replaced by the Second Robertian Empire by AH 150.

96-Arasian War by Stellar Republic against Venasian Consortium; Laurasian power and influence extends into Decapolia, Organia, and Hannis.

99-105-Charasian-Lycian Revolt against the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia.

100-First contact between Celestial Dynasty of Kimania and Core Powers, including Theocratic Republic of Laurasia. By the middle of the century, the Core Powers will have relations as far afield as Roxuli, Abraham, and with the Rokai Confederacy.

106-Accession of Heu'storr the Great as King of the Vickian-vassal state of Way'tosk.

108-Death of Nebuchadnezzar the Great of the Neo-Anasian Empire.

109-20-Overthrow of the Vickian Hegemony and establishment of the Millian Empire by Heu'storr the Great.

113-17-Syranian Wars, resulting in the secession of Michael, Deanna, and the Lower Dalian Provinces from the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia.

117-Death of Constantine III; he is succeeded by his son Constantine IV, last Theocratic Lord of Laurasia.

120-21-Third Rebeccan Conflict, with the forces of General Peisistratus, supported by the Run Powers, Courdina V, and Gordasis, among other powers, opposing those of the Theocratic Republic. The Metallasian Confederacy, Laynne, and Paradine break away from the Theocratic Republic.

120-24-Conquest of the Roastafarian-Melanite Confederacy by Heu'storr the Great.

121-Death of Constantine IV, last of the Theocratic Lords of the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia. General Peisistratus overthrows the Constantinan Dynasty and establishes the Second Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

121-30-Rule of Consul Peisistratus, instrumental in the overthrow of the Theocratic Republic of Laurasia.

125-Fourth Rebeccan Conflict between Stellar Republic of Laurasia and Rebeccan Confederacy.

130-47-Rule of Consul Hippias of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia, known for his authoritarian military, economic, and political policies, and for his promotion of Laurasian interests.

131-Conquest of the Neo-Anasian Empire by Heu'storr the Great.

140-Death of Heu'storr the Great, founder of the Millian Empire.

147-Emergence of Cliesthenes, who overthrew Hippias, the last Consul of the Stellar Republic, and sponsored an extensive reformation of the Stellar Republic's governmental system. He established the Council of Ten, the Archons, the practices of ostracization and general assembly, and the Laurasian jury system. Establishment of the Metallasian Trade Corridor and the Rebeccan Galactic Trade Route.

148-Accession of Darai, Millian Emperor who would instigate the Core-Millian Wars.

149-56-Great Solar Conflict in the Upper Core Regions, which would ultimately lead to the establishment of the Galactic Confederation.

153-Death of Cliesthenes, reformer of the Stellar Republic of Laurasia.

156-Formation of the Galactic Confederation, a loose political and diplomatic alliance of the major Core Powers.

164-Congress of Vellae among the powers of the Galactic Confederation, resulting in the codification of the Hyperdrive Era calendar system.

171-178-Cadarian Revolt against Millian Empire, sponsored by the Galactic Confederation.

178-180-First Millian-Core War; Millian Empire's invasion of Venasia, Vindictoria, Schaueria, Upper Kimanian Grand Highway, ending in defeat at Battle of Marathon by the Galactic Confederation, including Laurasia, Clancia, Briannia, Rebecca, Schaueria, Venasia, Dennis, Marshia, Murphy, and other Core Powers.

184-Death of Darai; accession of Xer'xac, who would resume the Millian wars against the Galactic Confederation.

190-91-Second Millian-Core War; Xer'xac penetrates as far as Meaganian and destroys allied forces at Duros, but is ultimately defeated in the Battle of Fitzsimmons by the forces of the Galactic Coalition.

191-221-War of the Delian League between Galactic Confederation (supported by Galicia, Rokai Confederacy) against Millian and First Huntite Empires, along with Gedrosian, Mauryan, and Kimanian allies; ends in Millian expulsion from the Rebeccan Galactic Trade Route, Robertian Regions, and the Oglamerian Provinces.

206-21-First War of the Matrix between Laurasia and Vindictorian Coalition on the one hand, and the Trade Route Powers on the other; ends in a stalemate.

220-Fall of the Hansian Dynasty of Kimania. The Three Kingdoms of Kimania now emerged, later to be subdued by the Arachosian Empire.

239-66-Second War of the Matrix between Laurasia, Vindictorian Coalition, and Central Core Powers (supported by Millian Empire) against Trade Run Powers, Schaueria, Venasia, Galicia; ends in the dissolution of the Galactic Confederation and the elimination of Rebeccan power.

249-Arachosian entry into the Caladarian Galaxy through the Galactic Barrier.

253-66-Arachosian conquest of the Galactic Borderlands.

272-Kimanian Trade Run blazed up to Capital. It will reach Laurasia Prime in 321.

280-310-Arachosian campaigns against the First Huntite Empire, Gedrosian Confederacy, Mauryan Empire, Wakedian Empire of Robert, Great Kingdom of Lavella, and other powers, resulting in their conquest.

282-92-Decade of the Four Emperors in the Millian Empire.

289-93-Gourdinian Crusades.

285-97-Rebeccan-Briannian Conflicts.

299-Accession of Adad-nirari.

299-304-Civil War of the Descents in the Millian Empire.

300-12-Third War of the Matrix among Stellar Republic of Laurasia, Vindictorian Coalition, Clancia, Briannia, Murphy, Rebecca, and other Core Powers.

306-09-Cheyennan Revolt against the Millian Empire.

310-22-Arachosian conquest of the Middle Territories.

322-Assassination of Adad-nirari; accession of son Sargon the Conqueror.

324-Arachosian invasion of the Millian Empire.

328-Way'tosk falls to the Arachosian Empire.

329-Solai, last Millian Emperor, betrayed and assassinated by his commander Bessus.

330-The final fall of the Millian Empire to the Arachosians.

331-33-Conquest of the Core Regions by the Arachosian Empire.

333-Conquest of Laurasia Prime and the Laurasia Prime Purse Region by Sargon the Conqueror.